The Ethical Miner Alec Sellem


Alec Sellem is a French-born businessman who specializes in gold mining and refining. Mr. Sellem founded a mining company by the name of Sellem Industries. Alec Sellem is hands on with his company and is currently the acting chief executive officer. Go To This Page for additional information.

Sellem Industries does most of its mining in Africa, in areas such as Sierra Leone and Senegal. Alec Sellems company has provided employment opportunities for the local community in both of these countries.

Sellem Industries is truly one of the most ethical mining companies in the business they care about the people in the local community and they value human rights. Sellem Industries does not only when it comes to mining but the local community wins as well.

Alec Sellem and his company Sellem Industries started their own foundation that is in place to work with the local community by providing educational opportunities for their children and agricultural incentives for the local farmers. Everything that Alec has accomplished he has done in his way and he has been recognized as one of the best chief executive officers in the mining industry.

Alec Sellem is an excellent leader, has strong business acumen, and is very efficient when it comes to scaling his business. Mr. Sellem has also had an interest in gold before he started his company Sellem Industries. He got an idea to start the company while he was trading gold for a friend. He started to analyze the gold and mining industry and immediately recognized the flaws in the industry and the improvements that could be made.

Alec Sellem used the technology that is available in today’s society and created a more efficient and safe way for the overall mining process. Sellem then focus on building cohesion between the government of the company he will be minding in, his company, and the local community. This is what led to the success of Sellem Industries to this day.


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