Oren Frank the CEO of Talkspace, an online therapy Platform.

Oren Frank is the CEO and Co-founder of Talkspace. This is the leading online and mobile psychotherapy platform. The company has made therapy affordable and accessible to various individuals across the universe. We are in a modern day and age where mental health care is perceived as a universal societal crisis. Talkspace provides convenience and effectiveness to those individuals seeking to better their well being.

Under the mentorship and leadership of Oren Frank, the platform has so far assisted more than 500,000 customers. Talkspace has managed to connect these individuals with licensed therapists. A majority of these people never had a platform to better their mental health before Talkspace was established. Frank is a firm believer in the power of technology and innovation. Practically, he has seen the potential of technology to better society and the universe as a whole.

Oren Frank founded Talkspace together with his wife Roni. The platform was established in 2012. Their primary vision was to offer “Therapy to All.” After the two experienced the usefulness of couple therapy in their marriage, they decided to launch Talkspace. Frank and his wife had a sturdy belief that mental health is a necessity for everyone. Everyone opts to access the support, and the value psychotherapy offers where a need arises.

Before he founded Talkspace, Oren frank was a senior advertising and marketing executive. He worked with McCann Erickson Worldwide. Frank was recognized as a great and progressive market strategist. The Talkspace CEO was a leading voice in the media marketing industry. Frank maintains that his platform assists him to repent and redeem for his years in the marketing and advertising field.

Roni Frank, Frank’s wife, is the Co-founder of the platform. Oren’s wife serves as the Lead of Clinical Services. She oversees the provider network of more than 1,500 therapists. She is also responsible for ensuring the quality of clinical services. Roni opens access to any person who requires mental health care.

Oren Frank noted that what inspired him to establish Talkspace was a relationship crisis that he had with the wife. The two went to Couples therapy, and that’s where the two got the idea. After the therapy, the two continued as a pair and raised their two daughters. Frank said that he kept doing therapy for some time. The wife quit her previous study and pursued a course in Psychology. Frank added that after he left marketing, he was in search of something more valuable, meaningful, and aligned with his beliefs. Learn more: https://adage.com/author/oren-frank/3678

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