Perry Mandera Gives back to Chicago

In 1975 a teenage Perry Mandera dropped out of high school and joined the Marines. He worked in logistics, helping coordinate transportation of troops and supplies. He left the Marines at the age of 25 with an honorable discharge and immediately began designing his own freight company, The Custom Companies, Inc. With his experience in transportation from his time serving his country he was able to lead The Custom Companies, Inc. into a prosperous position. The Custom Companies, Inc. ship internationally through its carious divisions, each specializing in a different area to better service their customers. With an annual revenue stream in excess of $200 million, The Custom Companies, Inc. can be said to be successful, leaving Perry Mandera a wealthy man.

Mandera has a strong belief system rooted in his Catholic faith and the values of teamwork and partnership he learned in the Marines. In addition to the values of teamwork and hard work, Mandera has brought a strong sense of charitable giving to the corporate culture. As Mandera is a philanthropist and charity organizer, he was led by example in instilling that value into his employees and his companies’ culture. The Custom Companies, Inc. even has its own charitable wing, Custom Cares Charities.

Custom Cares Charities deals with causes such as disaster relief and disability care. As for Perry Mandera, they not only help support the disabled, but also those who act as caretakers for the disabled. These caretakers are often relatives of the disabled person and often find themselves in need of additional help.

Perry Mandera is also active in other causes, many focused on his home town of Chicago. He donates to many crime prevention charities as well as veterans groups and law enforcement. One of Mandera’s causes is the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, an organization that focuses on helping homeless youth in the Chicago area. It was founded in 1889 and is still a major source of assistance in the city for homeless youth thanks to the volunteers who work there and to donors who help keep the group operating in Chicago.

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Creepy Curiosity


People are curious creatures in general; they like to learn, to know and explore. The internet contains lots of information to satisfy any appetite for knowledge from the light hearted and simple to the dark and complex. Sometimes, people’s minds are fixed on the macabre as they ask themselves certain questions. A couple of these issues include those such as what happens to your body when you freeze to death and scary texts from crazy ex girlfriends.


What Happens to Your Body When You Freeze to Death? This question about death by freezing is a scientific and scary one. It does involve a slow, horrible death that no living being should have to go through. The body, as hard as it tries, attempts to protect itself from the cold. However, exposure to cold temperatures for too long, a person will eventually meet their demise. Freezing to death has 15 stages. 1. Blood flow in the capillaries constrict. 2. Heart and respiratory rates accelerate. 3. Shivering starts. 4. Lost color in the complexion 5. Due to increased blood flow, the body produces more urine. 6. The cold get to the muscles making it difficult to move. 7. Due to the drop of body temperature certain enzymes in the brain become inefficient therefore causing confusion. 8. Due to frostbite, extremities, such as toes and fingers, turn blue or black. 9. Heart and respiratory rate slow down. 10. The heart pumps less and that leads to less oxygen to the brain and therefore, leads to hallucinations.11. The victim gets amnesia from the cold weather. 12. They may undress 13. Survival instinct sets in and may cause burrowing in the victim. 14. The victim loses consciousness. The last stage to freezing to death is number 15. The organs shut down.

The same icy feeling you might describe after getting crazy text messages from somebody you know.

Break ups are never easy and making someone infuriated at you during a break up makes things even more challenging. Even though a lot of these kinds of texts are not scary at all, one may never know when the ex girlfriend or boyfriend gets somehow pushed over the edge. Some of these texts may include the following.

“You can block me.”

“I won’t stop texting you.”

“And I will keep going unless you block me, don’t worry, I have no shame.”

“At least dad loves me.”

“I’ll kill you.”