What did Glen Wakeman Learn from Working Abroad?

Glen Wakeman, working as a CEO, investor, and small business owner, has been very successful. Glen has a very long career with General Electric, but he now works at his own company Nova Four, which he also founded. Nova Four is a business accelerator, helping new small business owners get their foot in the door and run productive companies.


During the 20 years that Wakeman worked for General Electric, he traveled the world, living in a total of six different countries. During this time, he created a completely new division of General Electric called GE Money Latin America. Wakeman personally grew this department to employ over 17,000 people.


Glen Wakeman, being as experienced in travel as he is, is the perfect person to talk about how traveling can benefit the mind, body, and soul. According to Glen Wakeman, his travels showed him that there are multiple ways to approach a problem. Traveling has made him a better businessman and team leader.


It is no secret that the world is filled with diversity, and this diversity, when approached with an open mind, can show a person that there is much more to the world than you previously thought. Every culture has a way of solving their differences, and when a person is exposed to such variety it can only be beneficial for their own decision making.


Traveling can relieve stress, encourage creativity, improve social skills, help you learn new languages, and encourage general learning. It is even more beneficial for a traveler if they are able to work while abroad.


When Glen Wakeman was working in Brazil he began to see that his management skills weren’t living up to his own standards. He believed that his failed leadership skills, which previously had not failed him, was due to cultural differences with the people he worked with. He worked to correct these changes and is now better off for taking the time and effort to adapt.


IC Systems is Working to Keep Customers’ Information Safe

As more and more companies transact electronically it becomes increasingly important to keep sensitive customer information safe. Collection agencies like IC Systems are duty-bound to maintain security for the companies they work with to recover funds from customers. Security measures are necessary due to cyber threats and other issues.


Compliance with federal regulations that protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands is what IC Systems does daily. This organization actively practices security protocol with databases and other electronic resources. They utilize a third party security specialist to actively monitor systems and audit them. The state-of-the-art collection tools allow representatives to reassure customers that their information is safe. IC Systems follows CFPB and TCPA regulations.


IC Systems is a well-known and trusted collection agency with 70 years experience. They were the first collection agency to change from paper files to computer files, so they have a good grasp on data security. When Ruth and Jack Erickson started the agency in 1938 the basic premise was to be transparent in all their dealings. The same premise holds true today as the company abides by ethical behavior and forthright dealings.


Customers definitely need to feel secure about who they are dealing with when it comes to monetary transactions. Customers also need to trust that their personal information remains private. IC Systems works with a number of clients to ensure that their transactions are handled properly and securely.


The main focus of this accounts receivable company is to ensure data received from both inside and outside the company is not misused. The trust that many companies have in IC Systems is too priceless to let go. It is important to understand that IC Systems follows the letter of the law and has licenses in all fifty states.


Keeping data safe from would-be thieves and making sure companies remain compliant does provide security and profitability. Companies have come to depend on IC Systems for all their collection needs. Their robust Compliance Risk Management System provides companies with an accurate assessment of their current policies and updates in training. This ensures that everyone is compliant.


Graham Edwards Proof of Collaboration as Key to Real Estate Success

It is almost impossible to talk about real estate and property development in the UK without Telereal Trillium coming up. It is also impossible to mention the success of Telereal Trillium without bringing up the acting Chief executive Officer, Graham Edwards. The former Talisman Global Asset management leader has been instrumental to collaborations that brought together some companies over time to successful ventures. The Real Estate Guru is keen to point out Merrill Lynch Investment Management and BT Group Plc as the breeding grounds for his immense knowledge in great partnerships and reputable business decisions. Graham attributes most of his success to his team and especially Ian Ellis, who was then the CEO at Telereal. Graham and Ellis worked together to create and embed a culture at Telereal that has seen it to what it is today.


After Ellis left Telereal to head Trillium, Graham Edwards was the first to realize the potential for a merger between them and the Pears Family would bring. His relationship with Ellis helped them stay in touch, and this led to the initiation of merger talks. Graham Edwards later led the negotiations to one of the most powerful acquisitions in the UK as far as private business owning is concerned. Telereal and Trillium control over 6billion pounds in investments while housing more than 1% of the UK working population. They have over 8000 properties which cover over 86 million feet.


Graham Edwards is a firm believer in partnerships and collaborations, being a crucial aspect of business growth beside innovation and technology. His handling of major companies is attributed to his study of economics at Cambridge University. He is also a affirm believer in giving back to the society which is one of the major pillars of Telereal and Trillium. Graham is undoubtedly a man who has helped transition various sectors of the economy.

Jeff Aronin and How His Innovation Fueled His Passion

Jeff Aronin has a passion for helping his patients. His belief that he can help people live better lives is the reason Jeff began to research and develop medicines. These medicines have been created specifically for people with medical needs that are unmet.


Jeff Aronin worked in the healthcare field for years before he moved to become the CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Jeff wanted to do more for his patients, and he felt that the best way to complete this passion was to create an entirely new business with a focus on patients with special needs.


Aronin has also worked on Paragon Biosciences, which is a company that also focuses on unmet needs in the medical field. Paragon has been responsible for creating companies such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. The mission of Paragon Biosciences is to find medical breakthroughs for patients who are in need. Over the past decade, they have had over 10 FDA drug approvals. Paragon has put its expertise to use to accelerate scientific breakthroughs with their patients’ needs as their focal point.


The success of Jeff Aronin has allowed him to support the medical community is a variety of ways. He is a member of the board of directors for World Business Chicago and he was appointed to the board of directors for Discover Financial Services. He is also heavily involved in other causes that are local. He tends to focus his time and effort on healthcare businesses that are in different development stages.


Along with Aronin’s passion to help the less fortunate in the medical field, he has many years of experience leading and working with global companies. His business skills include strategic business development and brand marketing. He also has experience with strategic corporate transactions.

These skills have allowed Jeff Aronin to build several global companies that are very successful.

Jorge Moll’s Enthusiasm in Helping People with Neurological Disorders

In a recent interview, Jorge Moll a renowned Neurologist explained where the idea to start D’Or Institute for Research and Education came from. He stated that it has always been his dream and passion to develop a state of the art neurology research and education centre in Brazil, his home country. Jorge Moll is a strong believer of exchanging of information between various people. Therefore, his day usually entails having a lot of meetings. He stated that he talks a lot with students, scientists and researchers from several organizations.

Although there are usually several ideas on his table, Jorge Moll usually chooses the one that can be converted into a plan of action in order to bring the idea to life. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, Jorge Moll advice people especially businessmen to be open, transparent and skillful so as to be productive. Furthermore, he advised other businessmen to always refrain from doing things over and over again. He also stated that it is key to always question your model of doing things.

To a younger version of himself, Jorge Moll stated that he would strongly advise himself to never hold on to an idea for too long. Either executes the idea or move on to another one very fast. Driven by the quote “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” by Davinci, Jorge Moll recommends the book “The Exegesis” by Philip Dick to anyone who loves reading.

Founder and President of D’or Institute for Research and Education, Jorge Moll is a household name in the medical field of neurology. Based in Rio de Janeiro, D’Or Institute for Research and Education is a private organization that promotes scientific research and technological progress in healthcare and excellence in education.

Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he earned an MD in Neuroscience upon graduation. It was also from the same University that Jorge Moll completed his residency from. He went ahead to join the Sao Paulo University and it was from there that he received a Ph.D. in Experimental Patho-physiology. Jorge Moll’s desire to help people with disorders that affect their day to day lives negatively is what made him start D’or Institute for Research and Education.

Lee May Sponsors Nemesis ABC Mini Bus Buying Project

The Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is looking for funds to purchase a mini bus. To help them out, Lee May is planning to do a sponsored 10K run. Every single cent received during the event will be given to the club to assist them with their mini bus buying project. If you were not aware, Lee May has been a dedicated sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


The sponsorship is aimed at ensuring the club can develop all aspects with regards to their training. This will ensure the young boxers have the best opportunities and resources to effectively compete in local and international tournaments. The club not only trains young people to be boxers, but they also contribute to their development by providing strong values.


Lee May has been a devoted boxer fan. For the reasons mentioned above, as well as being an avid fan, the company is proud to be a sponsor of the amateur boxing club. People have rallied behind Lee May in a bid to help them raise the £20K needed by the club. They insist that any amount donated towards the project, however small the amount, will be highly appreciated.


About Lee May


Lee May has a management team made up of professionals. These people have worked for the company for decades, building confidence and trust in their ability to provide the required results. Products from the company are insurance backed and fully warranted.


It is the company’s policy to ensure construction practices are sustainable. Every project handled by the company implements a carbon footprint and waste management policy. Additionally, Lee May strives to create an IFE (Injury Free Environment). This is achieved by ensuring this policy is more of a culture of concern and care for employees and others. Such a move ensures everyone is responsible for their safety, as well as their colleague’s safety and well-being.


Lee May is looking forward to what the future holds. The company has established itself as a leading provider of commercial, residential and design and build projects. This was done through strengthening their construction services and company infrastructure. The company continually invests in its employees as they are one of their most important assets.

Perry Mandera: His Passionate Desire To Serve Humanity Through Business and Charity

The wise Warren Buffet would say that the people who enjoy the shade of trees today are enjoying them because someone planted those trees years ago. In the case with Perry Mandera, the CEO and Founder of the renowned transport business The Custom Companies, Inc., many children are enjoying the benefits of good education because Perry Mandera planted the seeds to build the Custom Cares Foundation, which is the charity group that helps underprivileged children.


There are many excellent attributes of Mandera but it is primarily his years of experience and being in business that really stands out. Since 1976 Mandera has been in the transportation business, helping many clients with their logistics needs. With the experience that he has in the shipping business, he is able to help companies around Illinois to get the business solutions that they require to grow their enterprise. Job creation is important to Mandera and the fact that he is able to generate more jobs with his company is a source of inspiration to the young to start their companies, too.


Mandera was also once part of the Marines. It was in that service that he found the meaning of camarederie and to be a service to humanity. His experience has shaped his vision on what business truly means, and that is service to the people around you in the most dignified and sustainable way possible. NGOs help but these charity groups are only temporary reliefs. The best way to help communities, Mandera agrees, is to provide families and communities with good source of income.


What’s also extra commendable in the work of Mandera today is that he spends a large chunk of his time helping children in need. He not only gives them temporary relief, but through his charity work in Custom Cares, he aids them to get all the access, support, resource and psychological support to get back to their studies and dream bigger. Just because Mandera is active in charity work doesn’t mean that he forgets about the importance of building an excellent business. His dedication for such vision is paying off because Mandera just got singled out and rewarded as one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium.

Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva Honored for His Extensive Work

At the age of fifteen Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva knew what he wanted to do for a living. By 1981 he received his bachelor’s degree from PUC in legal studies although his love for learning took him to achieve many more degrees throughout the next several decades.

He has a specialization, masters, doctorate and teaching degree from Pontifical Catholic University. In 1983 he became a state judiciary in the counties of Palmeira D’Oeste, Monte Alto, Diadema and São Paulo. In 2002 he was promoted to substitute judge and in 2007 he became a court of appeals judge.

With all the knowledge in front of him, Judge Silva wanted to share his passion with others and he became a professor in 1982, earning his tenure in 2003. It is with this distinct title that the PUC Sao Paulo honored their professor in one of the best ways possible. They named an auditorium at the Perdizes Campus after him. Having helped ensure the construction of the auditorium came to fruition it only made sense that it would have his namesake.

During the honoring of the auditorium, the President of the University Dirceu de Mello gave a speech where he spoke highly of his colleague. President Mello noted that Judge Silva was willing to help with whatever was needed.

Another lawyer and tenured professor of PUC, Richardo Sayeg, commended his colleague on the many literary works he had published including forty articles and thirteen books. Richardo Sayeg was noted as saying of Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, “He fills us with pride and satisfaction, unanimously recognized by his fellow professors and students as one of our esteemed and most prominent teachers.”

The Judge thanked the women in his life: his mother and sisters, wife and daughters. He also noted that he still has the same passion today that he had when he graduated from college many years ago. This is the passion that led him to where he is today.


Stansberry Research: Where to go For World Investment Advice

According to Stansberry Digest, there is a major change taking place in Japan that is going to affect financial stocks. In November of 2016, Japan was worrying about the fact that they were suffering from deflation. A stimulus program was put in place to prevent this, and Dr. Steve Sjuggerud predicted that Japanese stocks were going to be on the rise. Here we are, about 2 years later, and Haruhiko Kuroda, the Bank of Japan Governor, is stating that they may end the stimulus package in 2019 because prices are reaching around 2%. While it may seem like it is time to pull out of Japanese stocks, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud says not to. The Bank of Japan has not yet made a commitment as to whether they will end the stimulus or not, and until that decision is made Japanese stocks are still a solid investment.


Stansberry Digest is put out by Stansberry research, who specializes in investment research. They publish data and newsletters written by a myriad of different experts, giving their readers solid information and different viewpoints to make decisions off of. Stansberry Research’s founder, Frank Porter Stansberry, is also well known for his insightful opinion articles. Stanberry Research also gives updates on copper, the dollar, gold, oil, as well as stock market sectors.


Stansberry Research was founded in 1999. While its home base is in Baltimore, Maryland, it has offices in Oregon, California, and Florida. Stansberry Digest is known for hitting on important topics to investors such as oil, power, mining, natural resources, biotechnology, healthcare, corporate bonds, and even covers alternative investments. Investors from over 100 countries use Stanberry Research for their investment information. This wide breadth of usage is unsurprising since Stanberry Research ensures they cover investment issues from around the world. If one invests, they must read the information provided by Stansberry Research.

Dr. Dov Rand’s Anti-aging Therapy and Business

Dr. Dov Rand has been at the forefront of the fight against age related conditions. He has masterminded numerous novel methods to help the elderly age gracefully. Insomnia, fatigue, low libido and depression are among long list of conditions that he helps his patients deal with. Erectile dysfunction and menopause for men and women respectively are responsible for many of these conditions.

He received his training at the Einstein medical centre and set up a medical center whose name informs clients of the services they are likely to receive. The Healthy Aging Medical Center receives clients who have considerably advanced in age. Most of the clients are given regenerative drugs to help them cope with their various conditions.

An elaborate program for weight loss is also available for anyone who visits the facility. This is usually coupled to a HCG diet that has been known to have amazing results as far as weight loss is concerned. Dr Dov Rand has also created an exercise routine to supplement the diet. The two work hand in hand to enhance the patient’s metabolism and weight loss is achieved in the process.

The anti-aging therapies are normally formulated after a hormonal profile of a patient is taken. They are meant to provide the body with the hormones that are depleted as one ages. Dr. Dov Rand prefers bioidentical hormones to the synthetic ones as they are less toxic. The idea is to restore the hormonal balance that a healthy individual enjoys.

Dr. Dov Rand has studied the aging process extensively to provide tailor made solutions for all his patients. He makes it a point of explaining the process to his patients before administering the necessary treatment. This will ensure that the patient is fully on board and understands what they are getting themselves into with the therapy. It also allows for active participation from the patient and this will speed up the whole healing process.

The educative part of the treatment helps clients figure out adjustments that they could make in their lives to better cope with the changes brought about by aging. Dr. Dov Rand’s hormonal therapy is blended with therapeutic treatment to provide potent results. He has patented most of his therapy programs.