Clément Perrette is the current Senior Portfolio Manager at RAM Active Investments where he oversees the RAM Global Bond Total Return. With over 25 years working in the capital marketing industry, Clement has also dedicated himself to working for non-profit ocean preservation projects along with intermixing a career in fund management. Clement Perrette has dedicated himself for answering the call for key ocean preservation projects.


In this short writing, we will highlight Clément’s educational and work experiences with both his investment career as well as his production career which he has carried a large influence for both. This is a summary recap of an article in The article can be found at the following link:


After attending French post-secondary education with an emphasis in the study of physics, Clement received his Bachelor’s Degree in 1983. He later graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 1989. Shortly after receiving his Master’s Degree from Paris, France in 1990, Clement Perrette spent two years working in New York for a financial consultant and two years later he moved back to Paris, France. He worked in the industry for the next 20 years moving from place to place. In 2015, Clement retired from the financial industry and changed career paths.


After joining RAM Investments in 2015, Clement launched a career in ocean preservation. Clement became a co-producer in “Call of the Blue”, a philanthropic photo project highlighting marine biology life. Much of the project has to do with raising awareness for underwater life such as: various sea animals, reefs and oceans. Many professionals such as explorers, entrepreneurs, film makers, and actors had joined the philanthropic effort for marine awareness. Clement will also serve as executive producer alongside Philip Hamilton and the Uproar Fund for a film titled “Ocean Souls” which is about whales and dolphins and their impact to whale hunting.


In a Q&A session, Clement describes that being patient is key for young individuals who want to lead themselves to a path of success. He also describes that opening a small coffee shop would be an attractive business venture for those wanting to get away from the big name coffee shops.


Clement currently lives in Geneva with his wife and three children.


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