Young Hawaiian Water Company Sees Outstanding Growth

Waiakea Water has announced that since its launch four years ago they have experienced an outstanding 5,000% growth. During that time that brand expanded to 30 states and over 2,000 stores. In order to meet the demand, they will be opening a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii. The privately held company is now valued at over $10 million.

The founder of the company, Ryan Emmons, said that they have increased sales from just a few thousand cases of water a year into more than 120,000 cases. He went on to say that due to this increase they have been able to increase their charitable giving of water to underprivileged African communities to 500 million liters a year.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea Water was founded on three principles; healthy, sustainability, and charity. The company has partnered with Pump Aid and donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter they sell. Waiakea water is also a naturally filled with minerals and electrolytes that are very healthy.

The water is sustainably sourced from Waiakea springs located on the Big Island. All three principals come together in order to fill the company’s mission.

The water that the company collects originates as snowmelt and rain on Mauna Loa Volcano. The water filters through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, picking up the healthy minerals and electrolytes on its way that makes it one of the most naturally pure and healthy sources of water on the planet.

After being collected the water is placed into bottles that are made entirely from recycled plastic that is BPA-free and is also processed in a way that reduces carbon emissions by more than 90%.

Waiakea Water was voted by 10 Best Water as the #1 volcanic bottled water for 2017. They recognized not just the healthiness of the water but the company’s level of corporate responsibility. They also credited the water’s taste, saying it tasted smooth, pure, and slightly sweet.