Maarten De Jeu in Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu Background 


Strategic advisor to all, and partial to none, Maarten De jeu asserts his position with vigor. He is an inventive force in the business market. He advises clients on how to best enter the real estate market and invest in properties. Some of the goals of home investment are increasing income, pooling investments, and abiding commercial laws. 


The first business De Jeu launched in 2012 was SVM Business Advisory. This company specializes in global strategy solutions and networking. He discovered his love for marketing and business during his studies at the University of Oxford. Most of Maarten’s connections to commercial real estate are global (Asia, Europe, and North America). Before this he worked as a strategy director at an unnamed company.


Let’s not forget his family commitment! According to a popular corporate site, “When de Jeu isn’t working, spending time with his wonderful family, or playing tennis, he is active with various community and business associations.” Charity work is also a part of his routine and he has been recognized for his efforts. 


Commercial Real Estate and Advantages


What is commercial real estate? It is the practice of selling properties for revenue. Some examples of commercial properties include office buildings, warehouses, abandoned centers, and multi housing units one source says. Residential areas are much cheaper to buy and sell. Other investors weren’t able to earn as much. Recent laws have changed how much investors earn. 


2012 saw one of the biggest in real estate investment. The Jumpstart Our Business Act was passed and radically changed how much income investors make. This law made crowdfunding accessible. Newly found businesses benefited from the increased funding support. Further options include collecting interests on secure loans. 


What are some advantages for investing in commercial real estate? Well, commercial real estate has the same perks of share stocks without hedge risks. Essentially, the funds you invest in stocks here have value. Fluctuations in cost are less frequent too. 


Legal Protection


Traditional stocks held over time can be an issue. When the end of the year comes around, the stocks do not always appreciate. This equals in lowered gross income for investors. Policies such as this can damage an investor’s portfolio over time. Avoid this by investing in commercial properties. They have a higher selling rate and can account for inflation rates that would otherwise cut into how much investors accrue. Learn more:


“Unlike many traditional investments, there are potential tax deductions available from a commercial real estate investment property. For example, investors can deduct the amount of depreciation of the property value for each tax year,”one site shares. This means expenses for maintenance and repairs are covered by taxes. 




To learn more about commercial real estate, consult a local advisor near you. Anyone can enter this market so long as they are qualified. More details can be found at Invest today!

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Jack Plotkin and the Advancement of Digital Healthcare

For more than 20 years, Jack Plotkin’s work in healthcare companies has helped him see all of the advancements as the industry evolves. In the past seven years, Jack’s focus on technology has helped him shape the way medical companies interact with customers.

He is an industry-recognized leader and the mind behind many of the best innovations in the healthcare field.

Plotkin attended Harvard University, where he had a minor in computer science that eventually helped him shape his career path. He graduated in 2000. After graduating, he joined a leading investment bank where he advised Fortune 500 companies on financial transactions and strategy. When he worked on Wall Street he built complex computer models.

He eventually embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, working in the digital advertising world as well as online publishing. For the past seven years, he has been the CEO of his own company.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin has a wide range of experience with different industries and companies. He has worked with retail, e-commerce, media, transportation, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and energy. To date, he says his greatest accomplishment is building VirtualHealth from the two desk startup to one of the top 40 growing companies in the United States. The company improved upon healthcare to the millions of the most vulnerable patients in the country.

His main focus is on helping companies build and strategize. Plotkin works with companies that are working with new technologies. He believes health is the biggest contributor to the economy as well as a huge influence on the quality of life of the consumer.

When he is not working, Jack likes to leave Manhattan and explore the outdoors. He is also a published novelist.

Matt Fleeger and the Expansion of Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger is the current CEO, President, and Director of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It’s a company founded in 1970 by his father, and Matt learned the family business from his father after receiving a degree in Business Administration in 1985 from Southern Methodist University.

Although he left the oil and gas industry for a while, this was to learn about mergers, acquisitions, marketing and building partnerships that were mutually beneficial. After his father retired from Gulf Coast Western, Matt Fleeger took over the family business and began to create a plan.

Fleeger has been able to change with the tides, changing strategies to keep his business viable at a time when the oil and gas industry is volatile. Through mutually beneficial mergers and careful acquisitions, he has grown Gulf Coast Western in a strategic manner

Gulf Coast WesternMatt Fleeger also believes in giving back to the community. Gulf Coast Western has made a substantial donation to the Sadie Keller Foundation, which supports cancer research and childhood cancer awareness. As a child who survived leukemia, Sadie Keller is dedicated to helping others struggling with childhood cancer.

The Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas is also a recipient of Fleeger’s philanthropic efforts. The school is dedicated to STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to provide hands-on learning for students.

Through his collaborative efforts, Matt Fleeger has expanded the reach of Gulf Coast Western beyond the local Dallas/Ft. Worth area. With a commitment to transparency, he is clear with his investors of both the benefits and the risks associated with investing in oil and gas exploration efforts.

Matt Fleeger has succeeded at growing Gulf Coast Western and keeping it successful in a competitive industry where others are failing.

Maarten de Jeu advices people to venture into commercial real estate

Making money is a challenging task for all investors. When someone is getting into a new investment, they will always have some fear because of the tough market situation in the world. Earning profits in business gives many people sleepless nights. For the few individuals who want to be safe from losses, getting expert advice is important. In the United States market, there are thousands of finance consultants. These well-trained professionals are capable of advising customers concerning any investment. With the help of a consultant, making profits is an easy job. Maarten de Jeu loves helping his customers to make the right investment decisions. Based in the United States, the consultant has the best qualifications to handle any upcoming investments with the seriousness needed. Maarten de Jeu is among the few Oxford University graduates. With an MBA in finance, Maarten has adequate knowledge to guide customers, regardless of the situation they are facing. In the past, the consultant has played a vital role in assisting companies and high net worth personalities to venture into the corporate section and earn good profits. Maarten de Jeu specializes in corporate consulting, investment advisory, and compliance issues. 

Maarten de Jeu addressed an issue that has been giving American investors sleepless nights. The financial consultant has seen many ordinary investors lose their capital when they make the wrong investments in real estate. Other people fail to earn wealth because they fear to handle commercial real estate businesses. Maarten de Jeu wants American consumers to change their perspective when it comes to commercial real estate. These personalities should start to think of different ways of benefiting from this industry. The new rules governing this industry have made things very easy for modern consumers. It is now easy for a group of people to come together and make a real estate investment together. By raising capital together, these investors can reach major targets, and they can share their huge profits at the end of the day. Commercial real estate, according to Maarten de Jeu, is an area all consumers have to check and handle well. Learn more:

When your customers are choosing to invest in real estate, they are bound to get more benefits compared to the people who are investing in other areas. Commercial real estate investments are better for the people who want a long-term investment. When you build a commercial building, then you can rest assured that you will earn some amount of money every month. Even when you are retiring, your property will still give you some money to keep you going. Real estate investments are the most profitable in the market too. Unlike other departments where investors keep getting worried because of very little profits, this industry will always remain op in the list. Market changes do not affect real estate investments. Stocks and other investments get significantly affect when their value goes down. With properties, however, the price will never change and frustrate the property owners. Commercial real estate is an ideal retirement package for the people who want to live a financially free life.

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Marc Beer Is A Great Entrepreneur With A Passion For Giving Back

Marc Beer knows a lot about working in business and the healthcare world and when he is not busy working in them he is volunteering in them. He has served on many advisory committees and things like that through the years because he believes in giving back to his community. A few of the places he has volunteered at are Notre Dame and the Mass Life Science Board. He has also been giving back in ways that have helped cancer patients and those with issues with the nervous system and much more.

Marc Beer knows a lot about being an entrepreneur because he has been one for a while and has found a lot of success with the businesses that he started. He has a lot of advice for those who want to take the same kind of path as him, and one thing that he believes is most important for the mindset of an entrepreneur is for them to think about winning. They need to focus on that goal even while remaining logical about all that is going on for them. He says that they need to make sacrifices for their careers and that they need to have a financial plan so they can do everything well.

Marc Beer has always been dedicated to his career and trying to win with it, but there was a time when he took a break from it. When his wife passed away and he became a single father, he decided to take a break so he could be there for his children. They encouraged him to get back to work after a while, though, and when he went back he put his all into the company that he created and made one of his best yet. Learn more:

Marc Beer has over two and a half decades of experience. He attended the University of Miami before he got started in his career and he has created many successful startups, including one that is focused on women’s health issues. He raised over $40 million for that startup and is doing much research through it. Marc Beer has a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical world as well as with biotechnology, devices, and diagnostic industries. He spent time serving as the CEO of many of the companies that he founded as well as on the board of several different companies throughout the years of his career.

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Boraie Development Proves A Quality Housing Project Can Succeed In Atlantic City

New Brunswick-based property developer and manager Boraie Development LLC was the first company to build a market-rate apartment complex in Atlantic City in almost five decades. Some “experts” said they were crazy and it wouldn’t work. V.P. Wasseem Boraie was happy that the experts were proven wrong. The units filled up at a much faster pace than was expected. This complex, NoBe (short for North Beach), is in a desirable location and offers enticing amenities. It is located near Atlantic City’s two newest casinos. There are 250 units split between three buildings. Both blue- and white-collar professionals have been attracted to it, in part because it offers an affordable rental amount. Maritza Busch, NoBe’s director of leasing, said that it has restaurant owners, casino workers, plumbers, electricians, doctors, and police officers as tenants.

The neighborhood it is located in is near the new Ocean Casino Resort. Located in what is locally known as Pauline’s Prairie, past attempts at urban revitalization have failed. Boraie Development and other builders have now had success rebuilding this neighborhood. People and city officials are especially excited that a supermarket will soon start doing business in the neighborhood. Wasseem Boraie says he is happy that his company got in early on this opportunity.

Smita Shah: Women empowerment and making it to the top

She’s known as the world’s top woman engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah is always giving tips for females on how to reach industries populated mainly with men. You can discover more about her approach regarding facing professional growth as a woman and how those experiences placed her in a position of influence. 


It’s no secret Shah has been a nerd for a lifetime. She was the one in elementary class who opted to solve hard math equations instead of running to the playground to play. Her intelligence was known to make her classmates cry in envy. As her education took off, Shah used these impressive math abilities within her social circles at events and soon what known for her outstanding skills during “math relays” at her college.


It was 1998 when SPAAN Tech was founded by Shah. Today it’s leading the industry as the most sought out engineering firm throughout the country. The business takes on projects complex in nature and remains growing at a fast pace.


Shah continues working with other businesswomen to help them find the same success within male-dominated jobs. She has worked tirelessly with public policy that shapes the country’s direction. It’s her lifetime goal to assist and steer women entrepreneurs in the right areas when possible. 


A Method of Empowerment by Smita Shah


As Shah states, one’s image of themselves can be the main factor why women are not progressing in the workplace. There’s a lack of role models when it comes to strong women inside the business world. Too many don’t see the success or themselves being strong in their positions. Shah believes the beginning for any female entrepreneur is her self image transition. This occurs when they encounter other successful and driven females who hold power and are making it in business. Learn more:


She doesn’t hold back in mentioning the sad representation of women in the higher elements of the business world. There are challenges women will face that men never experience in their lives. It falls on those women who have found success as entrepreneurs to show that females can become CEOs alongside their male counterparts.


Shah is convinced women are capable of handling positions of power in the business world. She states the facts by sharing statistics of 100 million or more businesses in the world are led by females. Though white males make up a good part of the business environment, these numbers reveal why a female must keep pushing and never fold on their dreams of being an owner of a large company. 


Shah states it’s commitment and skills that can elevate any woman entrepreneur to the top. It is true that females may not succeed just as most men might not either. There is not a specific gender that is placed on talent. If you’re aligned with abilities in a particular field, then as Shah believes, her tips can help anyone reach the success they desire.

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Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western, and Oil Reserve Discussions

Matthew Fleeger isn’t someone who is out of touch with reality in any way, shape or form. He’s, in all honesty, the polar opposite of that kind of person. This Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Chief Executive Officer is truthfully among the most attentive individuals around. He’s also among the most sedulous individuals out there. He has confirmed his devotion to working incessantly throughout the years and decades. He was devoted to excellence years and years ago back when he was a Southern Methodist University pupil. Southern Methodist University is a well-known University Park, Texas school that emphasizes the value of research and beyond. Matthew Fleeger thought about finance while he was there. He thought at-length about marketing methods while he was there, too. Those were two of the subjects that were on his radar back then.

Fleeger describes himself as being the Chief Executive Officer of a huge presence in the United States’ oil and gasoline division. That company is the previously mentioned Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He comprehends gasoline reserves in the United States. He comprehends oil reserves in the country as well. His grasp of oil and gasoline concepts is unsurpassed.

Matthew FleegerThis entrepreneur’s schedule is jam-packed all of the time. He works practically nonstop, first of all. He’s also a man who has an adoration of family that’s basically in a league of its own. His wife makes him feel like anything on the planet is within reach. She never ceases to encourage him to unwind a bit, however. She’s a smart cookie who grasps the strength of kicking back once in a while. Exhaustion is something that concerns her to a great degree.

Rearing kids is a subject that makes Fleeger feel content. He’s an organized businessman who appears to constantly be on the move. That doesn’t ever dissuade him from handling obligations that involve fatherhood, however. He’s always on hand any time his kids have to show up in their classrooms. Once his children are with their teachers and peers, he’s set to tackle any and all work responsibilities that are right in front of him.

“Marc Beer: A Long Prosperous Career “

Marc Beer is a renowned entrepreneur who tallies more than two decades of experience within his development field. During this 20-plus year span, Beer has showcased his business savvy and proven that he possesses all the qualities needed to launch and maintain a successful business. Learn more:

However, before transcending into the successful Chairman that he is today, Beer began taking steps towards his extensive career by deciding to receive post-secondary education at Miami University in 1983. While in attendance at the university, Beer obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business. Following a large array of education within the developments of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, he would soon be promoted to Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme. As VP, it enabled Marc to be an effective promoter for both the company and its products. He made it his obligation to provide aid to underserved citizens who were suffering from rare diseases. After receiving some success in doing so, Beer became more motivated than he was initially. With this ruthless desire and determination, he decided to venture out on his own and launch his organization. Thus came the biotechnological company, ViaCell.

After being founded in 2000, ViaCell became a success. While employing roughly 300 people, the company dedicated themselves to utilizing and preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat conditions within the body. Even though the company was already doing fairly well, it truly emerged after going public in 2005. However, after a relatively short seven years with the company, Marc Beer decided that it was time to part ways with ViaCell. In 2007, the beloved business was sold to PerkinElmer for a total of $300 million. Coming off that large of a money deal, one would think that Beer’s life would be filled with happiness, but unfortunately, this was not the case. Shortly after the selling and departure from his first-ever company, tragedy struck. At only the age of 42, Beer’s wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Though he was devastated, the widowed Marc Beer had to now take on the role of a single parent of his three children. While doing so, something miraculous happened. Roughly 2 years after his wife’s death, Beer’s 14-year-old daughter encouraged her father to “live with purpose”. Luckily, he took her advice. Marc Beer began to resemble his younger ambitious self as he launched another company under the name Renovia. Now sitting on his throne as co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia, Marc Beer has truly exemplified how light can be found even if one is in a dark place.

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OSI Group McDonalds Launches New Partnershp

High demand is what every business wants to experience. Impossible Foods is having this issue right now. It is a good issue to have. But Impossible Foods has a burger that is selling off the shelf. So many of their clients are demanding more burgers. Impossible Foods gladly welcomes the demand. They have just one issue. The company does not have a way to meet demand. They are having a shortage of their Impossible Burgers to be made. They need another place with the right amount of equipment to complete their burger production.

OSI Group knows a thing abut shortage. They have been in the foo production sector long enough to know how quality food will easily sell out. They are ensuring that Impossible Foods will be able to meet the demand of their clients by producing the Impossible Burger in their very own facility. This partnership between OSI Group and Impossible Foods is a lifesaver. The Impossible Burger has grown with popularity and OSI is ready to help them deliver their burger to clients.

McDonalds taught OSI a lot. The burger franchise company taught OSI what it is like to be a supplier and manufacturer. They had worked with the burger franchise company for several decades. When they first began working with the burger franchise company they had to learn the process of manufacturing a quality burger. Little did they know that they would be manufacturing another burger in the future. McDonalds is an obvious successful company. OSI has been able to help them succeed and they are looking to od the very same thing with Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods has eagerly begun producing with OSI Group in the midwestern facilities owned by OSI. Some may wonder why a veteran company like OSI chose to partner with Impossible Foods. The answer is pretty simple. OSI for a while has had a mission to become more sustainable. To become more sustainable the company has had to work to create sustainable measures and diversify their product lineup. Working with Impossible Foods to develop the Impossible Burger allows the company to be more accessible and have a meatless burger added to their lineup of hundreds of food products.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food