Marc Sparks Achievements

According to Wikipedia, Marc Sparks is a respected serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist. At the moment, he lives in Texas, and he also operates several companies in the area. Sparks is the founder and chief executive of Timber Creek Capital.

Marc has been in the business industry for a long time, acquiring a lot of expertise and experience. Most of the ventures he has been involved in have turned out to be very successful because of his expertise. The entrepreneur has invested heavily in the telecommunication industry, real estate, and venture investing.

The successful businessman has a kind heart for humankind. He uses some of his wealth to support philanthropic efforts in Dallas and its environs. He is known for constructing homes and special shelters for the less fortunate individuals in the society. Sparks says that he finds it rewarding and worth giving back to the Dallas community because he is part of it. His determination and strong believe is what keeps him going over the years.

The successful businessman is a respected publisher who has written several books.  His publishing has proved that everyone can be successful regardless of their background, barriers and obstacles. His own story also encourages many.

One of the latest endeavors from Marc Sparks is a program known as Spark Tank Initiative. All interested entrepreneurs send their applications to the special panel for considerations.

These experts have been in the industry for a long time, and they offer the new businessmen the tips they need to prosper. The main aim of the Spank Tank Program is to increase the success rate of the upcoming entrepreneurs.

When starting any type of company, capital is one of the most important things. Most of the modern businessmen face challenges when looking for capital, and this hinders their growth. Most of these individuals have brilliant ideas, but they cannot be brought to reality because of inadequate capital.

Marc Sparks and his partners in the organization work hard to provide funds to these professionals. If the application send by an entrepreneur impresses Marc Sparks, then they are able to access funds for their business. The money is provided at low-interest rates, and it is paid when the company has become profitable.