Barbara Stokes Establishes Company To Help Natural Disaster Victims

One of the things that people need in the wake of a natural disaster is a safe, portable home to live in while theirs is under repair or replaced.

Identifying this need, Barbara Stokes co-founded Green Structured Homes to build these homes at a facility in Huntsville, AL.

The first major disaster her company responded to was Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Barbara Stokes was able to have many safe, durable, small homes built and delivered to the greater Houston, TX area. People who had lost everything had a home they felt safe and comfortable in while dealing with the aftermath of having been through a natural disaster.


One of Barbara Stokes’ core values is helping other people. She demonstrated this when her company donated $100,000 in building supplies to the Madison County Habitat for Humanity. Barbara Stokes says she’s happy these supplies helped low-income families build their first homes. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.