The Life of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has accomplished many amazing things in his life. These things did not happen by accident. They are all the product of hard work. Brad grew up in southern California. He was not sure what he wanted to do for a living.

He studied hard in school and got very good grades. He met with a career counselor while he was in high school. According to Crunchbase, the counselor suggested that Brad Reifler might do well to pursue a career in finance because he was very good with numbers. It turns out that this was very good advice. Brad went to Bowdoin College and enjoyed his time there.

Brad loved his college years and has many great memories of the experiences he had during that time in his life. Brad got the idea to go into business for himself. He felt like this was the most logical step. He believed that he had the leadership skills necessary to run his own money management firm.

Therefore, there was no need for him to seek employment at another company. He took out a loan in order to help get his new company off the ground. He bought some advertising on local TV and radio. The Reifler Trading Corporation had officially been born.

Derivative execution on a global scale was the primary specialty of the Reifler Trading Corporation. Brad Reifler eventually decided to sell the company he started when Refco made him an offer he could not refuse in 2000. However, that was not the only company that Brad would start. He also founded Reifler Capital Management.

This was yet another successful venture that helped to solidify Brad’s standing in the financial world. There was seemingly nothing he could not do. Many of the world’s top investors were seeking Brad out so they could do business with him.

Brad Reifler received the greatest amount of acclaim for the job he did as the CEO of two very big and powerful investment companies. Pali Capital and Forefront Capital were led by Brad. He guided them through very tough times and help them overcome down periods in the market.