CEO of U.S. Money Reserve Invests in Employee Growth

The U.S. Reserve is one of the top organizations for providing professional advice for dealing with precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. They have served thousands of people in counseling them on what gold coins to purchase for their unique portfolios.

They give professional advice to develop keen customer understanding of the important purchases of precious metals and facilitate the purchase by showing exactly what is best for each individual customer. The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of United States coins and is proud of their consistent and effective service.

The CEO is Angelo Koch, who has been outspoken about her effective strategies for employee growth and advancement within the company. She is in charge of every part of the organization, setting an impressive pace for all employees, all while giving professional advice to hone in on strengths and weaknesses.

Her skills give way to a group of professionals who under her leadership, find new innovative solutions to any customer seeking information on precious metals. Learning every intricacy of the U.S. Money Reserve is something she places great emphasis and importance. To understand how to effectively help people make informed decisions, she makes sure that there is a mutual understanding of the common goals.

Angela Koch gets to know her staff on a personal level to make lasting connections and nurture their career to the peak of potential. She has a drive that rivals other CEOS of similar companies, but she stands out in the crowd due to her kindness and her ability to put forth great amounts of consistent effort to overcome the most difficult challenges. Read more: US Money Reserve | Indeed and US Money Reviews | Glassdoor

Like most CEOS, she had to start somewhere and before she worked multiple jobs while learning everything she could from top to bottom of the subtleties of each job she worked. This created an impressive resume to pave the way towards the management of one of the largest and most successful advisors of gold, silver and platinum coins. Her drive and passion for lucrative strategies are what gives her the results that they receive on a consistent basis.

Nurturing the staff is what is most important because she believes they are the staple of the whole sales organization. Angela Koch manages to create a balanced workplace that makes for a productive and friendly environment.

Enhancing the strengths while building up weaknesses within the company is one of the main strategies for professional growth. Her path is one of great success as she continues to show those who work for her that the sky is the limit. One of her staple rules for life is to not look back on the past, and look to the future!

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James River Capital, About Burnout

James River Capital is a private finance company founded by Paul Saunders in 1986. The company deals in commodity trading, financial advisory, and investment management. Paul Saunders is the principal of the organization that serves customers in the United States. Employee burnout is a prevalent issue in many organizations, and it affects the performance of the company overall. Paul Saunders is an experienced employer that has identified ways to manage and eradicate employee burnout for ultimate performance. Learn more:


According to him, if employee burnout is not eliminated, it can lead to losses in the company. Employee burnout is often caused by both personal and work stress. Humans can cope with short term stress, but when this stress becomes long term, it affects the person’s emotional and physical state. This is what is called employee burnout.


The long term stress causes physical exhaustion and leads to poor performance. When facing burnout, most employees begin to doubt their performance and are unable to meet their demands at work. Burnout is greatly affecting advanced societies and resulting in an economic downturn. Paul Saunders provides three main warning signs to look out for in employee burnout, and they include loss in confidence, change in attitude and the lack of drive or motivation. Listed below are some of the ways employers can manage burnout.


  1. Become transparent


Employee burnout is often caused by a lack of transparency. If an organization promotes a certain individual and overlooks others, the employees tend to have resentment towards the management. Such resentment can lead to long term stress and affect their competency at work. Employers need to be honest and communicate with their workers about every operation going on in the office. If it is a promotion, they need to follow the right steps and be open about it.


  1. Provide coping mechanisms


Stress can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health and affect how they perform in the organization. Employers need to assist stressed employees by providing them with coping mechanisms. The organization can use its resources to set up activities that help their employees manage and control their stress. Reducing stress can help in eliminating burnout, and this can be done through team building exercises and workshops. Hobbies and enough sleep also help in eliminating burnout.


  1. Provide a sense of control


When employees feel hopeless and helpless, they can experience burnout. This is often caused by inflexible work schedules and policies in the company. Employers need to give their workers a sense of control by involving them in decision making or asking for their honest opinions. For instance, ask them about the work policies and what they want to change to make them feel in control. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn