Oren Frank the CEO of Talkspace, an online therapy Platform.

Oren Frank is the CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace. This is the leading online and mobile psychotherapy platform. The company has made therapy affordable and accessible to various individuals across the universe. We are in a modern day and age where mental health care is perceived as a universal societal crisis. Talkspace provides convenience and effectiveness to those individuals seeking to better their well being.

Under the mentorship and leadership of Oren Frank, the platform has so far assisted more than 500,000 customers. Talkspace has managed to connect these individuals with licensed therapists. A majority of these people never had a platform to better their mental health before Talkspace was established. Frank is a firm believer in the power of technology and innovation. Practically, he has seen the potential of technology to better society and the universe as a whole.

Oren Frank founded Talkspace together with his wife Roni. The platform was established in 2012. Their primary vision was to offer “Therapy to All.” After the two experienced the usefulness of couple therapy in their marriage, they decided to launch Talkspace. Frank and his wife had a sturdy belief that mental health is a necessity for everyone. Everyone opts to access the support, and the value psychotherapy offers where a need arises.

Before he founded Talkspace, Oren frank was a senior advertising and marketing executive. He worked with McCann Erickson Worldwide. Frank was recognized as a great and progressive market strategist. The Talkspace CEO was a leading voice in the media marketing industry. Frank maintains that his platform assists him to repent and redeem for his years in the marketing and advertising field.

Roni Frank, Frank’s wife, is the Co-founder of the platform. Oren’s wife serves as the Lead of Clinical Services. She oversees the provider network of more than 1,500 therapists. She is also responsible for ensuring the quality of clinical services. Roni opens access to any person who requires mental health care.

Oren Frank noted that what inspired him to establish Talkspace was a relationship crisis that he had with the wife. The two went to Couples therapy, and that’s where the two got the idea. After the therapy, the two continued as a pair and raised their two daughters. Frank said that he kept doing therapy for some time. The wife quit her previous study and pursued a course in Psychology. Frank added that after he left marketing, he was in search of something more valuable, meaningful, and aligned with his beliefs. Learn more: https://adage.com/author/oren-frank/3678

Ryan Seacrest Finds Several Involvements

Few people are as prolific as Ryan Seacrest is when it comes to American entertainment. He loves to host programs on radio and television, as well as pursue other endeavors. The Georgia native has long admired entertainers and has established himself quite the career; one that continues to be driven through hard work and dedication. 

It Started In Radio

Ryan Seacrest moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s to pursue radio. It was there when Ryan Seacrest found success with the radio program On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The program continues to run and is now syndicated. He also hosts American Top 40, which he took over for one of his childhood inspirations in Casey Kasem. Beyond Radio, Ryan truly became a popular figure as the host of the popular singing competition program American Idol

The singing program has seen a variety of evolutions over the years, including changes in staff and networks. Seacrest has remained with viewers throughout it all. Ryan works tirelessly between multiple gigs. A casual viewer won’t be able to tell that the entertainer regularly travels between New York City and Los Angeles to fulfill his many obligations as he hosts with energy and concentration (Kellyandryan). 

He started co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2017. He and Kelly Ripa entertain guests on the show in New York City. Ryan Seacrest can also be seen on television hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest among other things. He has his face and voice everywhere in entertainment, including production, but that isn’t all Seacrest has his hand in. 

He launched a men’s tailored clothing and accessories brand sold exclusively at Macy’s in 2014. Ryan Seacrest Distinction has become one of the most popular men’s lines at Macy’s. On the other hand, this successful businessman also puts his energy into a skincare product for men which products are always approved by research and dermatologists. Ryan Seacrest has proven how hard he works and included in his efforts are his philanthropic pursuits. 

Ryan Seacrest Foundation makes a point to promote a career in broadcasting and entertainment by putting broadcast media centers across pediatric hospitals in the United States. He is a tireless worker with a true pedigree for entertainment. 

More on Seacrest’s radio show https://onairwithryan.iheart.com/

Bennett Graebner is Ready to Score Again

There isn’t much that Bennett Graebner hasn’t seen or been part of. When it comes to making gold standard reality TV shows, he has long been one of the premier trend setters. And now, with a new series called Love at First Kiss, he’s setting out to make “must see TV” for a whole new audience of reality series viewers. Bennett Graebner was the brains behind a spate of monster hit TV shows in the recent past. 


He is the mogul who gave us such runaway smashes as The Bachelor and its natural corollary, The Bachelorette. As a result, he’s got much credit to burn in industry circles. He’ll be putting it all to the test when his new show hits the air. Bennett Graebner knows the difference between cult and kitsch and is willing to split things down the middle. Mainstream success has always found him willing to bargain. As a result, he’s not too worried that his new premise is too far out to appeal to the average consumer (Eonline). 


After all, what’s more universal than a kiss? But this doesn’t mean that Bennett Graebner isn’t hedging his bets. Love at First Kiss is loosely based on a series that recently tore up the Dutch airwaves. But there have been a few select changes made along the way. 


For example, on the Dutch show, when a couple kissed and didn’t seem to hit it off, they were allowed to part ways. The new show will be somewhat different. Bennett Graebner knows that American viewers love granting second chances to their adopted favorites. For this reason, he’ll give even couples that don’t seem to strike magic another few weeks to find their perfect partners. It’s this kind of “can do” attitude that makes magic on reality TV. 


Love at First Kiss has every chance of joining the long list of patented Bennett Graebner successes. It’s loose, a bit wild, but ultimately sentimental and forgiving at heart. Whether it does find its niche remains to be seen. But if past success is anything to go by, it will have every chance.

Find out more about Graebner´s biography http://info.vassar.edu/news/features/2016-2017/160831-bennett-graebner.html

Boris Ivanov Success in Africa

In the natural resourced department, Boris Ivanov is proving to be a big and influential name. The executive, who works with GPB Global Resources, has taken on an industry he is very passionate about, and this is why he is one of the most respected figures in the market. The oil company is already making headlines in African nations, South America, and few other nations in the Middle East. His impressive career shows a man who is committed to his daily work as founder and CEO. Before his business ventures, Boris Ivanov was a strong pillar in the Russian government. His work was mostly in the foreign affairs ministry, and this is how he discovered the natural resources department in many parts of the world. In Africa, Boris is already a big and respected figure. His numerous activities have helped many remote parts of the continent to grow and develop.

Healthcare and education are key areas in all parts of the world. When the professional was working with Russia, many things were happening in Africa too. The Russian communities wanted to reinvent and make sure that everything was taking a better route. In the African nations, the people discovered their abilities too. The communities started to take their children, regardless of their gender, to school so that they could acquire formal education and become better people. Many African leaders began to solve the numerous conflicts in their localities, and this is how investors from abroad to come and invest in natural resources. In few years, there were many opportunities in the continent, unlike before. Boris Ivanov was among the first people to grab the opportunities in African nations. The executive has helped in exploring the many natural riches in this part of the world. His company has been known in the continent for giving employment opportunities to many people in Africa.

Investors should never remain in their comfort zone if they want to go far in life. Boris Ivanov strongly advocates for the people abroad to visit Africa and explore the numerous opportunities present. These investors, on the other hand, should help the African nations to grow by constructing roads, schools, and healthcare centers.

Jack Landsmanas Upholds a Thriving Family Legacy

Jack Landsmanas Stern is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Corporativa Kosmos, a well-known conglomerate based in Mexico. However, maybe more significantly, he is the grandson of Pablo Landsmanas. Continuing his grandfather’s legacy of philanthropy and good will is what Jack Landsmanas Stern seems to be deeply rooted in. The Landsmanas family is originally from Lithuania, but in 1959, Pablo Landsmanas arrived in Mexico and started working in the meat industry. Paying close attention and learning everything he could about the industry, Pablo went on to open his own butcher shop in Mexico City, La Modelo. His path eventually led to founding of the Kosmos Corporation, a group of food service companies that abide by the highest standards of quality.

For more than 50 years, Pablo Landsmanas, Kosmos Corporation, and now Jack Landsmanas, have maintained an excellent and trusted reputation in the food service industry, becoming industry leaders and giants. The Kosmos Corporation is the largest food service provider in Mexico, where their services extend out to schools, hotels and even boats. Kosmos Corporation provides services for over three million people a day. In an effort to honor his grandfather and what his grandfather stood for, Jack Landsmanas created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. Thanks to this foundation, just about half a million meals are donated to those in need, such as teen moms, Holocaust survivors and persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS.

The goal of the foundation is to positively affect Mexican society through health, food and education. Jack Landsmanas Stern operates under the motto “Por Ti, por Ellos, por Mexico.” “For you, for them, for Mexico” is the motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and exemplifies the humanness that Jack desires to be a part of the work that he does. Through Kosmos Corporation, jobs are created, people’s needs are addressed and the Mexican community benefits greatly. Kosmos Corporation employees even have the chance to receive scholarships from their company for their children’s education. In so many ways, Jack Landsmanas Stern ensures that his grandfather’s legacy stays alive through the philanthropic efforts of his foundation and the ethical operating of the family business. Read More.

Understanding Why Robert Redick Of Kisling Nestico & Redick Retired And Looking Back At His Impact On The Firm

In 2005, a trio of talented lawyers founded Kisling Nestico & Redick, a law firm operating exclusively within the state of Ohio that specializes in personal injuries. One of the firm’s namesakes, Mr. Robert Redick, resigned from his position as one of the only three founding partners to have ever worked for Kisling Nestico & Redick – the other two were Rob Nestico and Gary Kisling, the other two namesakes and co-founders of the Buckeye State’s high-caliber personal injury specialist – just last month, in October 2019. News of Mr. Redick’s retirement first surfaced in September 2019 via an official press release.

Robert Redick isn’t going to work anywhere else, whether that be as a solo-practice attorney, for a law firm, or for an insurance industry competitor. Rather, the relatively young Mr. Redick will be moving from his long-term Ohio home to Florida with his wife Lela, who Robert has been with for just short of three decades. Redick’s reason for doing so is the much better weather that Florida has compared to Ohio. Irrespective of the location, Mr. Redick will now be able to be around Avery, his sole grandchild, and his two children Andy and Alex, who are grown.

Looking back at Mr. Redick’s career

In 2011, just 12 years into his time as a lawyer, Robert Redick was named to the prestigious list of Super Lawyers, which consists of being ranked by peers within the field of law. Shortly after, Robert was also named to the Million- and Multi-Million-Dollar Advocates Forum, the home of attorneys who have won million-plus-dollar cases; less than 1% of American attorneys earn this designation.

About Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick employs over 30 attorneys and upwards of 100 other employees, the responsibility of whom is to make sure that these three dozen lawyers get their job done as effectively and friction-free as possible. In total, since Kisling Nestico & Redick’s incorporation, the verdicts recovered by Kisling Nestico & Redick are worth upwards of $450 million. Having grown to operate field offices in 11 communities throughout the Buckeye State, most of Ohio’s citizens are familiar with Kisling Nestico & Redick for the firm’s regular engagement in philanthropic activities.

Fortress Investment Group Expands Portfolio with New Media Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group a global alternative asset investment firm expands its portfolio with the addition of New Media Investment Group a subsidiary that specializes in advertising digital marketing and local media assets. New Media Investment Group was developed by Fortress Investment Group to take advantage of some of the opportunities in advertising and other areas of the growing multimedia platform asset categories. New Media Investment Group is one of the largest daily news newspaper providers in the country.

New Media also has more than 569 local market websites that are part of its diversified portfolio of assets within the company. The company has more than 1.9 million paid subscriptions for its publications which provide an extremely profitable long-term income stream for this advertising investment opportunity. New Media Investment Group is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group and provides the analysis and valuation of various types of media investment opportunities that can provide lucrative returns on investments for his more than 1750 institutional and individual clients. Fortress Investment Group currently has assets under management in excess of $30 billion.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 2002 by Peter Briger, Wes Edens and three other principal partners that founded the organization. Fortress quickly became one of the leaders in the investment firm industry and began to expand its portfolio through alternative asset investments around the globe. Peter Briger currently Co-Chief Executive Officer with Wes Edens continues to provide high-level leadership and guidance over the company to expand and flourish within the alternative asset categories. Peter Briger, in particular, runs the Fortress Credit business that specializes in distressed, underperforming, and illiquid asset investments that provide high returns on investment for the organization. Peter was educated at Princeton University where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued his education at Wharton School of Business where he received his Master of Business Administration Degree. Peter Briger continues to provide excellent leadership and valuable stewardship over Fortress Investment Group and continues to be a leader and innovator in the alternative asset industry.

Fortress Investment Group was sold to SoftBank group a global innovator in technology that provides valuable cutting-edge resources for the expansion of telecommunications, AI research, internet services, robotics and various other revolutionaries technologically advanced innovations that are propelling the world into an information revolution. SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group to provide and in route to gain a strategic position within the alternative asset industry and provide needed capital and secured long-term investment opportunities to expand their portfolio and gain competitive advantages over their competition.

New Media Investment Group provides a level of advancement within the alternative asset category for Fortress Investment Group that solidifies and diversifying its portfolio into multimedia long-term investment streams of income and opportunities for lucrative returns on investment. The New Media Investment Group is a publicly traded subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group and is providing an opportunity for expansion within the advertising and multimedia asset classes by providing opportunities for continued long-term growth potential within the alternative asset industry.


Maarten De Jeu in Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu Background 


Strategic advisor to all, and partial to none, Maarten De jeu asserts his position with vigor. He is an inventive force in the business market. He advises clients on how to best enter the real estate market and invest in properties. Some of the goals of home investment are increasing income, pooling investments, and abiding commercial laws. 


The first business De Jeu launched in 2012 was SVM Business Advisory. This company specializes in global strategy solutions and networking. He discovered his love for marketing and business during his studies at the University of Oxford. Most of Maarten’s connections to commercial real estate are global (Asia, Europe, and North America). Before this he worked as a strategy director at an unnamed company.


Let’s not forget his family commitment! According to a popular corporate site, “When de Jeu isn’t working, spending time with his wonderful family, or playing tennis, he is active with various community and business associations.” Charity work is also a part of his routine and he has been recognized for his efforts. 


Commercial Real Estate and Advantages


What is commercial real estate? It is the practice of selling properties for revenue. Some examples of commercial properties include office buildings, warehouses, abandoned centers, and multi housing units one source says. Residential areas are much cheaper to buy and sell. Other investors weren’t able to earn as much. Recent laws have changed how much investors earn. 


2012 saw one of the biggest in real estate investment. The Jumpstart Our Business Act was passed and radically changed how much income investors make. This law made crowdfunding accessible. Newly found businesses benefited from the increased funding support. Further options include collecting interests on secure loans. 


What are some advantages for investing in commercial real estate? Well, commercial real estate has the same perks of share stocks without hedge risks. Essentially, the funds you invest in stocks here have value. Fluctuations in cost are less frequent too. 


Legal Protection


Traditional stocks held over time can be an issue. When the end of the year comes around, the stocks do not always appreciate. This equals in lowered gross income for investors. Policies such as this can damage an investor’s portfolio over time. Avoid this by investing in commercial properties. They have a higher selling rate and can account for inflation rates that would otherwise cut into how much investors accrue. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/maarten-de-jeu


“Unlike many traditional investments, there are potential tax deductions available from a commercial real estate investment property. For example, investors can deduct the amount of depreciation of the property value for each tax year,”one site shares. This means expenses for maintenance and repairs are covered by taxes. 




To learn more about commercial real estate, consult a local advisor near you. Anyone can enter this market so long as they are qualified. More details can be found at https://gazetteday.com/2019/09/maarten-de-jeu-investing-commercial-real-estate/. Invest today!

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Jack Plotkin and the Advancement of Digital Healthcare

For more than 20 years, Jack Plotkin’s work in healthcare companies has helped him see all of the advancements as the industry evolves. In the past seven years, Jack’s focus on technology has helped him shape the way medical companies interact with customers.

He is an industry-recognized leader and the mind behind many of the best innovations in the healthcare field.

Plotkin attended Harvard University, where he had a minor in computer science that eventually helped him shape his career path. He graduated in 2000. After graduating, he joined a leading investment bank where he advised Fortune 500 companies on financial transactions and strategy. When he worked on Wall Street he built complex computer models.

He eventually embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, working in the digital advertising world as well as online publishing. For the past seven years, he has been the CEO of his own company.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin has a wide range of experience with different industries and companies. He has worked with retail, e-commerce, media, transportation, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and energy. To date, he says his greatest accomplishment is building VirtualHealth from the two desk startup to one of the top 40 growing companies in the United States. The company improved upon healthcare to the millions of the most vulnerable patients in the country.

His main focus is on helping companies build and strategize. Plotkin works with companies that are working with new technologies. He believes health is the biggest contributor to the economy as well as a huge influence on the quality of life of the consumer.

When he is not working, Jack likes to leave Manhattan and explore the outdoors. He is also a published novelist.

Matt Fleeger and the Expansion of Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger is the current CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It’s a company founded in 1970 by his father, and Matt learned the family business from his father after receiving a degree in Business Administration in 1985 from Southern Methodist University.

Although he left the oil and gas industry for a while, this was to learn about mergers, acquisitions, marketing and building partnerships that were mutually beneficial. After his father retired from Gulf Coast Western, Matt Fleeger took over the family business and began to create a plan.

Fleeger has been able to change with the tides, changing strategies to keep his business viable at a time when the oil and gas industry is volatile. Through mutually beneficial mergers and careful acquisitions, he has grown Gulf Coast Western in a strategic manner

Gulf Coast WesternMatt Fleeger also believes in giving back to the community. Gulf Coast Western has made a substantial donation to the Sadie Keller Foundation, which supports cancer research and childhood cancer awareness. As a child who survived leukemia, Sadie Keller is dedicated to helping others struggling with childhood cancer.

The Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas is also a recipient of Fleeger’s philanthropic efforts. The school is dedicated to STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to provide hands-on learning for students.

Through his collaborative efforts, Matt Fleeger has expanded the reach of Gulf Coast Western beyond the local Dallas/Ft. Worth area. With a commitment to transparency, he is clear with his investors of both the benefits and the risks associated with investing in oil and gas exploration efforts.

Matt Fleeger has succeeded at growing Gulf Coast Western and keeping it successful in a competitive industry where others are failing.