Sergey Petrossov, Founder of JetSmarter, Makes Booking A Private Jet Easy

Sergey Petrossov

The whole experience of boarding and flying tends to stress most out! The waiting lines are long, the check-in and check-out process seems unnecessary, and personal space no longer exists. After experiencing airline ‘trauma,’ one may want to fly a private jet for more privacy. Not everyone can afford to fly privately though. However, for those who can, riding solo never looked so wonderful.

What Is JetSmarter?

JetSmarter is a company, and app, that provides a private air travel experience easier and more cheaply than other companies. Sergey Petrossov started his company in 2013 and it is only expanding. The founder wanted to make private jet traveling an easier experience. As revealed in his Linkedin profile, “Online booking, total transparency, convenient pricing, instant service, and mass accessibility is the future of private aviation.” He provides affordable prices and luxury simultaneously.

This entrepreneur’s company reigns as the biggest private aviation company “with access to over 1500 aircraft.” The membership fee is 15,000 a year, the organization has 14,000 members, 670,000 subscribers, and can travel to more than 170 locations. JetSmarter continues to grow and gain notoriety.

Sergey’s Drive to Start JetSmarter

In 2009, Sergey Petrossov traveled on a private jet and his booking experience was not enjoyable. It was not easily accessible, affordable, or time-efficient. Therefore, he decided to start his own company that meets those demands. Not surprisingly. his drive and innovative abilities paid off. Sergey Petrossov is reaping the rewards of his hard work because JetSmarter is a multi-million dollar company as of 2019.

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Smita Shah: Breaking stereotypes

Smita Shah is a leading entrepreneur and a successful engineer. She has been working to empower women in order to see them and their businesses prosper. She has been a hard worker since her early years of life. After completing her studies from Northwestern University, MIT and Oxford University she founded SPAAN Tech Inc. which is an engineering firm that is known to take up challenging projects. Other than being a hard worker herself she has made it a goal to help other women be as competitive as men in all fields of life. She has been empowering women and gives tips for empowerment in the workplace. She is currently the president and CEO of her company and is a professional engineer. 

According to her being a successful entrepreneur is not dependent on anyone’s gender. Talent according to her is genderless and therefore men and women hold an equal chance of success and failure in business. She gives 10 tips which must be followed by everyone to attain success. These tips include believing in yourself, examining your own skills, being presentable, being in the spotlight for your own achievements, focusing on short term goals, breaking stereotypes, managing time, making others respect you, maintaining a work-life balance and last but not the least taking cultural factors into account. 

Believing in one’s own abilities is very important. Failures are a part of life and therefore should not be taken too seriously. Every experience has something to teach and the greater the experience you have the better you can use it to deal with everything more smartly. Examining your own skills is also pertinent to achieving success. One should always talk to oneself to find out what the inner voice has to say. Forming the right image is also very important. She places a huge emphasis on how everyone especially women should be dressed formally when meeting their clients. They should always adopt a professional way of dealing with everything. When meeting new clients both men and women should have a good posture and body language. Learn more:

Another very important thing is to not let other people take credit for your achievements. Women should by no means comply with stereotypes built by societies. The only barriers women have are the ones within themselves. Once those are overcome anyone can achieve anything. She also believes that the reason why women may not feel equal to men is a lack of women representation. She believes that there is hardly any representation of women in business and therefore other women are unable to get inspired. Managing time and focusing on short term goals helps manage work and maintains a healthy work-life balance enabling a reduction in stress levels.

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Maarten De Jeu Expands On International Business Expansion

Taking your business international is a big step and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are unfamiliar with the process, it is a good idea to get the help of an industry expert such as Maarten de Jeu to guide you along the way or to just tell you that it’s not in your best interest to expand to a certain market. The process can be expensive and time-consuming and will take resources away from your domestic projects. Some of the biggest names in the business have gone to Maarten de Jeu for advice and here is just a small bit of what he has to offer.

Maarten de Jeu earned his MBA at the University of Oxford and was ranked as the top of his class at graduation. He is now a renowned businessman who operates internationally as a strategic business advisor currently. SVM Business Advisory was founded by Maarten de Jeu in 2012 and has been working with companies of different sizes. His clients are able to benefit from his experience, skills, knowledge, and networking skills in order to create a positive future for their business. SVM Business Advisory is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

It’s important to be familiar with the market and the culture of the country you are considering working with. Not knowing certain cultural issues can lead to some very uncomfortable situations that could lose you a great deal of business and cost a great deal of money as well. In addition to cultural issues, you will need to figure out if there is even room on the market for what you have to offer. If there is already something similar, your product may not be able to compete, especially if the pricing is higher than what is available on a domestic level in the region. When expanding, you have to let people know why your imported product is a better choice than what is available domestically. Learn more:

Maarten de Jeu speaks multiple languages and this is a skill that has served him well in his international business career. If you do not speak the same language as the people in the country you are planning to expand to, it’s a great idea to hire a translator that can be there for you whenever they are needed. He is active in his community through several different organizations, one of which is the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Tennis is his favorite sport to play and he can often be found on the court or practicing. In addition, he is devoted to his family and enjoys being able to find the time to spend with them while he is not at work.

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Marc Beer Accepts LumeNXT’s Offer to Serve as Chairman

LumeNXT, a surgical device company devoted to developing surgical illumination products announced Marc Beer will serve on the Board as Chairman. PR Newswire announced the wonderful news in April 2019 that he will use his expertise in development and commercialization. He brings over 25 years of experience in global marketing, developing businesses, creating startup companies, and providing guidance for profitability. With such broad background in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics, Mr. Beer is the perfect candidate to hold the seat. He will definitely benefit LumeNXT in his ability to lead and transform companies to enter the world markets.


The main reason LumeNXT selected Marc Beer is his expertise in leadership and bringing existence to new startup companies in international markets. Prior to co-founding the company, he successfully formed new businesses while guiding them to enter the global markets for commercialization. His guidance allowed those companies to profit enormously. His goal is to accomplish the same at LumeNXT where he will work with teams of engineers and surgeons who are discovering its technology’s benefits. These professionals are experts in the advanced surgical illumination field using the proprietary technology and observed improvements in precision and visualization during operations.


LumeNXT uses the latest and modern techniques which are more effective compared to traditional techniques used by surgeons during operations. The new surgical tool uses an intracavity LED or light-emitting diode illumination. One of its benefits is it permits the surgeon to enhance surgical precision. Other advantages include improvements in safety using it visualization capabilities and efficiency during surgical workflows. Marc Beer commercialized LumeNXT’s products further into the international markets.


Before Marc Beer started on his career journey, he attended Miami University in Ohio and earned a bachelor’s degree in business. He applied his studies to business development, marketing, and sales while holding various positions with Abbott Laboratories and Genzyme Corporation. His work in the pharmaceutical industry inspired him to become an entrepreneur and start his own businesses. His earliest venture is Renovia, Incorporation, a company committed to delivering digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices to treat women with pelvic complications. Marc found the business in 2016 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. 


Marc Beer possesses the skills, marketing strategies, and expertise to take LumeNXT to a greater existence in global markets. His works, which include developing pharmaceutical companies and commercializing them into profitable businesses guarantee the elevation of the company. LumeNXT partners, surgeons, and engineers are confident in Beer’s ability to expand the company by marketing its product line of surgical illumination devices. They believe in its products to improve safety, efficiency, and precision during operations. Marc is the co-founder of LumeNXT and now sits on its Board as Chairman. Learn more:

Classified Ads for Local Newspapers– the Story

A neighborhood paper will hook you up with the masses living nearby, and you’ll get a positive reader response. For example, to offer your property, it’s wiser to go for a neighborhood paper of your area in the place of a newspaper that has pan India circulation. Because publications are many times regional in nature, they frequently have new city or region-specific information available. Lastly, they are also effortless to locate. Secondly, a specific newspaper isn’t a global media. You can even call the neighborhood newspapers and mention that you’ll be speaking in the region and offer to compose a brief article about your topic they could publish in the neighborhood newspaper. Many regional newspapers have space reserved for absolutely free classified ads, along with some national magazines. leolist

Also, you can choose the newspaper following your judgment. Along with the print edition of the paper, the majority of the largest regional or national newspapers have developed into online posting of jobs that are searchable by the site user, just enjoy the huge on-line job search sites. Unless you locate a publication which has a flair for creating eye-catching display ads, receive an expert designer to do the task for you. Search for your competitors Advertise in precisely the same publications and same on-line media your competitors do. The guide shouldn’t be too promotional but offer some sound advice to the normal client you would love to attract.

A lot will be dependent on associations. Most associations aren’t going to seek the services of the exact same speakers since they hired last calendar year. Some associations will also offer you some exceptional training seminars to their membership together with their event. On the other hand there are associations I have spoken to every year for the previous 4 decades, but I will usually supply a different program. Another effective technique is to turn into an active member of critical associations who have the kinds of business contacts that may be beneficial for your industry.

The One Thing to Do for Classified Ads for Local Newspapers
Suppose you’re going to sell the old-modeled car and are searching a reliable buyer who will produce the payment in an honest method. Many dealers utilize various company names when promoting different products or solutions. Sellers have to devote the minimum sum of money when they place a web-based advertisement. They fix a low price for the products they sell as the advertising cost is nominal they have to bear. You will discover that different publications have varied prices or offer various prices for different kinds of advertisements. The very first thing you ought to do is to estimate the worth of your car. When you’ve determined the approximate value of your vehicle, you’re all set to set your ad with your favorite dealer.

Classified Ads for Local Newspapers Features
Because once you’ve placed an ad, it is going to be existing 24 hours each day on the net. Getting your organization ad appear on a standard basis builds name recognition and convinces prospects your company is not a fly-by-night firm. If somebody wants to learn more about the ads concerning real estate buying, selling or renting options, then it ought to be performed easily and with increased relevance. Classified ads are a main supply of consumers for smaller businesses, even in the present digital world. More expensive ads can be bought for television and radio spots but only as long as you’ve got the budget for it. A well-written ad put in the incorrect publication or displayed online to the full country won’t bring in much small business.

For a number of businesses, newspaper advertising is the sole effective print advertising strategy out there. There is another kind of classified advertisement. If you think newspaper advertisement, it’s good to realize that there are various ad prices and tariff plans based on the range of parameters. Compare the ads to learn whether the exact same businesses that were advertising previously are still advertising now. If your ad sounds as if you are offering something too great to be true, most folks will skip right over your ad. Banner ads, email promotions, pay-per-click and several other procedures of on-line network advertising are offered for varying fees.

Discover how simple it is to make a targeted advertising campaign offline utilizing newspaper classified ads. Online classified ads are useful for sellers together with for purchasers. It classified advertising is a promising marketing method that is used by the small and medium-sized ventures as well as large firms. The most famously prosperous ad online which uses the traditional classified ad format is Google. Internet classified is a kind of on-line advertisement. Because the world wide web is the easiest approach to find something and it’s a universal marketplace where buyers can secure the things they require. The web, especially websites including Craigslist or a website that’s specific to your posting subject, will permit the individual posting to reach a lot wider audience.

Different News Release Trends That Every Brand Should Attempt in 2018

In 2018, some press release trends in 2017 will undoubtedly continue to be a useful and effective means to drive sales and website traffic. Some brand-new tactics will indeed additionally be occurring in the method.

Choose the ones that serve your brand name. In this article, I’ll show to you the present patterns that every brand ought to attempt:

Individual Branding

Creating your brand as an ideal leader is one preferred press release fad that you can try. There are various means to do this, which generally include approaches that your brand name can do to gain the count on of your audience.

Posting email newsletters, short articles, blog sites and creating premium instructional video clips are effective ways to foster what you understand. When done consistently, it can develop your brand name as an idea leader, which might offer your brand name an edge over your competitors.

Branding is not merely publishing your logo in every material, yet showing your message and also values that you intend to convey. Personal branding is not only good for your picture; however, it additionally develops your credibility with journalism.

Influencer advertising and marketing.

Influencer marketing is among the best trends in a paid press release distribution service. By dealing with social media sites influencers, that can represent your brand; you can spread your message with their fans.

It will remain to be just one of the current fads in content advertising as an increasing number of brand names are buying this method. It is a cost-effective approach to advertising material since it offers adequate benefits to brands.

Firms need to create and also prepare their project effectively and also chose the ideal influencers. When done right, it can enhance sales, establish brand names as well as produce even more leads.

Paid promo strategies.

Official press releases are not most likely to be out-of-date. When combined with paid promotion methods, such as Google Adwords, Twitter promoted tweets; Facebook advertised posts and LinkedIn funded updates, your web content is sure to be a hit. Web content boosting is a huge trend in material marketing that can aid develop your brand, widen your reach as well as enhance your conversion.

Startups and small businesses can attempt this technique to create several benefits. There are also various online analytics devices where brands can track development.


Are you sharing vital stats with your target audience? Making use of infographics is one beneficial and efficient way to present information in a relaxed and clear means.

Infographics like graphs, tables as well as stats are an eye-catching method to present tales.

Using the approach likewise makes it shareable to social media sites, which helps in producing leads and conversion.

Not just you have the ability to draw in visitors; however, the press additionally likes infographics. This indicates more attention for you.

Right here are essential realities that you need to recognize why you ought to not miss on leveraging with infographics:

  • About 90 percent of the information transferred to the mind is visual.
  • Infographics are 30x a lot more reviewed by target markets than ordinary messages.
  • Infographics are visuals that enhance the visitor’s willingness to check out material by 80 percent.
  • Web content with significant photos has 94 percent views than those without.

Although there’s a declining fad in using this technique, it will undoubtedly continue to be one of the trends in content marketing. Infographics are three times a lot more liked and shared by people in social media than any various other kinds of content. They are also beneficial in lots of methods as they can be repurposed in multiple different types of web content.

Aesthetic Storytelling.

Press reporters, along with the audiences, like visuals. Seeing videos as well as images are extra reliable in advertising and also preserving your brand name message than just plain message. This is why integrating pictures, video clips and slides are among the fads that will continue in 2018.

Visuals are natural as well as a fast way to tell tales with fantastic impact as well as emotion. When visuals are done right, the effects are magnified.

In addition, when feelings are included, involvement with audiences is specific. Aesthetic narration is an advertising and marketing tactic that: aids brands to have a deeper connection with their audiences, assures that your message resonates with audiences, helps catch their attention.

Now, examine your existing news release marketing technique. Have you tried any of these techniques? If not, try to use them one at a time and see which one finest aids you in expanding your company.

Marc Beer: Professional Background and Unmatched Attributes to the Business World

Marc Beer is a graduate of Miami University. He is highly recognized for development and commercialization expertise in diagnostics, device industries, biotechnology as well as pharmaceuticals for more than 25 years. He has been a CEO, chairman, and a co-founder in various companies. Some of the companies he helped found include Renovia. It was launched in 2016 together with the founding partners namely Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie and MD. The firm made an impressive close of Series A financing. It was a top healthcare venture capital funds.


Marc Beer joined Viacell and became its CEO in 2000. This is a biotechnology company that deals particularly with advancement, maintenance and accumulation of umbilical cord blood stem cells. The firm recorded great expansion with above 300 staff members under the entrepreneur’s leadership. Moreover, he is the founding chairman and chairman of several boards and committees. They include the Good Start Genetics Compensation committee. He is also a member of the Business Advisory Council and Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Audit committee.


The global leader is also the founding chairman of Renovia Company. Its mission is to discover and provide unique digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The target population is women with pelvic floor illnesses.


He was also a founding chairman at Minerva Neurosciences. This is a biopharmaceutical firm at a clinical stage. It is aimed at the development of a platform for product clients to alleviate disorders of the central nervous system. It is involved in developing innovative medicinal compounds for disorders such as insomnia and schizophrenia. Moreover, they conduct numerous late-stage clinical trials.


At the biopharmaceutical sector, he was tasked with addressing rare medical conditions on commercial launches. He worked in a biotechnology industry organization and was a member of mass life science in the Commonwealth Massachusetts board.


Most recently in 2019, the company LumeN XT selected Marc Beer to be chairman of the board. This is a privately-owned firm that specializes in the advancement of the proprietary surgical illumination product line. It is focused on minimally invasive surgeries. As a leader, he admits to being working with a team of professionals who have developed the field of surgical illumination. He acknowledges it as a safe procedure in surgery operation. Learn more:


As compared to traditional methods, targeted illumination technology is greatly improved. This is in terms of precision, visualization, and flexibility in the operations. LumeN XT provides a developed illumination platform that utilizes a mechanism with reduced heat. This enhances safety through improved visualization, disposable choices due to low costs, and better surgical precision.


Marc Beer has shown great endeavor in several start-up firms. He has offered guidance in the growth phases. This is owed to his broad experience in creating and launching organizations. In addition, he is renowned for directing new firms via the international commercial pathway of profitability.

IC Systems is Working to Keep Customers’ Information Safe

As more and more companies transact electronically it becomes increasingly important to keep sensitive customer information safe. Collection agencies like IC Systems are duty-bound to maintain security for the companies they work with to recover funds from customers. Security measures are necessary due to cyber threats and other issues.


Compliance with federal regulations that protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands is what IC Systems does daily. This organization actively practices security protocol with databases and other electronic resources. They utilize a third party security specialist to actively monitor systems and audit them. The state-of-the-art collection tools allow representatives to reassure customers that their information is safe. IC Systems follows CFPB and TCPA regulations.


IC Systems is a well-known and trusted collection agency with 70 years experience. They were the first collection agency to change from paper files to computer files, so they have a good grasp on data security. When Ruth and Jack Erickson started the agency in 1938 the basic premise was to be transparent in all their dealings. The same premise holds true today as the company abides by ethical behavior and forthright dealings.


Customers definitely need to feel secure about who they are dealing with when it comes to monetary transactions. Customers also need to trust that their personal information remains private. IC Systems works with a number of clients to ensure that their transactions are handled properly and securely.


The main focus of this accounts receivable company is to ensure data received from both inside and outside the company is not misused. The trust that many companies have in IC Systems is too priceless to let go. It is important to understand that IC Systems follows the letter of the law and has licenses in all fifty states.


Keeping data safe from would-be thieves and making sure companies remain compliant does provide security and profitability. Companies have come to depend on IC Systems for all their collection needs. Their robust Compliance Risk Management System provides companies with an accurate assessment of their current policies and updates in training. This ensures that everyone is compliant.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Has an Innovative Approach

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at first glance might seem like just another hospital that may look no different than any other from an outsider’s view. It is what the CTCA hospitals do that sets them apart. They treat cancer patients, and that is all they do. They specialize in nothing else, and their track record is remarkable.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have facilities located in Philadelphia, Chicago, Tulsa, Phoenix, and Chicago. The concept of treating the whole patient and the family of the patient is paramount in the overall philosophy. Most people are not aware of the difficulty patients, and their families face when one of their members go through cancer treatment.

For example, 80 percent of adult cancer patients deal with the difficult situation of malnutrition, due to difficulties in being able to ear. Seven out of ten adult cancer patients suffer from a chronic fatigue condition. Very few cancer patients who are being treated in institutions receive any kind of spiritual help. Not only are the patients themselves affected, but the families must bear the burden as well, and the financial and emotional stresses can push families to the limit.

In addition to the familiar tradition cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, CTCA utilizes many alternative forms of treatment. These additional treatments are a part of the CTCA Integrated plan where an entire scope of treatment is meant to deal with all of the aspects of dealing with cancer in addition to just treating the disease.

Other methods used include Naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, family counseling, nutritional therapy, spiritual support, pain management, oncology rehabilitation, hormone therapy, hematologic oncology, mind-body medicine, immunotherapy, survivorship support, and many other similar remedies.

When it comes to treating cancer a whole person approach works best, and the proof is in the results that people receive. These results are published and readily available for the general public to see for themselves.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.