Isabela dos Santos a Woman Icon of Africa

As the richest and most influential woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos has endeavored to defend African technological development. Isabel supports African women to find their rightful place in society. Besides the movements, this lady has many business connections both in Africa and beyond.

Isabel dos Santos’ bio

Isabel dos Santos is the firstborn daughter to the former president of Angola, Edwardo dos Santos. She grew up in the royal family, and when she reached the school going age, she joined Kent girl’s boarding school. She learned there for her primary and secondary education. She gained like any other child despite the many gender discrimination’s in Africa at that time. She later performed excellently and joined the university at the age of 18. She learned together with people from all over the world. It was during this stay at King’s College of London that she met the love of her heart and the two have three children.

She later became the first project manager in Urbana. She developed a love for business as she worked in this company. She also moved from company to another as she advanced her management skills. Some of the companies she managed were listed in the Forex stock exchange. She later entered into self-employment field where she pursued her calling in electronic engineering.

She has founded and also bought shares in many companies both in Angola and Portugal. She has shared in Unitel and Banco Formento De Angola. She has established telecom firm in Sao Tome Principe. She also bought shares in the TV satellite that manages ZAP. Besides all these, she is known to have established Unitel from scratch.

In Hospitality, Isabel dos Santos started the first hotel and restaurant on the coast of Luanda Angola. She also collaborated with her Portugal partners to establish the first supermarket in Angola. Apart from the many connections and busy schedule, Isabel dos Santos saves her time to talk on several forums. She encourages young ladies to find their position in society and live independent economic lives. She also fights for digitization of Africa. She claims that African can only develop if it is digitized.

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Dr. Dov Rand opens up about his career, entrepreneurship, and success

Dr. Dov Rand is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation based in New Jersey. He is known in the medical circles and beyond as the Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Healthy Aging Medical Centers have created a haven for patients looking for medical methods to optimize their health. In the more than fifteen years that these medical facilities have been in operation under the leadership of Dr. Dov Rand, they have helped thousands of patients live their optimal lives as they age. Recently, Dr. Dov was interviewed by where he talked about his career, entrepreneurship, and success.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur

In his interview, this physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist stated that as an entrepreneur focusing on professional development have been at the core of his success. He stated that the journey to success for him had involved him improving on himself daily. Dr. Dov Rand said that the process of professional development for him involved reading lots of books that are related to his field. In addition to this, he takes his time to attend conferences related to his field at least once every month. This Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers said that learning new things and being up to date with the happenings in your industry can make a big difference in your success. If you are always looking to be informed, Dr. Dov Rand said that they are high chances that you will catch a unique opportunity in time and be successful in the end.

Focus on your tasks

Dr. Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers went ahead to state during this interview that it was crucial to focus on your tasks if you are looking to be successful. He confidently said that no matter what industry one is in, focus always yields success. Dr. Dov Rand also mentioned that focus should be accompanied by working hard. Giving the example of his sector, he said that it is very easy for patients to discern whether a doctor is focused and caring. Since these were his strong suits, it wasn’t so tough for him to succeed.

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The Passion of Fashion Icon Glenn Schlossberg

The fashion industry is a place where creativity and imagination shine above all else. An individual has to be able to think outside of the box to create a piece that is both fashionable and marketable. Glenn Schlossberg is an industry professional who has spent nearly his entire life working on fashion. As a child he explored his father’s dress factory and learned clothes can be combined in new innovate ways. Now as an adult, he founded Jump Design Group in 1990. The organization has grown to encompass several brand names. In a recent online interview, Glenn Schlossberg discusses how his fashion has evolved.

Glenn Schlossberg has no doubt that his greatest accomplishment has been creating a fashion group from the ground up. He has been able to hire some of the best employees he knows, while at the same time giving back to reputable charities. The rush from seeing an idea hit the paper, then the production production, and finally be sold in stores hits him hard each time. He works each and every day to ensure the company is making the best possible business moves. He will analyze market trends, read customer feedback, and consult trusted individuals to ensure the company always stays on course. Glenn Schlossberg is a truly generous man at his core.

In the next section of the interview, Glenn reflects on his daily routine. A typical morning begins at the crack of dawn with a trip to the gym. He finds that this gets him energized for the day ahead. He then pulls out his suit and tie, and steps out the door for the work day. He spends a better part of the morning analyzing the newest idea or attending meetings. Running a business requires the patience to see how the market plays out, but also the courage to act when necessary. Glenn Schlossberg then describes how the company is currently negotiating an acquisition at the time of this interview. The day concludes with a meal with a client, or heading straight home to join the family on a free evening.

Glenn Schlossberg is a fashion industry leading expert who loves what he does from the bottom of his heart. He learned early on that nothing comes easy, and it takes a deep level of passion to succeed and hard work to succeed in such a competitive environment where creativity is power. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit

Todd Levine Uses His Creative and Analytical Skills to Win Litigation Cases

Todd Levine is a highly knowledgeable and accomplished attorney working with Kluger, Kaplan, Katzen, Silverman, and Levine, P.L. Kluger Kaplan specializes in litigation and Todd Levine’s primary focus at the firm is in real estate litigation.

Todd Levine is not your usual attorney. He is an accomplished musician who plays the guitar, the bass guitar, and the keyboard. Additionally, he also interested in the arts and sciences giving him a vast knowledge base in most subjects. All these skills have proven worthwhile in the courtroom and in handling complex cases.

During his university days, Todd Levine studied at the University of Florida where he pursued a degree in finance followed by a degree in law. Early in his law career, he handled a complex which had left many people confounded. However, unlike many people, he found out that he had a knack for breaking down complex matters into simple ones.

Additionally, Todd Levine has a unique way of solving cases. As a results-oriented attorney at Kluger Kaplan, Todd uses both his creative and analytical skills to develop winning strategies for his cases. By preparing in advance, keeping a strict schedule, planning ahead, and always keeping customer needs first, Todd Levine has a way of working under pressure, reframing issues and making arguments easy to understand. He also has a way of finding and utilizing evidence that many people would otherwise ignore. This unique strategy helps him see all possible sides to an argument. As a result, he has won many cases both in court and during out of court settlements. Consequently, all his clients and colleagues at Kluger Kaplan know him as the go-to guy if you have a case you can’t seem to crack open.

As an attorney, Todd Levine is dedicated to professionalism and giving his clients the best representation. Given his work is majorly in the real estate sector, he mostly handles disputes for contractors, real buyers and sellers, property managers, and other players in the real estate industry at Kluger Kaplan. However, he has in the past also handled cases in the sports and entertainment industries.

Todd Levine has received several awards and recognition as a result of his brilliance and expertise in law. He was recently recognized in the 2019 edition of the Best Lawyers in America in the real estate litigation category. Todd Levine has also earned mentioned in reputable publications such as the Super Lawyers, Florida Trend Magazine, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Business Edition.

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Doe Deere’s Poppy Angeloff Collection

Are you interested in the art of jewelry making? Have you ever heard of a woman by the name of Doe Deere? Doe Deere is the brains behind the worldwide phenomena Lime Crime cosmetics. She introduced this extraordinary line of makeup products back in 2008, and it went on to set new industry trends. Fast-forward to present day, and Doe Deere has introduced a completely new line of jewelry pieces to the market. She no longer works in the cosmetics industry at this point in time. After selling Lime Crime for an undisclosed amount of money, Deere has set her sights on producing vintage-inspired jewelry that can be passed down through generations. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and Poppy Angeloff is the actual proof.

Poppy Angeloff is more than a brand, it’s a way of life. This phenomenal brand of jewelry was launched back in 2018, and it’s now starting to find its footing in 2019. Doe Deere was very apprehensive about entering this field. She has always had a passion for fashion and design, but jewelry making is a new beast to deal with. Why did Doe Deere decide to go this particular route? As the story goes, this woman accidentally stumbled upon some of her family’s vintage jewelry. These pieces weren’t your average run-of-the-mill pieces of hardware. This jewelry was actual heirlooms from the past. Deere loved the styling and intricate detail of the pieces and wondered what it would be like to start a company in this dynamic field.

After many months of due diligence, Deere decided to launch Poppy Angeloff. Victorian style for modern-day girls is the motto. “I want my customers to feel proud and make a statement when wearing the products,” said Deere. It looks like Doe Deere has another hit in the palm of her hands, and Poppy Angeloff is definitely the start of something new.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo – Helping JHSF Expand to New Markets

Article Text:

Zeco Auriemo is the man behind the massive success that JHSF has achieved in the past few years. Not only has helped developed strategic business plans that helped the company grow, but also expand in other countries as well, including in Uruguay and the United States. Zeco Auriemo is the son of the founder of JHSF, Fabio Auriemo. He is regarded as one of the most iconic young businessmen in Brazil today, and the success he has achieved has helped him become a popular social celebrity as well and a role model for many young entrepreneurs.

Zeco Auriemo has helped in increasing the revenue of JHSF substantially through the many projects he undertook, not only for the development of residential complexes, but also by developing hotels, commercial airports, shopping malls, and more. Fasano Hotels and Resorts is one of the most recognized chains of hotels in Brazil today and is developed and managed by JHSF. Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall in Sao Paulo is another popular project JHSF undertook under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo. Recently, Zeco Auriemo roped in a famous Italian footwear brand by the name of Rene Caovilla to open its flagship store in Cidade Jardim Mall. As a part of the celebration, he hosted a dinner that was hosted by many of his friends and local dignitaries and was also attended by the creative director of Rene Caovilla, Eduardo Caovilla.

Zeco Auriemo believes that as the leader of a big company, it is his duty to give back to society. For a business to be a success, the community around it plays an important role. It is the reason why JHSF is attached to many different local and international charities around the world. Zeco Auriemo oversees the contribution to these charities on his own and also takes part in many community events held locally.

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An Insight Into Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Career And His Success Formulae

Today, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the United States. He currently works at the Bronxcare Health System as the Chairman and Director of Orthopedics. He provides more than just patient care at this institution; he is also a mentor for many young medical practitioners. Dr. Ira’s colleagues describe him as a hardworking, talented and thorough doctor. All of these qualities are what have led him to such success in life.

Education and early career

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum attended Brown University where he studied Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and graduated magna cum laude in 1979. He went on to complete his medical and orthopedics studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine a division of Yeshiva University. This orthopedic expert then moved on to the Rothman Institute of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. At this institution, he trained in Adult Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery. After his education, Dr. Ira’s first mainstream job was with IBM and Sears where he helped the companies jointly come up with an online company, Prodigy Communication Corporation. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum would go on to work at various notable institutions and even opening up his own business. All of this ended with him landing his current job.

The success formula

In a recent interview with, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum talked about how he has been able to become successful in his career. He started by talking about the importance of increasing productivity for any young professional and entrepreneur. This Chairman and Director of the Bronxcare Health System pointed out that for him, he makes sure that he has allocated time for each of his tasks for the day early in the morning. This means that by the end of the day, he would have finished everything he had planned.

According to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, it’s also very essential for any individual looking for success in their career or business to always stay informed. He pointed out that information is king at this time and is very crucial to success. This orthopedics expert stated that it was essential to always beware of the emerging trends in your field.

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OSI Group Chairman Sheldon Lavin – Helping Make World a Better Place

Sheldon Lavin is one of the leading executives in the meat and food processing industry. He is the current CEO and the Chairman of the OSI Group company. Even before Otto and Sons became OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been part of the company. He has gained great experience in the food processing industry and is taking OSI group to great heights. Under him, the brand has gone international and continues to expand to numerous countries. Over the years, he has been recognized and awarded for his contribution to the industry and for making OSI Group the most prestigious company in the industry.

Sheldon Lavin was the visionary behind taking OSI Group International and that too during a time when the food industry was not doing well. He proved everyone wrong as he had done his study and recognized that there was a lack of quality supplier, and he stepped in to fill that gap. Since then, the company has added many more products and services to their offerings. The company is trusted by its clients and make changes to their products to meet their specific needs. Thanks to the extensive use of the latest technologies, the meat, and food processing units of OSI Group is known to be one of the most advanced in the world. The supply chain management of OSI Group is also highly applauded in the industry.

Sheldon Lavin also takes pride in providing their employees with the best opportunities there is in the industry. They have a family culture even though they are an international brand. The company ensures that all of its employees are well taken care of. The company also commits to adopt environmentally friendly processes so that they can reduce their carbon footprint. Sheldon Lavin wants to grow the company but responsibly and want other companies in the industry to adopt the same. They ensure that their strategies take into account the environmental impact before making a decision. Apart from overseeing the company, Sheldon is also involved in numerous charities around the world. He also involves his company’s employees in many community events.

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NeuroCore Inspires People To Be Better

Good opportunities come for those who are prepared to give their best every day. However, reaching excellence may be a tough challenge when lacking the right strategy and support. Professionals have wondered for decades how to train the brain to unlock its highest potential.

But what if we could be mentored to reach that peak state? Imagine having the certainty that your body is optimized to its maximum potential. Wouldn’t that be a game changer?

Neurocore training programs gives us the hability to be successful even in the most challenging areas of our life. It makes you realize the fact that when we have control of ourselves he have the hability to change our life and create lasting progress.

For the last decade, Neurocore has made more and more people happy after being assessed by such neuroscience professionals. We may be having a bad season, everything could simply go wrong, and we may feel doubtful about ourselves. But we are not powerless.

This motivates Neurocore users to look for greatness and think bigger. Any type of chance starts by changing ourselves. People who successfully improved their health and reach their potential everyday love to recommend this service to their friends and loved ones.

Being the best version of yourself is not that great if you cannot share it with the most important people in your life, which is why those who recognise the power of Neurocore don’t hesitate in promote it and share their success story with the whole world!

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What Makes Mark Holyoake So Beloved?

Are you wondering what happens when a board of directory member decides to resign? Perhaps you have heard that Mark Holyoake is stepping down as a member of the advisory board at Iceland Seafood International.

Maybe you are searching for information about Mark Holyoake and the top-notch service he provides at Iceland Seafood International. Perhaps you are aware that Mark Holyoake is stepping down from his position at Iceland Seafood International.

Mark Holyoake is a highly reliable entrepreneur and one of the leading members of the board of directors at Iceland Seafood International. Mark has been rendering outstanding service at this popular company and he a great reputation among his peers.

Mark Holyoake has an established history of meeting the needs of his associates, partners, and clients, and comes highly recommended.

Mark Holyoake will be stepping down as a board member at Iceland Seafood International.Also, Benedikt Sveinsson, Chief Executive Officer of Iceland Seafood International, is expected to step down. The company is on the lookout for replacements for the two spots.

The executives at Iceland Seafood International will be holding a meeting to find the right replacements. The meeting is scheduled for February 2 and it will take place in in

It’s an ISI shareholder meeting and several executives are being considered for the positions. These include Jakob Valgeir Flosason, Liv Bergthorsdottir, Magnus Bjarnason, and Ingunn Agnes Kro.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mark Holyoake has been involved in many different ventures and his area of expertise is real estate. Mark is passionate about real estate, particularly property development. Mark knows what works in this industry and how to go about creating vast fortunes.

While a real estate business can be extremely lucrative, there are several issues that need to be addressed before you can achieve a successful outcome in your projects. You’ll need to be able to research the market and find profitable opportunities. It is imperative to select opportunities that can yield significant returns on investment. You’ll need to have access to excellent resources and a great team.

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