Securus Technologies Developing Innovative and Cutting Edge Products for Prison Facilities

The drone technology has been growing at a fast pace, and for many different sectors, it is a boon. But, problems arise when the drone technology is being misused and creating security threats for the law enforcement agencies. Since drones are becoming more sophisticated and less costly, they are widely used by criminals to smuggle illegal materials inside the prisons without being caught. Even though it’s a federal crime to fly drones near high-security areas such as airports and prisons, criminals defy the rules to ensure that their partners and associate inside the prison have control inside the prison that allows them to enjoy specific benefits which others do not get.


Inmates pay outsiders to smuggle in cell phones, drugs or even weapons inside the prison for them to use using drones. The most prominent benefit that the criminals have with these drones is that they do not have to be in the vicinity of the prison to control the drones. They can be several kilometers away and still can control the drones easily.


Thus, it is up to the technology companies such as Securus Technologies to take matters into their own hands and develop systems that would allow the prison officials to put a stop to smuggling via drones. The amount of contraband found in the prisons has been increasing with the every passing day, and drones have played a significant role in this rise. The drones are small and are easily able to drop small packages in the prison compound without getting noticed, and it is what has helped inmates to get drugs, contraband phones, illegal medicines, and even weapons inside the prison facilities using drones. If the inmates are easily able to get the contraband inside the prison and the correctional officers can’t stop it, things would get worse inside the prison. The lives of many inmates and officers will be in danger if weapons continue to flow freely inside the prison. Many of the officers and inmates have lost lives due to the contraband supply, and the count of lives lost continues to increase due to the supply of weapons happening through drones.


Securus Technologies has recently introduced the drone detection technology, which is currently in its infancy stage. The company’s CEO, Rick Smith, believes that this and many other technologies offered by the company would help revolutionize the correctional sector and contribute tremendously to making the corrections space much safer and more secure. He also talked highly about the company’s commitment towards its customers, and to back his claim of excellent customer service, Securus Technologies won Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service in 2018 in three categories, which exemplifies the emphasis the company lays on customer service.



Securus Technologies: Security For Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is a company that has redefined the prison communications scene in the country. The company is operational in numerous locations throughout America and Canada as well. Securus Technologies believes in offering some of the top-tier services to the prisons that they work in to improve their profits and do what they do best. The company is known for being one of the most used communications providers in the entire country in the prison segment and offers some of the widest range of voice and video communication systems. The prisoners are allowed to use these services provided that they abide by the regulations of the incarceration facilities. The family and friends of the people on the inside, in these confinement facilities, are allowed to send a certain amount of money every month to the account of the individual who wants to call them. This account allows them to operate the phones and other communication services with ease and without any hurdles along the way.


With an operation like Securus Technologies, there is a lot of scope for something to go wrong. The organization believes that they also need to do their bit to protect the people living in society through their systems. All of the calls that go through Securus Technologies are scanned and recorded so that they can be submitted to the official authorities. These files have been used at trials and proceedings in the past, which is why they are considered to be some of the best services that a company like this can provide. With communication available, there is a lot of wrongdoings that can go on, which is why the compulsion to do so is imminent in society.


Securus Technologies has worked hard to become one of the leading communications providers in the entire country and continues to strive and hold up their incredible position in this industry.



Securus Technologies Serving Its Customers Well

The correctional facilities have been relying on the technology solutions being offered by Securus Technologies for more than a decade now. Hence it is a leader in providing calling facilities to jails and prisons all across the US. It is the vendor of choice for all of them. This is because it is committed to making the incarceration environment safer. This way their customers are happy as Securus Technologies is progressively helping them in improving public safety in their jurisdiction.

It is the vision of Securus Technologies that impresses all. Their current assessment helps to provide the customers what they need. Besides, they are developing emerging capabilities. This way they are helping the customers in their investigations that will improve upon jail security. The investigative tools along with enhanced capabilities aid the investigative mindset of the jail authorities.

Securus Technologies is able to provide reporting data to the jail and prison authorities. This allows them to provide proactive measures that would aid in monitoring any incidences of contraband in their facilities. In this way, the facilities are becoming safer for all.

The investigative tools being provided by Securus Technologies allow staff to initiate investigations in the case of any complaints of harassment or threats that may impact the security of the correctional facility out or even the community.

There are many instances in which the call data has given information about past cases. In this way, many cases have been solved. This can be due to information being exchanged about shots being fired in a recent shootout case. Or else it can be about any drugs being supplied and so on. In fact, this has also helped in preventing many crimes from taking place. All this is helping to keep the public safe. The covert alert feature is being used by many to track suspects and arrest them.


Securus Customer Reach Out for Opinions Is Noble

Criminal justice will always be part of the society. This means that we will always be looking for ways to do investigations, apprehend criminals and most importantly take care of them once they land in our correctional facilities. Securus Technology, a leader in criminal justice technology seems to understand this perfectly.


This was manifested in a recent effort where the company reached out to its customers, and even competitor clients, in search for suggestions or ideas that could make its solutions better. In my opinion, this noble and mature gesture supersedes competition and is a perfect way to gather actual user data without running an expensive requirement analysis campaign.


The fact that most of the companies are beginning their comment with a thank you note means that Securus is already doing a great job. However, the following suggestions are a true testimony to the fact that no single developer can cover all market specific complications no matter how well they know the market.


Securus has been providing public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies with technological solutions for a while now. Even though it has over 3,450 facilities and up to 1,200,000 inmates under its care, the company still admits that it needs help to create the perfect solutions and roll out updates that patch any loopholes in existing solutions.


This is what great software and hardware solution designers are made of. I feel safer walking around knowing that companies like Securus Technologies takes the time to welcome comments on its or competitor systems from people who use them.


Securus solutions focus on emergency response, public information, in mate communication, self service, biometric analysis and information management systems geared towards analyzing, arresting and prosecuting offenders while ensuring that inmates serving their sentences stay safe and well behaved while behind the bars.


Securus Technologies Takes The Time To Defend Itself Against Press Release Claims

There are many companies that face situations where other companies make claims that are unfair. The claims that are made do not represent the situation and are stated in a manner that makes the other company look like the victim in the situation. When companies are placed in this situation, there are a variety of ways that the companies can manage the situation. Usually most companies will defend against what was stated. However, companies must be aggressive in the defense against negative statements, especially if the statements are made in public.


One of the most difficult things that a company must do is to defend itself against public statements. There should be careful consideration regarding what will be done in response to negative statements made by another company. If handled incorrectly, a company can make the situation worst. Recently Securus Technologies found itself in a situation where GTL made claims against Securus Technologies in a press release. The claims concerned a disagreement between the two companies involving technology patent rights.


The way that Securus Technologies approached the situation was by sending out its own press release that provided answers to every claim made by GTL. The Securus Technologies press release focused on each claim made by GTL individuality. An in-depth response was provided for each claim that included why Securus Technologies felt the claim lacked merit.


I think that Securus Technologies did an awesome job in responding to the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies focused on each claim individuality, which gave Securus Technologies the room to dispute each claim in detail. The press release sent out by Securus Technologies was a good way to respond to the claims made by GTL since GTL made the claims using a press release.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected company that provides technology related products and services to a variety of public sector markets. The company has developed numerous products that are used throughout the public sector.

Why Video Visitation with Securus

During the holiday season, it can be more than a little difficult to deal with a loved one being behind bars. I know this first-hand because of the fact that one of my relatives was in prison last Christmas and it was very difficult for us to keep in touch with them on a routine basis. Another problem that we often found was that it was too difficult to make those long trips to the prison just to see that person. It was just not convenient during the holiday season and it made things very difficult for everyone who was involved.


This is when I began to discover something known as Securus and realized that they allowed for Christmas video visitation services that people were finding to be incredibly beneficial in their own lives. There are a variety of reasons why video visitation services are a sought-after option for people who have individuals in the prison system. One of the main reasons is because it allows you and that person to feel closer together during the holiday season and it makes it very easy for you to keep in touch with them without necessarily making those trips to the prison itself.


Because of the fact that I have found using Securus is an incredibly beneficial service, I continually recommended to people of all types and ages because I feel it can benefit them as well. Securus is great holiday season but it can also be used all throughout the year no matter how or when you want to keep in touch with that loved one. I have personally found this particular service to be one of the best out there because you have a clear and quality video of the person and you really feel like you are there with them.


If you feel that Securus can be the right option for you, it is a good idea for you to consider using this service and finding out more about what they are able to offer to you. The cost to make use of this particular company is actually quite affordable despite how much you are able to get out of using their services. Whether you are using this particular service because of the holiday season or you simply want to have better video visitation services with your loved one, Securus has the choice for you and can be the company you go to time and time again when it comes to keeping in touch with a loved one in prison.


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