Smita Shah: Women empowerment and making it to the top

She’s known as the world’s top woman engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah is always giving tips for females on how to reach industries populated mainly with men. You can discover more about her approach regarding facing professional growth as a woman and how those experiences placed her in a position of influence. 


It’s no secret Shah has been a nerd for a lifetime. She was the one in elementary class who opted to solve hard math equations instead of running to the playground to play. Her intelligence was known to make her classmates cry in envy. As her education took off, Shah used these impressive math abilities within her social circles at events and soon what known for her outstanding skills during “math relays” at her college.


It was 1998 when SPAAN Tech was founded by Shah. Today it’s leading the industry as the most sought out engineering firm throughout the country. The business takes on projects complex in nature and remains growing at a fast pace.


Shah continues working with other businesswomen to help them find the same success within male-dominated jobs. She has worked tirelessly with public policy that shapes the country’s direction. It’s her lifetime goal to assist and steer women entrepreneurs in the right areas when possible. 


A Method of Empowerment by Smita Shah


As Shah states, one’s image of themselves can be the main factor why women are not progressing in the workplace. There’s a lack of role models when it comes to strong women inside the business world. Too many don’t see the success or themselves being strong in their positions. Shah believes the beginning for any female entrepreneur is her self image transition. This occurs when they encounter other successful and driven females who hold power and are making it in business. Learn more:


She doesn’t hold back in mentioning the sad representation of women in the higher elements of the business world. There are challenges women will face that men never experience in their lives. It falls on those women who have found success as entrepreneurs to show that females can become CEOs alongside their male counterparts.


Shah is convinced women are capable of handling positions of power in the business world. She states the facts by sharing statistics of 100 million or more businesses in the world are led by females. Though white males make up a good part of the business environment, these numbers reveal why a female must keep pushing and never fold on their dreams of being an owner of a large company. 


Shah states it’s commitment and skills that can elevate any woman entrepreneur to the top. It is true that females may not succeed just as most men might not either. There is not a specific gender that is placed on talent. If you’re aligned with abilities in a particular field, then as Shah believes, her tips can help anyone reach the success they desire.

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Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western, and Oil Reserve Discussions

Matthew Fleeger isn’t someone who is out of touch with reality in any way, shape or form. He’s, in all honesty, the polar opposite of that kind of person. This Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Chief Executive Officer is truthfully among the most attentive individuals around. He’s also among the most sedulous individuals out there. He has confirmed his devotion to working incessantly throughout the years and decades. He was devoted to excellence years and years ago back when he was a Southern Methodist University pupil. Southern Methodist University is a well-known University Park, Texas school that emphasizes the value of research and beyond. Matthew Fleeger thought about finance while he was there. He thought at-length about marketing methods while he was there, too. Those were two of the subjects that were on his radar back then.

Fleeger describes himself as being the Chief Executive Officer of a huge presence in the United States’ oil and gasoline division. That company is the previously mentioned Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He comprehends gasoline reserves in the United States. He comprehends oil reserves in the country as well. His grasp of oil and gasoline concepts is unsurpassed.

Matthew FleegerThis entrepreneur’s schedule is jam-packed all of the time. He works practically nonstop, first of all. He’s also a man who has an adoration of family that’s basically in a league of its own. His wife makes him feel like anything on the planet is within reach. She never ceases to encourage him to unwind a bit, however. She’s a smart cookie who grasps the strength of kicking back once in a while. Exhaustion is something that concerns her to a great degree.

Rearing kids is a subject that makes Fleeger feel content. He’s an organized businessman who appears to constantly be on the move. That doesn’t ever dissuade him from handling obligations that involve fatherhood, however. He’s always on hand any time his kids have to show up in their classrooms. Once his children are with their teachers and peers, he’s set to tackle any and all work responsibilities that are right in front of him.

“Marc Beer: A Long Prosperous Career “

Marc Beer is a renowned entrepreneur who tallies more than two decades of experience within his development field. During this 20-plus year span, Beer has showcased his business savvy and proven that he possesses all the qualities needed to launch and maintain a successful business. Learn more:

However, before transcending into the successful Chairman that he is today, Beer began taking steps towards his extensive career by deciding to receive post-secondary education at Miami University in 1983. While in attendance at the university, Beer obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business. Following a large array of education within the developments of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, he would soon be promoted to Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme. As VP, it enabled Marc to be an effective promoter for both the company and its products. He made it his obligation to provide aid to underserved citizens who were suffering from rare diseases. After receiving some success in doing so, Beer became more motivated than he was initially. With this ruthless desire and determination, he decided to venture out on his own and launch his organization. Thus came the biotechnological company, ViaCell.

After being founded in 2000, ViaCell became a success. While employing roughly 300 people, the company dedicated themselves to utilizing and preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells to treat conditions within the body. Even though the company was already doing fairly well, it truly emerged after going public in 2005. However, after a relatively short seven years with the company, Marc Beer decided that it was time to part ways with ViaCell. In 2007, the beloved business was sold to PerkinElmer for a total of $300 million. Coming off that large of a money deal, one would think that Beer’s life would be filled with happiness, but unfortunately, this was not the case. Shortly after the selling and departure from his first-ever company, tragedy struck. At only the age of 42, Beer’s wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Though he was devastated, the widowed Marc Beer had to now take on the role of a single parent of his three children. While doing so, something miraculous happened. Roughly 2 years after his wife’s death, Beer’s 14-year-old daughter encouraged her father to “live with purpose”. Luckily, he took her advice. Marc Beer began to resemble his younger ambitious self as he launched another company under the name Renovia. Now sitting on his throne as co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia, Marc Beer has truly exemplified how light can be found even if one is in a dark place.

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OSI Group McDonalds Launches New Partnershp

High demand is what every business wants to experience. Impossible Foods is having this issue right now. It is a good issue to have. But Impossible Foods has a burger that is selling off the shelf. So many of their clients are demanding more burgers. Impossible Foods gladly welcomes the demand. They have just one issue. The company does not have a way to meet demand. They are having a shortage of their Impossible Burgers to be made. They need another place with the right amount of equipment to complete their burger production.

OSI Group knows a thing abut shortage. They have been in the foo production sector long enough to know how quality food will easily sell out. They are ensuring that Impossible Foods will be able to meet the demand of their clients by producing the Impossible Burger in their very own facility. This partnership between OSI Group and Impossible Foods is a lifesaver. The Impossible Burger has grown with popularity and OSI is ready to help them deliver their burger to clients.

McDonalds taught OSI a lot. The burger franchise company taught OSI what it is like to be a supplier and manufacturer. They had worked with the burger franchise company for several decades. When they first began working with the burger franchise company they had to learn the process of manufacturing a quality burger. Little did they know that they would be manufacturing another burger in the future. McDonalds is an obvious successful company. OSI has been able to help them succeed and they are looking to od the very same thing with Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods has eagerly begun producing with OSI Group in the midwestern facilities owned by OSI. Some may wonder why a veteran company like OSI chose to partner with Impossible Foods. The answer is pretty simple. OSI for a while has had a mission to become more sustainable. To become more sustainable the company has had to work to create sustainable measures and diversify their product lineup. Working with Impossible Foods to develop the Impossible Burger allows the company to be more accessible and have a meatless burger added to their lineup of hundreds of food products.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Sergey Petrossov: The Successful Entrepreneur

Sergey PetrossovIn the world of entrepreneurs, Sergey Petrossov is definitely a leader in the travel and leisure industry. In fact, he founded JetSmarter in 2012 which earned him the Forbes title one of the “30 Under 30” business leaders of 2016. JetSmarter is the Uber of private jet travel. The JetSmarter is basically a mobile platform for private jet booking, making private air travel more convenient and accessible to all travelers

However, his ingenuity did not start with JetSmarter; in high school, Mr. Petrossov launched his first business that was comprised of a tire rim import and export company for luxury cars. In college, he co-founded LiveChat, a professional chat service that combined video and audio features for enriched customer support. Sergey Petrossov’s second business adventure was S21 later known as Federal System of Distance Education. S21 offered a cloud-based learning platform for schools and universities. Originally it was intended for Eastern Europe but it was installed in various higher education institutions in Russia.

The Great Success of JetSmarter

In 2015, the JetSmarter business had around 50 employees. However, in 2016 the Fort Lauderdale Company raised around $105 million from new and existing investors. Some of the biggest investors include rapper Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and the Saudi royal family. As well, investors value JetSmarter at $1.5 billion. In venture-capital it makes it a “unicorn” company worth over $1 billion.

Today the company has more than 260 employees. Countries that are serviced include the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Other countries that will soon have JetSmarter service are China, South America, and India. The main office is in Fort Lauderdale with other offices in Saudi Arabia, London, Moscow, Zurich, and Dubai

Future Plans

From a brand perspective, Sergey Petrossov states that he would like to be seen as an overarching brand and lifestyle community. He also wants to be sure that the other two stakes of his business are brought to the forefront – predictive hospitality (hotels) and social network.

Why Randal Nardone is a Successful Professional

Fortress Investment Group enjoys success in the global market because of the creative minds that formed it. The creative leaders have the ability to make complicated decisions concerning the global company, ensuring that it stays away from trouble. The tremendous growth in the company, especially in the recent years, shows that the financial services company has the best leaders. Randal Nardone is currently leading the organization in the role of chief executive officer. Before getting the respected role, the lawyer served as partner and interim CEO for more than two years. While overseeing the company operations, the attorney has made tremendous change in the industry. The company has invested in real estate, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure.

The impressive story of the influential leader began when he went to law school to study the career of his dreams. After getting his degree, Randal Nardone got working opportunities in several law firms. Although he was practicing law and making a living, the entrepreneur wanted a more challenging career. In 1998, the lawyer joined two other professionals to establish Fortress Investment Group. With his guidance in legal matters, the company took off well, expanding into the global market. When the former CEO left his role, the other partners chose to assign Randal Nardone the prestigious role of CEO. According to them, Nardone had leadership qualities, and he understood the customers who came into the firm.

More than five years after getting the role of CEO, Randal Nardone is a content professional. His career has not only been profitable, but it has given him enough opportunities to highlight his expertise. Last year, the business leader made a great deal that landed his company billions of dollars. Nardone led the other partners to close a contract with a giant in the finance industry, helping the company to diversity in its operations. The lawyer announced that Softbank had purchased shares in Fortress Investment Group in a transaction that took many months to complete. The stakeholders in the company welcomed the idea, and most of them are looking forward to better and more significant achievements from the global company. The lawyer chairs several boards when he is not working in Fortress.

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Maarten De Jeu Advices Young Entrepreneurs

The name Maarten De Jeu is common when talking about global investors. Serving as SVM Business Advisory’s Managing Director, Maarten spearheads the company’s vision of taking over the global investment market. The company has well-structured business networks in Asia, North America, and Europe. SVM mainly invests in real estate and finance-related sectors. With visionary leaders like Maarten De Jeu on board, it is no surprise that the company is always achieving great things. 

Maarten has worked hard over the years to get to where he is today. Maarten De Jeu joined the Leiden University in 1997 to study Public Administration. He graduated with an MA in 2001. Maarten did not top there. He went ahead and joined the Said Business School and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in 2005. Maarten always dreamt about taking over the investment industry in all nations of the world. Therefore, while in school, Maarten made sure that he mastered numerous languages and took up multiple business units in his course. All of this was meant to prepare him for his future endeavors. Before landing a job at SVM, Maarten De Jeu worked with numerous companies in different parts of the world. He once worked in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

With an impressive record of accomplishment, tremendous results and unmatched skills come the responsibility to help others coming after you in the industry. Maarten has taken up the task whole-heartedly and adequately offered advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the main things that Maarten De Jeu talks about is the ability to remain flexible. Flexibility, in this case, means being able to accept change and adapt appropriately so as not to be left behind. Maarten De Jeu says that a business owner must be able to adapt to whatever comes his/her way. Adapting also entails having flexible business plans, product designs, and marketing strategies. Maarten De Jeu says that adapting to the trends in the market plays a critical role in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. Learn more:

Many people would love to take control of the international market and establish their presence in different countries. Most of them do not know is that this requires a lot of time and resources. According to Maarten, entrepreneurs seeking to invest overseas should find funding to assist them. One of the ways to fundraise is by inviting investors to raise the money and resources that will facilitate the firm’s expansion into other countries. According to Mr. Maarten De Jeu, going global provides a profitable and enjoyable business venture. However, this only comes when the right combination of money, time, resources, local market awareness, dedication is brought together to create a masterpiece. The result of all of this can help your firm realize the full benefits of globalization because growth and expansion brings a significant increase in the revenue generated by a company.

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Paul Sanders Can Help You Fund Your Business

Paul Saunders has earned the right to be able to give sound advice to new entrepreneurs who are seeking funding. Saunders founded and currently acts as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital Corporation. The company has been in operation for over 20 years. He and his business partner acquired Kidder, Peabody, and Co. where Saunders previously worked as the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds.

Funding is usually one of the biggest hurdles in starting a business. “Bootstrapping” means funding everything yourself. This includes raising and/or borrowing from people you know personally. It also makes potential lenders think that if people who know you believe in your business, then it shows that you have great potential to have a successful business. This is often the first option for many.

Obtaining local loans may be reasonable for small companies. Colleges or your Chamber of Commerce have resources on companies in your community that may be more likely to lend money than bigger banks. Other business loans could come from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which are also easier to qualify for than traditional bank loans. Opening a business line of credit allows you to pay interest on the money you used only. After the money you used is paid back, then that money is again available.

Crowdfunding is using platforms such as Kickstarter to solicit funds from the general public. People can just give money or receive something tangible in return. Social media is a great place to promote this method. Taking advantage of technology is a must.

Angel investors are those who are just looking to invest in up and coming companies. These funds are risky to the investors and the amount is usually minimal, but they do want equity in the company or convertible debt. Unlike angel investors, venture capitalists expect a return of three to ten times of their investment in the span of five to seven years.

Trading equity means exchanging stock in your company with investors. The downside to this is that you are giving up some ownership of your company. That, in turn, means you cannot make the decisions you would like to own your own. As shown here, there are many ways to fund your company, you just have to find the one or ones that work for you.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corporation an independent investment firm. The firm specializes in asset-backed securities, corporate credit, equity strategies, and other related services. Saunders focuses not so much on competition but believes everyone should be successful which is why he relishes in giving tips he has learned to others. Learn more:

Sergey Petrossov, Founder of JetSmarter, Makes Booking A Private Jet Easy

Sergey Petrossov

The whole experience of boarding and flying tends to stress most out! The waiting lines are long, the check-in and check-out process seems unnecessary, and personal space no longer exists. After experiencing airline ‘trauma,’ one may want to fly a private jet for more privacy. Not everyone can afford to fly privately though. However, for those who can, riding solo never looked so wonderful.

What Is JetSmarter?

JetSmarter is a company, and app, that provides a private air travel experience easier and more cheaply than other companies. Sergey Petrossov started his company in 2013 and it is only expanding. The founder wanted to make private jet traveling an easier experience. As revealed in his Linkedin profile, “Online booking, total transparency, convenient pricing, instant service, and mass accessibility is the future of private aviation.” He provides affordable prices and luxury simultaneously.

This entrepreneur’s company reigns as the biggest private aviation company “with access to over 1500 aircraft.” The membership fee is 15,000 a year, the organization has 14,000 members, 670,000 subscribers, and can travel to more than 170 locations. JetSmarter continues to grow and gain notoriety.

Sergey’s Drive to Start JetSmarter

In 2009, Sergey Petrossov traveled on a private jet and his booking experience was not enjoyable. It was not easily accessible, affordable, or time-efficient. Therefore, he decided to start his own company that meets those demands. Not surprisingly. his drive and innovative abilities paid off. Sergey Petrossov is reaping the rewards of his hard work because JetSmarter is a multi-million dollar company as of 2019.

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Smita Shah: Breaking stereotypes

Smita Shah is a leading entrepreneur and a successful engineer. She has been working to empower women in order to see them and their businesses prosper. She has been a hard worker since her early years of life. After completing her studies from Northwestern University, MIT and Oxford University she founded SPAAN Tech Inc. which is an engineering firm that is known to take up challenging projects. Other than being a hard worker herself she has made it a goal to help other women be as competitive as men in all fields of life. She has been empowering women and gives tips for empowerment in the workplace. She is currently the president and CEO of her company and is a professional engineer. 

According to her being a successful entrepreneur is not dependent on anyone’s gender. Talent according to her is genderless and therefore men and women hold an equal chance of success and failure in business. She gives 10 tips which must be followed by everyone to attain success. These tips include believing in yourself, examining your own skills, being presentable, being in the spotlight for your own achievements, focusing on short term goals, breaking stereotypes, managing time, making others respect you, maintaining a work-life balance and last but not the least taking cultural factors into account. 

Believing in one’s own abilities is very important. Failures are a part of life and therefore should not be taken too seriously. Every experience has something to teach and the greater the experience you have the better you can use it to deal with everything more smartly. Examining your own skills is also pertinent to achieving success. One should always talk to oneself to find out what the inner voice has to say. Forming the right image is also very important. She places a huge emphasis on how everyone especially women should be dressed formally when meeting their clients. They should always adopt a professional way of dealing with everything. When meeting new clients both men and women should have a good posture and body language. Learn more:

Another very important thing is to not let other people take credit for your achievements. Women should by no means comply with stereotypes built by societies. The only barriers women have are the ones within themselves. Once those are overcome anyone can achieve anything. She also believes that the reason why women may not feel equal to men is a lack of women representation. She believes that there is hardly any representation of women in business and therefore other women are unable to get inspired. Managing time and focusing on short term goals helps manage work and maintains a healthy work-life balance enabling a reduction in stress levels.

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