Stansberry Research: Where to go For World Investment Advice

According to Stansberry Digest, there is a major change taking place in Japan that is going to affect financial stocks. In November of 2016, Japan was worrying about the fact that they were suffering from deflation. A stimulus program was put in place to prevent this, and Dr. Steve Sjuggerud predicted that Japanese stocks were going to be on the rise. Here we are, about 2 years later, and Haruhiko Kuroda, the Bank of Japan Governor, is stating that they may end the stimulus package in 2019 because prices are reaching around 2%. While it may seem like it is time to pull out of Japanese stocks, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud says not to. The Bank of Japan has not yet made a commitment as to whether they will end the stimulus or not, and until that decision is made Japanese stocks are still a solid investment.


Stansberry Digest is put out by Stansberry research, who specializes in investment research. They publish data and newsletters written by a myriad of different experts, giving their readers solid information and different viewpoints to make decisions off of. Stansberry Research’s founder, Frank Porter Stansberry, is also well known for his insightful opinion articles. Stanberry Research also gives updates on copper, the dollar, gold, oil, as well as stock market sectors.


Stansberry Research was founded in 1999. While its home base is in Baltimore, Maryland, it has offices in Oregon, California, and Florida. Stansberry Digest is known for hitting on important topics to investors such as oil, power, mining, natural resources, biotechnology, healthcare, corporate bonds, and even covers alternative investments. Investors from over 100 countries use Stanberry Research for their investment information. This wide breadth of usage is unsurprising since Stanberry Research ensures they cover investment issues from around the world. If one invests, they must read the information provided by Stansberry Research.