Carsten Thiel Lands a New Job Opportunity

Carsten Thiel is an experienced professional in the pharmaceuticals industry. He pursued his studies in Chemistry at Malbrook. After that, he traveled to the UK to study Organic Chemistry at the University of Bristol where he received his undergraduate degree and later on made a decision to specialize in biochemistry. After some time, he went to pursue his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, where he majored in studying the protein that is in charge of the cancerous cells developing from the healthy cells. After studies, Carsten Thiel was lucky enough to land a good and well-paying job at a biotechnology company, Hoffman la-Roche. He exhibited his competence in the field, and this led to his promotion in the company. It also earned him a good reputation, especially in the scientific marketing arena.

Carsten Thiel also worked as the manager of Insadong Eastern Europe. He is linked with the development and launch of various pharmaceutical products. In his line of profession, Carsten Thiel can be described as a very successful leader. His good leadership skills have led him to be given top leadership positions at several prominent organizations. Most of the companies that he has led have turned out to be very successful.

In the recent news, both Carsten Thiel and is colleague Darrel Cohen received new appointments from the EUSA company. Thiel was appointed as the new President Europe while Cohen was appointed at the Head of the company’s Clinical Development. The skills and brains of these new appointees are expected to take EUSA to greater heights.

EUSA is an international company that mainly deals with rare maladies and oncology. The company was started in the year 2015, and most of its activities are based in Europe and the U.S. The company has so far developed very successful pharmaceutical firms.

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