Ted Bauman: Invest In Chinese Stocks

One of the hot topics that have been taking up a lot of media time is the trade war between the United States and China. Some believe President Trump is doing the right thing taking a tough stance with China. President Trump sees the tariffs as a means to fix the trade imbalance between the two countries and to punish China for stealing intellectual property. Economist Ted Bauman is of the mindset that the trade war is only going to have negative ramifications for the global economy if it does not end.

While he opposes the trade war, he recently has been advising fellow investors to start paying attention to the potential bargains in the stock market that are occurring because of the fear of the trade war. He noted that the iShares China Large-Cap ETF was selling at a major discount. This ETF tracks some of the largest publicly traded companies in China. Ted Bauman listed some of the favorable metrics of the ETF that he thought made it appealing to investors. He noted the price-to-earnings ratio was 2.6. He said that it was only five years ago that investors had no issue paying a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.

Today this represents just how truly undervalued some of the biggest companies in China are. He also looked at the distribution percentage and the yield hadn’t hit that level since 2009. Ted Bauman says the trade war has had implications for the Chinese yuan. The currency has been declining since the start of the year. As the US placed tariffs on Chinese exports, this prompted the Chinese government to let the yuan fall in value. The stock prices of Chinese companies have moved with China’s currency. To date, the Shanghai Composite has lost eighteen percent of its value. Ted Bauman feels that China could end up doing more to retaliate against the United States. President Trump is threatening further tariffs if China does indeed retaliate. A move China could take is to hurt US companies that do business in China. This would eventually drive stock prices down in the United States, as many of these companies are listed on major stock exchanges.

OSI Industries Operation All Over The World

OSI is the best supplier of custom value-added food products to the leading foodservice and retail food brands in the world. With it grasp in the international market, OSI Company is rated as the largest private company in the United States which offers unparalleled resources and reach. The company also has extra capabilities that include custom food product development and global food supply chain management which they do by sourcing through processing and distribution.

The company has more than 50 factories that process and distribute quality food products in seventeen different countries. OSI Industries also has more than twenty thousand employees who are working in the company’s facilities who are well paid and constantly motivated so that they can work towards producing the best and quality food products for the clients. The Company was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant in the United States. The company first started as a corner butchery shop which was known as Otto & Son’s butchery. The company changed its name its name to OSI in the year 1975 after striking a deal with McDonald which one of the best food brands in the United States.

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OSI Company’s recent move to Acquire Baho Food

According to OSI Industries latest reports, the company has bought Baho Food, which is a Dutch manufacturer of quality foods, deli meats and snacks serving the food service and retail segments. According to the chief executive officer of OSI Industries, acquiring Baho Food, which in addition to the company’s facilities in Europe; will give a chance for the company to expand their grasp of OSI Industries European market. He also pointed out that the move will increase the Company’s ability to produce quality food hence fully satisfying the customers’ needs. According to the company’s market department, OSI Company has been able to stay at the top in the food industry for a long a time by putting customer satisfaction as their chief mission. Apart from Europe, the company also has more facilities in other countries like China where they have eight factories that are operating and two others that are under construction.

Whitney Wolfe Keeps You Guessing With What She Will Do Next

Whitney Wolfe isn’t afraid of a little competition, and this is all because Wolfe is not afraid to take on new things with Bumble. She has been quick to speak about her networking apps, and she is someone that is standing behind the the “Believe Women” ad that is at the center of a second revitalized #Me-too movement type of campaign energy.

Some may even say that Whitney Wolfe was an early catalyst for the voice of women inside of the workplace that were being harassed. She has found her wings as the business woman from Southern Methodist University that has gained a huge platform in technology. She is still under the age of 30 and making headlines every day with new things that she is bringing into the Bumble empire.

Whitney Wolfe has found herself in places where she has made decisions to support a number of sexual assault survivors and she has also started funding businesses that have been created by women. She has been incredibly busy, but she keeps herself grounded towards expanding Bumble. This is where she has managed to work on her role in expanding to an international database of singles, business leaders and people that are looking for friends. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Right now there is talk of expanding to India. She already has an advisor and investor lined up for this. This is a effort to continue working outside of the United States to give Bumble more of a global appeal. She has been adamant in getting people to mingle in any way possible through her social media. She did not want to limit it to dating or networking. Now it appears that she is going to be even more vocal in the business world by creating an environment where skin care may be the next big thing for Bumble.

Very few people know the next step that Whitney Wolfe is going to take. They are just going along for the ride like many other spectators that are seeing the way that Bumble is transitioning. They see this company as a leader that is pushing the envelope even further for women in the business world.

Visit: https://deadline.com/2018/07/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumble-founder-ceo-imagine-entertainment-board-member-1202423942/


Innovator, Revolutionary & Leader: OSI Food Solutions

What would the world be like if there were no food services? The production and distribution of foods are some of the most important aspects of life because everyone has to eat. There are a number of food providers in today’s modern society, but there is one that truly stands out amongst the crowd.

This food provider is known as OSI Food Solutions, and it has made a huge impact on the way we receive and eat our food products. OSI Food Solutions has been in the game for over 100 years. The company started as a meat locker, but after it went into the food wholesale, the company transformed into a global giant.

What kind of foods can be found with this particular company? The answer to this question is very simple because OSI produces a ton of foods. The company has test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers in a number of countries. Pizza, cooked sausage links, flavored sausages, fritters, fresh dough products, turkey products, beans, chili, soups, panini, cheese, pasta, hotdogs, beef patties and ribettes can all be purchased from OSI. In addition to those wonderful foods, this company produces custom foods. That’s right! OSI Food Solutions has stepped its game up by implementing custom-food solutions. These unique food products are created at some of the most state-of-the-art facilities. There are R&D specialists present in every one of the company’s production facilities. By working closely with the client, these specialists can develop the best possible product.

Some of the benefits of working with OSI Food Solutions include shelf life studies, product development, product ideation, market research and high-quality food production. The sky is truly the limit with this foodservice giant. OSI Food Solutions isn’t a top 100 company for nothing, and its impressive resume speaks for itself.

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Paul Mampilly warns about hunger for fame

The hunger for fame seems to have hit the roof in recent times. People are trying, by all means possible, to be famous- for good and bad reasons. One of the groups of people who are greatly affected are the corporate heads. CEOs and chairmen of corporates who we see in the news seem to have an insatiable hunger for attention. These are people who will appear just to please their ego and make everyone think that they are important. The idea of being famous is associated with being prosperous. However, we should not strive to become popular for anything. People become prominent and popular for doing something extraordinary. Some of the prominent people in the businesses sector have attained the fame without ever appearing on TV. Such people include Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson. These are people who made innovations which propelled them to fame.

Famous people do not always get it easy. Sometimes they face much aggression in their path of implementing ideas. A good example is Steve Jobs. He was once thrown out by the directors of Apple after they were displeased by the vision he had, yet he was the founder.

Watching famous people keenly is necessary. Most of them are heads of companies worth billions of dollars, and if they not monitored, they can make mistakes which can bring huge losses to the company. Remember, people are always looking for the opinion of such people to determine the direction of the stock market.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager of the Kinetics Asset Management. He has worked in the Wall Street for the past two decades. He is one of the people the most successful people in the history of the United States. In the two decades that Paul Mampilly was in the Wall Street, he assisted the wealthy in creating wealth by investing on their behalf. He left when he made enough money and wanted to transfer to a different sector. Paul Mampilly is now assisting average investors in creating wealth by investing in the stock market.

The Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Businessman and rally car driver Rodrigo Terpins has an extensive list of credentials. While a frequent participant in the Sertões Rally, he is also both a founder of ABEIM- ABVTEX- Brazilian Textile Retail Association and a retail member of Control Block of Marisa S/A Stores. Most notably in his interview with Ideamensch, he is a partner of Floresvale, an environmental reforestation company. With such a diverse resume on his Crunchbase, Ideamensch sought to discover exactly what inspired Terpins to go into the area of sustainability.


When asked where the idea for Floresvale came from, Rodrigo Terpins expresses the desire for a business involving environment and sustainability. Much of the wood pulled from forests goes uncertified, so Floresvale seeks to continue gathering a healthy amount of wood while also staying ethical and mindful of the environment. Such a job features constant connectivity for Terpins, who divides his time between city and countryside in such a way that commuting is an act of keeping the business flowing. Time and money management goes hand in hand for Terpins, who discusses the best way to remain effective and economical in the business with his partners.


With growing numbers of environmentally minded people concerned where their resources are coming from, Rodrigo is excited to be part of the trend pushing for that mindfulness. His constant connectivity is what drives him to be a better decision maker as he keeps track of global consumer trends, his studiousness a trait he would gladly pass onto his younger self if he could. Keeping up to date on what is going on in the world is of high importance to Terpins and his business ventures.


While Rodrigo Terpins finds that acquisitions have been the most effective way to keep his business flowing, not all investments have been energy efficient and worth the time and effort put in. His current idea he wishes to pass on to entrepreneurs is investing in medical and recreational cannabis. With recent trends and advancements in scientific research, he believes that this avenue could prove very fruitful for those wise enough to invest. For more detals you can visit 1000variedade.com



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Why Dr. Saad Saad is a Proud Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad was brought up in Pakistan together with the other seven siblings. He attended the famous Cairo University for a bachelors degree in medicine. He was a very bright student and emerged second in his class. Saad got a chance for an attachment in England and later left for the United States for career advancement.

Dr. Saad Saad is also a family man with four children and his lovely wife. They have been in the marriage for more than 42 years. His first born is a professional ICU nurse, and two are surgeons while the other one is an attorney. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad | Crunchbase and Hard to Swallow Adivice From Dr. Saad Saad | Medical Daily Times

Dr. Saad practice is in Eaton town, New Jersey with additional offices in Forked River. He also has affiliations at the famous and the prestigious Jersey University, Monmouth Medical Centre as well as the Clara Maas Medical Centre.

Dr. Saad has managed to develop various surgical procedures for pediatrics and has patented two inventions. He has managed to transform thousands of severe surgeries for the last forty years he has been in the industry.

His operation ranges from children, teenagers, and infants and has managed to perform complicated surgeries for the disadvantaged children of Israel. Dr. Saad was also the Chief Surgeon as well as a Co-Medical Director for K Hovnanian Children Hospital before he retired.

Dr. Saad Saad had a passion for joining the medical profession while he was still in school. He wanted to join an engineering school together with his two elder brothers, but he wanted to work with indoors that had good air conditioners. He chose of becoming a surgeon, and Dr. H Biemman became his mentor.

He became one of the United States greatest pediatric Surgeons. He was also in the company of Dr. Othersen was very instrumental in his career growth and taught him how to be kind, honest, as well as working hard. He also learned the art of treating children the same without looking at where they are from, religion, physical or even mental abilities.

Dr. Saad Saad is always interested in the impacts of genetics and how they can be understood, prevented as wells as the ability to treat chronic illnesses.

He is still committed to research which he has published in various medical journals. These selling journals have been very resourceful to other practitioners across the globe.

Sharing his forty years of hands-on experience is worth reading. He will share all his wisdom, and thus the majority of young doctors are always after his most selling journals. Learn more about Dr. Saas Saad: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

His extensive research makes him publish facts that help people develop ways in which they can improve the lives of their clients. His passion in his career has helped him move to excellent levels in his career. He is a very proud retired pediatric surgeon.

Matt Badiali Urges Statside Investors to Look at Alcohol for their Cannabis Investments

Matt Badiali has sage advice for those looking to invest in Canadian cannabis, and that advice is to look into beverage companies. Molson Coors, Constellations Brands, and Heineken have all leapt into the cannabis industry in pursuit of an alcohol-marijuana hybrid beverage. This leap, which brings a combined total of over $200 billion with it, has created a massive amount of investment opportunities. As Canada is set to fully legalize marijuana nationwide the projected profits that can be made are quite sizable.

Canada will be the first G7 nation to legalize both the medical and recreational use of cannabis across the whole country. This has set Canadian cannabis markets in a frenzy, as the amount of money that can be made is staggering. Stateside only a handful of states allow medical use of marijuana, with an even smaller minority allowing recreational use. U.S. investors do not have many options when looking into the Canadian cannabis industry, but investing in companies that plan to do business with that industry is a profitable back door. This is why Badiali is pointing a shiny arrow at beverage makers.

Cannabis-infused drinks are the future of marijuana. The trend is expected to all but replaces traditional smoking. Many alcohol companies are already planning for this future with cannabis investments. Such investments reserve supplies of marijuana for said companies to use in their eventual hybrid drinks. Such drinks would not bring in much profit stateside, but in a fully legalized Canada they stand to make lots of money. So do investors who have bought in.

Matt Badiali is a trusted investment source for hundreds of thousands of prospective investors. Matt Badiali uses his knowledge and expertise as a geologist to create actionable projections for the natural resource market. He actually tours the globe examining natural resource operations up close. Matt Badiali also tirelessly follow trends, keeping himself up to date on the latest investment news. As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing Badiali offers his insights to thousands of readers, and provides profitable returns for average-level investors. He is always a reliable source to consider for any opportunity.


Adam Milstein Is Educated About The True Future Of Jewry

If there is a Jew who is going to reach the highest levels of heaven in the afterlife, it is Adam Milstein. This is because of his amazing work for the benefit of the Jewish population in the world. Being an ethnic and religious Jew from Israel, he is the one guy to talk to when it comes to issues that strike Jews. Adam Milstein currently resides in an area of the United States that is known for an immensely huge population of people who have Jewishness in their blood and in their hearts. It was a good idea for Adam Milstein and his wife to move to such a place because Jews make up a very, very small minority in the United States. In most places they have little to no presence. Living in a place with one of America’s largest Jewish populations is good for his children and grandchildren, because it is easier for them to find and procreate with Jewish people.

Adam Milstein, like many other Jews, has been very ambitious and prosperous. In the 1980s, he began a long career in real estate. The company that has benefitted from his years-long career is Hager Pacific Properties. His commitment to the successful company has led to his ascension as someone who is higher up.

Adam Milstein has a very noticeable social media presence. He can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and adammilstein.org. Information about him can also be found on Crunchbase. He used these platforms to talk about his credentials, his viewpoints and to list articles about Jewry that he has published.

One of the most lovely article that was published by him was one that expressed hope for Jewish people. The problem is that there are a lot of ignorant people in the world who say things like, “Oh, it looks like so many Jews are dropping their Jewish identity, so that means that there is no hope for the existence of it.” Such a viewpoint is uneducated because the zeal and passion of those who have strong Jewish identities will bring Jewry into the future.


Why Dr. Jennifer Walden Is an Inspiration for Most Young Career Women

Although the medical field was a venture for men sometime back, women are doing better in it today. It’s amazing to see that women have excelled in the cosmetic surgical field today. Although it‘s a tough field, some determined women like Dr. Jennifer Walden have made it. They are helping many people improve their looks and increase their self-confidence. Nothing is worse like when you can’t be confident about your self-image and look. Harpers’ Baazar Magazine has ranked Walden among the 24 best New York cosmetic surgeons.

She proved her exceptional skills in cosmetic surgery while she was in Manhattan. Although she went back to her hometown, Austin, Dr. Jennifer Walden had done a lot for Manhattan people. Walden derives her motivation from various activities, but her two sons have become her greatest motivation source. She does all she can to be the best role model they ever had. She doesn’t just want to make the lives of her sons better but also healthy. Her parents supported her a lot, and she feels it’s her turn to support her boys in the best way possible.

Her business took a different direction when she went to Austin. Within three years, her business had thrived to an unexpected level. Besides being assertive, Dr. Jennifer Walden is also caring, warm, and strong. Walden’s mother was a surgical nurse while her father was a medical doctor. If you are determined to do or become something and believe in yourself, the sky becomes the limit. The connection she has with her town and family is deep. Her source of the internal drive is seeing things happening the way she expects them. Other young women in the society look up to her for guidance in their career. According to Walden, everyone has the potential to become great no matter the challenges they face. She also believes that every great career has its roots in quality education.