Sergey Petrossov

SERGEY PETROSSOVSergey Petrossov believes that social scheduling is the future of private jet chartering.  The company now lets customers organize their flights on a per seat basis themselves. Many of the private jet charter seats are available during flights giving customers a chance to organize their own flights. Anyone can create a crowd sourced flight or buy a seat on flights created by another group. Gone are the required memberships of the early days and free flights. Many flights now run no matter how many seats are sold, and discount rates are still available to consumers. JetSmarter is are changing their model to a different one that does not require membership.

When it started in 2012, they advertised as the jet company that helped customers find a private jet charter anywhere in the world with their app. In 2015, they created shuttles flights in high traffic areas with free perks like helicopter transfer to and from the airport. The new model was created to help expand their market and keep the basic membership model alive. Petrossov has reinvented private jet travel and reduced the costs with his company JetSmarter. His app reinvented the old-fashioned booking system and made the process streamlined.

The company is often called the country club in the air. The success of the company is because they have team members from NASA, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Uber. Sergey Petrossov has flown all around the world. He came up with the idea for the company when he tried to book a private flight one day. His days have been filled with talking to investors and meeting with clients. He is constantly trying to meet customer needs and improve his product. They use marketing and advertising channels to connect with the consumers. He knows that trial and error are what make a company successful.


Sergey Petrossov continues to focus on making private jet travel more convenient and accessible to customers and enhance their lifestyle. Private jet travel has been inefficient, and he continues to work on improving costs and use of the private jets for business and leisure travelers.

Jason Hope’s Focus On Philanthropy

There is nothing that is so heart touching than benefiting from the proceeds of philanthropy. Many people have come out to support the well being of the people by spending their time and money directly or indirectly. Jason Hope is one person who has strived in his life to focus on philanthropy. He is so passionate to assist the people to lead better lives by working with several organizations that offer philanthropic services, especially in Arizona society. He anticipates equipping these organizations with enough resources and influence to improve the quality of people’s life.

Jason Hope currently funds some programs and research in the SENS foundation, which is a non-profit organization in Arizona that researches to find solutions to aging. The organization started in 2009, intending to promote various anti-aging technologies that can prevent anti-aging diseases and conditions. It works around the clock to ensure that every person who has these diseases or conditions quickly access the possible remedies to them.

In the way of uplifting the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope gave them 500, 000 US Dollars, which they used to develop more new anti-aging technologies mostly on the older people. Aubrey de Grey, who is the Foundation’s CSO, said that they used part of the donation to research successfully on Arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a condition also called the hardening of the arteries. It develops when the arteries become less elastic and flexible hence reducing the supply of blood to the body tissues. Researchers from SENS established that this condition leads to high blood pressure then diabetes, long-sightedness, and physical skin aging.

Hope hails the Foundation because they use such distinct approaches to face anti-aging. He highlights that some of the anti-aging diseases affect the functioning of the body, and they should be prevented: though some traditional medicines heal them. He yearns to support millions of scientific research organizations that are innovative, especially form the US.

Some of the foundations that the philanthropist has supported are Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Desert Mountain States Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America Phoenix, Family Health International, The Agassi Foundation, among others.

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Kevin Plank: A Billionaire with Diversified Holdings

As an American Billionaire and philanthropist, Kevin Plank at the age of 47, is the chairman of Under Armor, he became a manufacturer of sportswear, footwear, and accessories out of Baltimore, Maryland. He was the youngest of five brothers. His father was a Maryland land developer and his mother was a former mayor of Kensington and directed the Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs at the United States Department of State during the Reagan Administration. Kevin Plank was a former University of Maryland football player and founder of CEO and Chairman of the Board for Under Amour. Under Armor has a Connected Fitness platform that powers the world’s largest iPhone driven health and fitness community through products such as MyFitnessPal, UA Record, MapMyFitness, and Endomondo.

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Kevin Plank believes in giving back and showing gratitude. As a graduate of the University of Maryland in College Park, he’d earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration, graduating in 1996. His roommate in Maryland was professional wrestler and football player Darren Drozdov, who was injured in a 1999 in-ring accident, and became quadriplegic and Plank helped finance his wheelchair. Kevin Planks’ first business was Cupid’s Valentine, which he started at the University of Maryland, selling roses on Valentine’s Day. He earned $3,000, which Kevin Plank needed as seed money. He had a business idea about using a synthetic cloth to protect athletes from sweat.

He went so far as to say that his product would help athletes on the field. In 1996, he had sold $17,000 t-shirts. An ESPN ad resulted in $1 million of direct sales the next year because athletes and teams both began buying the clothing. It was not until 2010 that Plank’s net worth reaches $1 billion annual revenue, while Plank became a billionaire in 2011 when his network became $1.05 billion.  Watch:

The Philanthropic Nature of Matt Fleeger

Matt Fleeger is a philanthropist and an influential financial advisor who has been inspiring hope to cancer patients. Mr. Fleeger currently serves as the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western Incorporation. His firm focuses on tanning services, oil, gas, and medical waste management.

Matt Fleeger is renowned for his philanthropic nature when it comes to supporting children’s projects. Recently, Fleeger contributed a whopping $14,000 to support Sadie Keller Foundation, a charity organization based on encouraging children to fight cancer. To inspire STEM-based learning, Matt has also established the Fleeger Family Kitchen foundation as part of his dedication to helping kids.

Impacts of Sadie Keller Foundation

Sadie Keller Foundation was founded by Keller, a ten-year-old survivor of cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia). Here recovery from the deadly disease is what inspires her to support other families by providing them with genuine care services and love. Her foundation also advocates for the establishment of cancer research institutes and intensify the fight against common pediatric cancer.

Keller was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when she was seven years old. She emerged a survivor after a series of blood transfusions, adverse side effects, and infections. Her recovery acts as a source of inspiration to many patients battling cancer and trying hardships.

Few months after her diagnosis, Sadie started developing visual content citing the hardships experienced by cancer patients. Sadie began to her journey of motivation by holding conferences and workshops to create awareness on pediatric cancer. Thanks to Matt Fleeger, Sadie Keller now owns a platform where she shares the possibility of battling childhood cancer.

Today, Sadie has already made several public appearances at the Nation’s Capitol. She has also been working in close collaboration with members of Congress to pass the STAR Act. Keller made a significant contribution to the passing of ‘Race for Children Act’ that advocates for intensified research on pediatric cancer.

Donor Matt Fleeger and Sadie Keller’s legacy

The recent contribution made by Matt to the Sadie Keller’s Foundation leaves cancer patients inspired and motivated. In the long run, the cause to eradicate childhood cancer in the United States has become a dream come true for Keller. She implied that the donated funds would be used to gift cancer patients with support packs.

Isabela dos Santos a Woman Icon of Africa

As the richest and most influential woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos has endeavored to defend African technological development. Isabel supports African women to find their rightful place in society. Besides the movements, this lady has many business connections both in Africa and beyond.

Isabel dos Santos’ bio

Isabel dos Santos is the firstborn daughter to the former president of Angola, Edwardo dos Santos. She grew up in the royal family, and when she reached the school going age, she joined Kent girl’s boarding school. She learned there for her primary and secondary education. She gained like any other child despite the many gender discrimination’s in Africa at that time. She later performed excellently and joined the university at the age of 18. She learned together with people from all over the world. It was during this stay at King’s College of London that she met the love of her heart and the two have three children.

She later became the first project manager in Urbana. She developed a love for business as she worked in this company. She also moved from company to another as she advanced her management skills. Some of the companies she managed were listed in the Forex stock exchange. She later entered into self-employment field where she pursued her calling in electronic engineering.

She has founded and also bought shares in many companies both in Angola and Portugal. She has shared in Unitel and Banco Formento De Angola. She has established telecom firm in Sao Tome Principe. She also bought shares in the TV satellite that manages ZAP. Besides all these, she is known to have established Unitel from scratch.

In Hospitality, Isabel dos Santos started the first hotel and restaurant on the coast of Luanda Angola. She also collaborated with her Portugal partners to establish the first supermarket in Angola. Apart from the many connections and busy schedule, Isabel dos Santos saves her time to talk on several forums. She encourages young ladies to find their position in society and live independent economic lives. She also fights for digitization of Africa. She claims that African can only develop if it is digitized.

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Philanthropy: Another Powerful Energy Source

Options, affordability, philanthropy. These may not be things you have associated with home energy service providers in the past, however, that is changing, and Stream Energy have been pioneers of that change since its’ founding in 2005. This past year Dallas and many areas in Texas was a prime example of the company’s corporate and individual philanthropy making a major difference in the lives of many who were affected last year by the devastating tornados and floods that ravaged Texas and surrounding areas, leaving many without homes and basic necessities. During this time Stream Energy sprang into action to help many Dallas residents who had endured so much.

Stream Energy has formed its own departmental arm within the company that focuses on philanthropic giving- “Stream Cares”. Formulating departments that focus on philanthropy is uncommon for most corporations, not to mention energy companies but Stream Energy isn’t your run-of -the-mill gas and electric company. They offer far more to their customers than energy resources and far more to the community at large during times of distress and need. Not only do they support their community monetarily, but the associates are hands-on and give of their time and energy.

In March 2018, Stream Energy was featured in an article on where their philanthropic efforts in the Dallas area were showcased. One way that this innovative company helps the community is by supporting other organizations in the area such as the Salvation Army and an organization named Hope Supply Co., that provides resources for those who are homeless and their families. They also work with are veterans through “Operation Once in a Lifetime” which not only provided monetary assistance but also organizing events for them and their family members to have a meal and enjoy a special time of celebration together as a community.

Stream Energy is helping to set a new precedent for other energy companies who would only gain from following suit by providing so much more than energy services to the communities they serve.