The Lung Institute Demonstrates That the Human Body Is a Powerful Medicine

The human body is capable of some remarkable things. Anyone who’s had a minor cut or scrape will be well aware of how rapidly it can heal. It’s easy to take for granted. But one might do well to remember that no medical technology can even approach the sheer versatility of people’s normal biological functions. The ability to simply grow new portions of the body is pretty amazing when one steps back to really consider it. According to PR Web, modern medicine simply isn’t able to match that sort of regenerative potential. It’s a bit of interesting trivia when one is looking at a superficial injury. But this fact takes on a more severe tone when considering larger problems such as lung disease. The lungs are very complex structures, and they don’t lend themselves very well to direct intervention. For a very long time this was a limiting factor for one’s treatment options. It’s not like skin, where doctors have an easy time helping natural processes along. But one institution has developed a method to apply that philosophy of healing to the lungs.

The Lung Institute’s main purpose is self evident from the name. They’re constantly working to find new ways to help patients fight off lung disease. One of the most effective new treatments is a way to help lung cells help themselves. One can best understand this by considering skin. Skin heals by essentially using healthy skin cells as a stepping stone to bridge over damaged areas. The lungs function in a similar way. Or, rather, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The lungs are more complex so there’ more room for things to go wrong. The Lung Institute has found a way to extract the basic tools that cells use to create those healing bridges.

The Lung Institute begins by taking a small sample from the patient. This is usually a small amount of blood or bone morrow. This sample is packed with something known as stem cells. These are the basic mechanism by which the body heals itself. The Lung Institute has found a way to take stem cells from a patient and then transplant them to damaged areas of the lung. From there, the special preparations made by the Lung Institute will ensure that the medicine begins to repair the lungs just as skin heals itself.

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