Transport Experts Led By Mike Heiligensten Discuss Modalities to Ease Congestion in Texas

The traffic challenge that has been the bane for Williamson County for many years could soon be history after a meeting of city and transport experts proposed several solutions. According to an excerpt appearing on, the meeting brought together Mike Heiligensten, the Regional Mobility Authority Executive, Leandre Johns, the Texas Affairs Director of Uber Technologies and Jared Fickin a transportation product designer at ArgoDesign. Joseph Kosper, the founder of RideScout LLC was also in attendance.


The discussions centered on developing transportation modalities that co-opt suburban communities and the role of technology in easing transport in Austin and around the world. Heiligensten vouched for construction of new, smarter roads. Although Williamson County has done a lot to restructure its transportation system in the recent past, population growth continues to add pressure on existing infrastructure. He acknowledges that advances such as the development of driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps could be exploited further. Heiligensten envisages a future that will see 12 lane of traffic on State Highway 290 and US Highway 183 in Austin.


In response to a question asked by Alan McGraw, the Round Rock Mayor and panel moderator, Mr. Jared Fickin expressed the need for having flexibility in land and building codes. The changes should accommodate amenities such as vehicle service bays, charging stations and changes in the car parking garage design. The other changes expected is adapting to a future of driverless vehicles and other autonomous vehicles. Leandre Johns, on his part said that commuters in Austin needed a lasting solution that would get them onto and off the transit corridors. The meeting was held at the Sheraton, Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center.


About Mike Heiligensten and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligensten is the current Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. According to, Mike also serves as the President of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and serves on the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation. Since joining Mobility Authority, Mike has overseen several projects, including development of 183A in Williamson County.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility was created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in Travis and Williamson Counties. According to an excerpt published on Mobility Authority website, the independent government agency’s mission is to develop and implement innovative, multi-modal transportation solutions to reduce road congestion. The solutions are also aimed at increasing economic activity, enhancing the quality of life and increasing transportation choices.

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