Jingdong’s success in the poultry field

Jingdong, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China has in the past been involved in eradicating poverty among families. While most firms are involved in feeding poverty-stricken families, JD.com has been engaged in providing an income for their skills. The initiative involves rearing chicken over a 27-hectare farm, where inhabitants are involved in maintaining the farm by cultivating crops, fruits, and vegetables. The” running chicken” project is established in Hebei province, Wuyi County – considered the most impoverished region in China.

While the project is involved in giving people an interest-free loan, its greatest success has been in hiring over 500 families to run the farm. Usually, the project involves the hiring of professional breeders to act as leaders while also taking care of the technical details involved in rearing the birds. The local farmers are then employed on a part-time basis to offer skills in tending for the farm.

This project has been a success such that sales have doubled within the first two years. The” running chicken” initiative has seen it overshadow other chicken sellers due to their more healthy chicken. To ensure quality, JD.com has fitted each chicken with a pedometer which collects a chicken’s biodata that is later analyzed and provided to the buyer. The concept of a pedometer was arrived at to provide healthy products.

Additionally, it was also meant to check whether each chicken had taken over one million steps during rearing process. Once packaged, a buyer can trace it back to the farm while also reviewing all its details such as feeding patterns and sourcing. This can be achieved through running the QR code against your phone.

Following its success, JD.com has expanded to accommodate other philanthropic ideas. The “swimming duck” is one of those projects and it is run in Jiangsu province. Another initiative is the “flying pigeon” which was initiated in Hebei province.

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Alex Hern Discusses His Success

Alex Hern has been in the business world for over 25 years. Hern’s accomplishments include working on technology that enabled search engines, like MSN, Yahoo, and AOL, to function. He was also the Director of Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO. This company is now known as ModusLink Global Solutions. Hern also created Military Commercial Technologies, where he also served as CEO and Chairman. Alex Hern previously worked for Zero Knowledge Systems, a security and encryption company, serving on the board. One of the most recent companies created by Alex Hern is Tsunami.

Sitting down with Ideamensch, Alex Hern talked about Tsunami, his business schedule, and how he spends his time.

The first question that Hern was asked was about the origin of Tsunami. Hern explained that when he realized the world was transitioning from a CPU-driven computer to GPU-driven computers, he knew there would need to be new innovation. Tsunami wishes you bring new possibilities to the digital world by utilizing new graphic processing technology.

Alex Hern said he spends at least 4 hours a day concentrating on moving the company forward. He says that people make the mistake of multitasking too often, and this makes their productivity less effective.

Hern says he brings his ideas to life by spending long hours at night awake. He likes to stay focused, always thinking about ways to move technology forward.

When asked about a trend that excites him, Hern said artificial and machine learning was important to him. He also mentioned cloud-based computer.

Alex Hern attributes Hern’s success to focus. “Staying focused on your goals is extremely important and surprisingly difficult,” Hern said.

If Hern had some advice for his younger self, he said that he would remind himself that life is a marathon and not a sprint.