Jason Hope gives a detailed report of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur and futurist, He claims to have the capacity to foretell the technologies that will happen in the future. So far, he has predicted the coming of the internet of things correctly, something that has given him a stature of a futurist who can be relied on to guide others on what to expect in the future. The information he shares is valuable to business people who are interested in aligning their business activities with the future. Any business that can predict the coming of a new technology before it happens has the potential of performing better than the rest. Jason Hope is the best person to follow for advice related to the future of technology.

Internet of Things

For those who have never heard about the internet of Things, this is a new technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a network and communicate with other devices without the intervention of a human user. Devices can share information among themselves and carry out tasks that human beings have been doing. IoT is a technology that is coming to replace old technologies with new ones. IoT devices will have applicability in all facets of life. There is no aspect of life that will not be affected by this technology because it will be too huge to ignore. From our homes to industrial setups, IoT is the new idea that will drive the world.


Jason Hope believes that the internet of things will usher us into the era of smart technology fully. Going forward, people will no longer be doing some of the complex tasks that they have to do today. Technology will be used to make it easier for human beings. Machines will be everywhere doing what man has been doing. From preparing breakfast, switching on/off lights to complex industrial procedures, the internet of things will be doing all these tasks.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been commentating about this technology and is convinced that it has the potential of changing the way we know today. The holder of MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business believes that businesses that will be the first to adopt this technology will have an easier time over the rest.

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