MAGFAST is Changing the Way We Charge Our Devices

Charge Quickly and Reduce Clutter with MAGFAST

If you’re tired of waiting for your device to charge, or if you’re sick of having to look for pieces for your charger, check out MAGFAST Chargers. With their unique magnetic building block design aesthetic, everything can stay in one place. You’ll also find your devices charging much quicker when compared with similar products. The chargers were designed by MAGFAST founder Seymour Segnit. He sought to reduce the wires and cheap parts that aftermarket charging products often provide. He also aimed to provide a safer solution to reduce the electrical risks that are associated with power surges and poor materials.

MAGFAST Can Save You Time and Money

Having to purchase replacement chargers can become expensive. It also means that you’ll have to take time out of your day to find the right accessories and hope that they’ll suffice. With MAGFAST Chargers, compatibility is never a problem as they work with any mobile device on the market. You’ll never have to worry about pets chewing through cords with the truly wireless designs on most of their products. A wall charger that powers your device through a USB that sits on top allows you to continue using the outlets that are embedded in the design. A power bank and car charger offer convenience on the go, so you’ll never be stuck while traveling or if a power source is inaccessible. International outlet options are available, and different USB adapters are offered to ensure compatibility.

Attend a MAGFAST Presentation for Discounts and Free Items

A video presentation by CEO Seymour Segnit provides you with more information, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision. You’ll have a chance to pre-order the products as a backer of the venture. Join the many consumers that are excited about these developments in wireless technology by requesting your presentation invite at, today.