Jason Hope’s Focus On Philanthropy

There is nothing that is so heart touching than benefiting from the proceeds of philanthropy. Many people have come out to support the well being of the people by spending their time and money directly or indirectly. Jason Hope is one person who has strived in his life to focus on philanthropy. He is so passionate to assist the people to lead better lives by working with several organizations that offer philanthropic services, especially in Arizona society. He anticipates equipping these organizations with enough resources and influence to improve the quality of people’s life.

Jason Hope currently funds some programs and research in the SENS foundation, which is a non-profit organization in Arizona that researches to find solutions to aging. The organization started in 2009, intending to promote various anti-aging technologies that can prevent anti-aging diseases and conditions. It works around the clock to ensure that every person who has these diseases or conditions quickly access the possible remedies to them.

In the way of uplifting the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope gave them 500, 000 US Dollars, which they used to develop more new anti-aging technologies mostly on the older people. Aubrey de Grey, who is the Foundation’s CSO, said that they used part of the donation to research successfully on Arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a condition also called the hardening of the arteries. It develops when the arteries become less elastic and flexible hence reducing the supply of blood to the body tissues. Researchers from SENS established that this condition leads to high blood pressure then diabetes, long-sightedness, and physical skin aging.

Hope hails the Foundation because they use such distinct approaches to face anti-aging. He highlights that some of the anti-aging diseases affect the functioning of the body, and they should be prevented: though some traditional medicines heal them. He yearns to support millions of scientific research organizations that are innovative, especially form the US.

Some of the foundations that the philanthropist has supported are Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Desert Mountain States Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America Phoenix, Family Health International, The Agassi Foundation, among others.

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Jason Hope and the Future of Technological Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and futurist from Scottsdale Arizona, who has continued to harness his love for technology into new businesses and projects. With a degree in finance which he obtained from Arizona State University and a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason launched set himself up for success and has never stopped pushing himself as an entrepreneur.

A Compelling Tech Based Philanthropy

Jason Hope personally feels that he must help others through the use of his assets and businesses. His philanthropy is focused on helping communities based in Arizona grow and become successful. It is through his work with organizations that Hope achieves success with his philanthropy. Utilizing the mindset of giving back to help spread his found success, he benefits the lives of a large amount of people in Arizona.

Jason Hope utilizes technology to aid his philanthropy. Through his successful businesses, Jason Hope develops mobile applications and programs that seek to help individuals with their everyday life tasks while also raising money for his many loved philanthropic projects. This two-fold system feeds back and forth helping to support both goals.

Operating as a Futurist

As a futurist, Jason hope always stays on top of trends before they happen. Through investments, Hope has been able to fund and support many innovative projects and businesses to develop cutting-edge technology. Many of Hope’s ideas can be found in his writings on the Internet of Things. One of his most current ongoing discussions is in regard to the “hype” generated by new IoT technologies, and whether or not they can find proper success that is equivalent to the hype being generated. Hope’s concern over the security of IoT devices remains evident throughout his writings. Hope continues to push to educate others about IoT risks and help stop devices from losing control and causing danger to users.

Future Success and Philanthropy

Jason Hope is dedicated to the future of politics and health science. his focus on technology proceeds to drive his efforts to successfully continue a discussion of how businesses can better serve the people rather than just themselves. Currently interested and invested in the mobile technology sector Jason Hope’s use of applications, and technology aim to find success in newly developed products.

Jason Hope is an example of how entrepreneurs can work both for themselves and for the communities they support. By bridging the gap between technology and his philanthropy, he continues to find new ways to raise funds for Arizona communities in need and projects that help people globally. His efforts continue to be shining examples for young entrepreneurs looking forward to making a name for themselves. Through his work, he continues to try to encourage communities to work together with technology to support the future of philanthropy.

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