Seymour Segnit Explains What Sets MAGFAST Apart


Seymour Segnit and his wife, Amy, launched a company that sold a charging solution. It was first made available through a crowdsourcing campaign that attracted 69,896 backers. They sold over a quarter of a million units but the business failed because they didn’t have enough cash flow to keep up with demand.

Buying the failed company’s list, they polled people asking if they should give it another shot. 84% voted “YES.” A few months later, he co-founded MAGFAST. Rather than just a single charger, Seymour Segnit designed a whole family of them that can connect to one another via magnets. There are six chargers so that people who buy them all will be able to charge a device no matter what type of situation they are in.

They officially launched this new product family in 2017. In just the first 15 minutes, their crowdfunding campaign raised $250,000 and over $600,000 on the first day. Seymour Segnit says that wasn’t sustainable, though, as the launch used a list of prior customers. He is now focused on marketing this product line. If people don’t know about it they can’t buy it, after all. Refer to This Article for more information.

What makes the MAGFAST product line different is that there aren’t any wires. Whether you’re charging a device or another charger, they don’t need a wire between them. This makes the chargers look beautiful wherever they are placed. Find Related Information Here.

Seymour Segnit is optimistic about their company. It’s been profitable since its launch. It was never about being unprofitable for a few years before turning things around like many tech startups try to do. As the chief executive officer, he has built a sustainable business model for MAGFAST by learning from the mistakes of their first company.


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