Prevagen Secrets to Enhancing Brain Activity Review

In our article Prevagen: Secrets to Enhancing Brain Activity, we discussed secret tips that you can do to start enhancing your brain activity now and moving forward into your senior years.

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In case you missed anything from the recent article, we’ll go over our secrets that we combine with our natural supplement to help you stay at your best at your current age moving forward.

Our evidence that you would take into consideration

When it comes to using our Prevagen supplement, we informed that using it over 90 days had improved certain aspects of the cognitive function which include reasoning, memory, and attention.

Over a 90-day clinical trial, a small group of adults with mild, age-related cognitive impairment took the supplement and improved measurements that corresponded to memory.

The Brain Power Boost of Exercise

For more brainpower, combine our supplement with your exercise as it can help you with mild memory loss that can come with aging. We talk about the hippocampus responding greatly to aerobic exercises while being connected to cardio workouts which boost cognitive function.

Concentrate More Easily

We explain how exercising can help you concentrate more efficiently. In the study of school children, researchers discovered that aerobic workouts spread in between learning had improved their attention span.

Not only did the children attain greater fitness, but they were less distracted and multitasked applying the information they acquired.

Slow Cognitive Decline

In regards to cognitive preservation, brisk walks of 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes will do the trick for slow cognitive decline.

A large group of German elderly people benefited from weightlifting sessions twice a week. Also, in the study of six months, we showed that dancing can bring back the aging brain by one hour a week.

Socialize While You Exercise

Performing physical activities can improve your mood as well. This occurs in your dance class, while walking with friends, swimming, or riding a bike.

Reduce Stress to Boost Brain Power

Stress greatly affects the brainpower a person can have and disables the ability to think clearly on the task or events to come. Researchers in 2010 had shown a study on how yoga can have a calming effect on the body.

Exercise Your Brain

As brain games are popular for improving cognitive function, a study indicated that playing games such as crossword puzzles can help slow down mental problems and loss of memory.

As mentioned in the article, researchers feel that by maintaining an active brain, you improve at daily tasks like money management or even doing work around the house.

Make Activity a Priority

Always plan to set aside some time to exercise to improve your brain and overall health. You can always try combining your exercise with our supplement to better protect your brain.

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