Jack Plotkin and the Advancement of Digital Healthcare

For more than 20 years, Jack Plotkin’s work in healthcare companies has helped him see all of the advancements as the industry evolves. In the past seven years, Jack’s focus on technology has helped him shape the way medical companies interact with customers.

He is an industry-recognized leader and the mind behind many of the best innovations in the healthcare field.

Plotkin attended Harvard University, where he had a minor in computer science that eventually helped him shape his career path. He graduated in 2000. After graduating, he joined a leading investment bank where he advised Fortune 500 companies on financial transactions and strategy. When he worked on Wall Street he built complex computer models.

He eventually embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, working in the digital advertising world as well as online publishing. For the past seven years, he has been the CEO of his own company.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin has a wide range of experience with different industries and companies. He has worked with retail, e-commerce, media, transportation, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and energy. To date, he says his greatest accomplishment is building VirtualHealth from the two desk startup to one of the top 40 growing companies in the United States. The company improved upon healthcare to the millions of the most vulnerable patients in the country.

His main focus is on helping companies build and strategize. Plotkin works with companies that are working with new technologies. He believes health is the biggest contributor to the economy as well as a huge influence on the quality of life of the consumer.

When he is not working, Jack likes to leave Manhattan and explore the outdoors. He is also a published novelist.

Matt Fleeger and the Expansion of Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger is the current CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It’s a company founded in 1970 by his father, and Matt learned the family business from his father after receiving a degree in Business Administration in 1985 from Southern Methodist University.

Although he left the oil and gas industry for a while, this was to learn about mergers, acquisitions, marketing and building partnerships that were mutually beneficial. After his father retired from Gulf Coast Western, Matt Fleeger took over the family business and began to create a plan.

Fleeger has been able to change with the tides, changing strategies to keep his business viable at a time when the oil and gas industry is volatile. Through mutually beneficial mergers and careful acquisitions, he has grown Gulf Coast Western in a strategic manner

Gulf Coast WesternMatt Fleeger also believes in giving back to the community. Gulf Coast Western has made a substantial donation to the Sadie Keller Foundation, which supports cancer research and childhood cancer awareness. As a child who survived leukemia, Sadie Keller is dedicated to helping others struggling with childhood cancer.

The Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas is also a recipient of Fleeger’s philanthropic efforts. The school is dedicated to STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to provide hands-on learning for students.

Through his collaborative efforts, Matt Fleeger has expanded the reach of Gulf Coast Western beyond the local Dallas/Ft. Worth area. With a commitment to transparency, he is clear with his investors of both the benefits and the risks associated with investing in oil and gas exploration efforts.

Matt Fleeger has succeeded at growing Gulf Coast Western and keeping it successful in a competitive industry where others are failing.

Entrepreneur Alexis Kennedy Is The King Of Crowdfunded Video Games

To put it simply, Alexis Kennedy represents a new breed of entrepreneurs.

Like other people in businesspeople who make their living in the technology sector, Kennedy believes that people should come before profit. Moreover, his philosophy appears to be working.

His company, Weather Factory Studios, has taken the London gaming world by storm. Founded in 2016 with fellow game designer Lottie Bevan, Kennedy has been a part of some of Kickstarter’s most successful gaming campaigns. He and his co-founder Bevan crowdfunded their first game more than three years ago, and the duo hasn’t looked back since. Cultist Simulator, the first game that Kennedy helped design at Weather Factory, has sold more than $100,000 in revenue in under 36 months. Six-figure numbers aren’t enough for Kennedy, though, and he dreams of much more.

Weather Studios has an interesting company culture and is famous for its modern communication infrastructure. The company uses Slack so that team members can communicate in real-time, but perhaps that’s not surprising to see from an engineer as advanced as Kennedy.

He runs a tight ship at Weather Studios, but most of the team is remote. Rather than requiring developers to spend much of their time commuting to work and back again, Kennedy prefers to let his employees work wherever they please. This lets his developers focus on what matters, and what matters to Kennedy is making video games that users love.

Furthermore, Kennedy credits the success of its company to the ability to get and keep the attention of prospective users. Weather Studios is famous for its innovative advertising, and it was Kennedy who first had the idea to use Kickstarter as an initial source of funding.

In short, Alexis Kennedy is only getting started. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with big things ahead to look forward to.


OSI Food Solutions Extends Their Product Reach To Germany

OSI Food Solutions is an American based multi-billion dollar food manufacturing industry. OSI started out in Chicago and then moved as their client base expanded. Over time they moved just about 45 minutes west of Chicago into the surrounding Chicago suburbs. Since their founding OSI Food Solutions has become recognized on a global level. OSI manufactures many types of foods and dressing; some of the most popular include sausages, salad dressings and mayonnaise based spreads as well as prepackaged meals solutions and chicken based products such as chicken nuggets.

When OSI Food Solutions opened a facility in Germany they did not want to disappoint the local communities. They extended their food variety to include not only chicken products like pattys and nuggets but to also offer the people of Germany variety with pork and beef based products. In addition to building on their meat variety they also put a focus on soups, beans doughs and breads so that their consumer base could continue to expand.

To date OSI Food Solutions has more than sixty five production facilities in more than twenty countries. This impressive amount of production locations allows them to target individual markets such as America, Spain and Germany in efforts to provide local favorites effectively.

This wide spread notability is impressive considering the meager beginnings that surrounded the founding of OSI. In 1909 a German immigrant to Chicago named Otto Kolschowsky started the path for his American dream. He opened a local butcher shop. By 1928 he turned it into a family business and renamed it to Otto & Sons. The demand grew from the surrounding communities. Another local business entrepreneur named Ray Kroc entered into a business deal with Otto. Ray was the first local business franchise owner for McDonalds. Otto & Sons was a local legend for their high quality meat and Ray wanted only the best local meat served on his McDonald’s burgers. This partnership launched OSI into the future. As McDonalds expanded so did the need for the premier beef that Otto & Sons provided. In 1975 Otto & Sons because OSI and expanded into the Western suburbs of Chicago and continued their global expansion to bring their top quality products to new communities across the world.

Find more about OSI Food Solutions: http://www.responsiblesoy.org/miembro/osi-food-solutions-europe/?lang=en

Toyo Setal Has Different Programs And Involvements That Helps Ensure Every Project

Toyo Setal is a company that is involved in developing different industrial projects. These projects can include but are not limited to oil, gas, mining, steel, chemical, fertilizer, infrastructure, and so many more services. Based out of Brazil and founded in 2012 this company has been on the move ever since. Toyo Setal also has developments that help different communities and not just businesses.

Since going global this company has engaged in so many different projects. One of the best so far has to be TOyo Setal construction of a hydrogen plant. This took place in Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex which is also known as COMPERJ. This project was so huge because it created a plant that meet demands for the petrochemicals and oil lights. This plant has the strong capacity of two-hundred fifty-thousand cubic meters per hour. This was a huge move for Toyo Setal company. Making sure projects are carried out isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of time, money, dedication, and brainstorming to do so. All equipment has to be tested, staff have to be trained, and a vision/plan is done before beginning. A lot of hard work goes into meeting the demand for supplies and services. You can’t just start a project and not have a backup plan if there was ever an issue to come up.

Toyo Setal has different programs and involvements that helps ensure every project is carried out and promoted well. These programs focus on physical, biotic, and the socioeconomic environment. They want to get projects done but at the same time not forget about safety and the environment surrounding the projects. WIth the help of modern equipment taking the environment into consideration has not been an issue for this company. The company has to ensure the project is carried out but in the best way possible so the environment or people isn’t harmed in the process.

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Sergey Petrossov Draws on Lessons from his Childhood to Run Jetsmarter


Sergey Petrossov is one of the youngest and most successful CEOs in the world; however, his success with his company, JetSmarter, did not come easily. In order for his company to grow into the success it is today, he had to draw on some of the lessons he learned during his high school and college years. Even though he is one of the youngest CEOs on Earth, he is far from new to the world of business. He actually knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur even during some of his youngest years. He first entered the world of business as a high school student while he was growing up in Florida.

During his high school years, Sergey Petrossov wanted to help his family put food on the table. He actually decided to get involved in the import and export business with various car parts. He quickly realized he had a knack of the business world, as few high school students are anywhere close to as adventurous as he is. Then, he went on to college at the University of Florida. There, he got involved in a startup company in the digital world. He worked with a team of people who were designing a new digital chat platform that could reach more people than ever.


He took the lessons he applied from these business adventures and put them to work as he designed his own company, called JetSmarter. He got the idea for this company when he rode on a private plane for the first time with a friend of his. Using the lessons, he learned from his first business adventures, he has turned JetSmarter into an unprecedented success. It will be exciting to watch this company continue to grow over the next few years. It may change the entire travel industry as most people know it today. For Sergey Petrossov, time will tell.

Prevagen Secrets to Enhancing Brain Activity Review

In our article Prevagen: Secrets to Enhancing Brain Activity, we discussed secret tips that you can do to start enhancing your brain activity now and moving forward into your senior years.

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In case you missed anything from the recent article, we’ll go over our secrets that we combine with our natural supplement to help you stay at your best at your current age moving forward.

Our evidence that you would take into consideration

When it comes to using our Prevagen supplement, we informed that using it over 90 days had improved certain aspects of the cognitive function which include reasoning, memory, and attention.

Over a 90-day clinical trial, a small group of adults with mild, age-related cognitive impairment took the supplement and improved measurements that corresponded to memory.

The Brain Power Boost of Exercise

For more brainpower, combine our supplement with your exercise as it can help you with mild memory loss that can come with aging. We talk about the hippocampus responding greatly to aerobic exercises while being connected to cardio workouts which boost cognitive function.

Concentrate More Easily

We explain how exercising can help you concentrate more efficiently. In the study of school children, researchers discovered that aerobic workouts spread in between learning had improved their attention span.

Not only did the children attain greater fitness, but they were less distracted and multitasked applying the information they acquired.

Slow Cognitive Decline

In regards to cognitive preservation, brisk walks of 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes will do the trick for slow cognitive decline.

A large group of German elderly people benefited from weightlifting sessions twice a week. Also, in the study of six months, we showed that dancing can bring back the aging brain by one hour a week.

Socialize While You Exercise

Performing physical activities can improve your mood as well. This occurs in your dance class, while walking with friends, swimming, or riding a bike.

Reduce Stress to Boost Brain Power

Stress greatly affects the brainpower a person can have and disables the ability to think clearly on the task or events to come. Researchers in 2010 had shown a study on how yoga can have a calming effect on the body.

Exercise Your Brain

As brain games are popular for improving cognitive function, a study indicated that playing games such as crossword puzzles can help slow down mental problems and loss of memory.

As mentioned in the article, researchers feel that by maintaining an active brain, you improve at daily tasks like money management or even doing work around the house.

Make Activity a Priority

Always plan to set aside some time to exercise to improve your brain and overall health. You can always try combining your exercise with our supplement to better protect your brain.

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Be sure to check out our full article as well to see any stats or numbers on what we discussed.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Evolving Leadership

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)has aligned its Executive leadership for the future with the selection of Dr. Pat Basu as the new President and CEO. Read more at Practice Link about CTCA.

By placing Basu in the top spot, CTCA will strengthen the leadership structure of progressive network of outpatient centers and hospitals. In addition, Vice Chairman of CTCA, Darren Keller stated that the organization plans to continue moving forward with, “ the concept of patient empowerment.” This means paying attention to the needs of the whole person. Read more at USHCC about CTCA.

Patients have the opportunity to attend a three-day orientation process, which includes other members of their cancer care team.’ Because cancer has gained in prevalence it can directly impact the lives of patients. Cancer Treatment Centers of America scripts a focused and balanced approach that can be applied to all stages and phases of treatment. The approach blends spirituality and alternative natural cures with traditional protocols, such as radiation and chemotherapy. At CTCA many offered services are free of charge, these include support groups, pastoral counseling, music therapy, and consultations with licensed nutritionists.

Learn: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/cancer-treatment-centers-of-america


Maarten de Jeu advices people to venture into commercial real estate

Making money is a challenging task for all investors. When someone is getting into a new investment, they will always have some fear because of the tough market situation in the world. Earning profits in business gives many people sleepless nights. For the few individuals who want to be safe from losses, getting expert advice is important. In the United States market, there are thousands of finance consultants. These well-trained professionals are capable of advising customers concerning any investment. With the help of a consultant, making profits is an easy job. Maarten de Jeu loves helping his customers to make the right investment decisions. Based in the United States, the consultant has the best qualifications to handle any upcoming investments with the seriousness needed. Maarten de Jeu is among the few Oxford University graduates. With an MBA in finance, Maarten has adequate knowledge to guide customers, regardless of the situation they are facing. In the past, the consultant has played a vital role in assisting companies and high net worth personalities to venture into the corporate section and earn good profits. Maarten de Jeu specializes in corporate consulting, investment advisory, and compliance issues. 

Maarten de Jeu addressed an issue that has been giving American investors sleepless nights. The financial consultant has seen many ordinary investors lose their capital when they make the wrong investments in real estate. Other people fail to earn wealth because they fear to handle commercial real estate businesses. Maarten de Jeu wants American consumers to change their perspective when it comes to commercial real estate. These personalities should start to think of different ways of benefiting from this industry. The new rules governing this industry have made things very easy for modern consumers. It is now easy for a group of people to come together and make a real estate investment together. By raising capital together, these investors can reach major targets, and they can share their huge profits at the end of the day. Commercial real estate, according to Maarten de Jeu, is an area all consumers have to check and handle well. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/potmsearch/detail/submission/6469621/Maarten_De_Jeu

When your customers are choosing to invest in real estate, they are bound to get more benefits compared to the people who are investing in other areas. Commercial real estate investments are better for the people who want a long-term investment. When you build a commercial building, then you can rest assured that you will earn some amount of money every month. Even when you are retiring, your property will still give you some money to keep you going. Real estate investments are the most profitable in the market too. Unlike other departments where investors keep getting worried because of very little profits, this industry will always remain op in the list. Market changes do not affect real estate investments. Stocks and other investments get significantly affect when their value goes down. With properties, however, the price will never change and frustrate the property owners. Commercial real estate is an ideal retirement package for the people who want to live a financially free life.

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Isabel Dos Santos: Commitment to Environmental Protection

Isabel dos Santos is an internationally recognized businesswoman who is involved in various business sectors. She has immense experience in fields such as financial, media, energy, and retail enterprises across Angola, Portugal, and other nations. She has led various social action efforts and startups in Angola and proved her entrepreneurship dedication and ingenuity in fields that were considered out of bounds to women.

She frequently speaks about issues that women and youth go through in Africa and other social causes that she believes in. She has been able to achieve success in male-dominated fields since her parents encouraged her to compete and achieve whatever she wanted by giving her the same opportunities as her brothers.

Isabel dos Santos is currently advocating for environmental protection by taking the message internationally. She strongly believes in taking immediate action and being committed to the cause of looking for solutions to create sustainable businesses for the environment.

She had an opportunity to interact with an influential group of international business leaders at the third Bloomberg Global Business Forum. The forum gave the attendees the chance to collaborate and create relationships that will enable them to shape an economy that creates opportunities for everyone and solve the collective challenges.

According to Isabel Santos, the plastic and emission threat to the environment can be easily eradicated through a combined effort. Angola has made significant progress in the educational and provision of other incentives to protect the environment.

During a conference at New York, Isabel dos Santos mentioned the achievements of Adjany Costa, a young female marine biologist from Angola, who was featured in “Into the Okavango” (a National Geographic Film). The film shows how the ecosystem along a river, that supports a wide range of wildlife and supplies water to a massive number of people, is deteriorating. It emphasizes the need to take action to preserve the biodiversity of the region, which dos Santos considers as a world treasure.


Isabel dos Santos is the richest African woman, according to Forbes. She was also listed as one of the top 100 influential women worldwide by BBC. She is a key stakeholder in a number of growing businesses and serves as the chairwoman of Unitel, a leading telecommunications firm in Angola.

For More info: www.crunchbase.com/person/isabel-dos-santos