Agera Energy

Agera’s customer base has been growing faster than any other private retail energy supplier. The company’s budgets were down for the customers and so was the retail suppliers during the winter season. Agera has 1.8 million that are contracted. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

At this time, Agera Energy has had the opportunity to launch a retail energy supply company. Obtaining a large national retail energy supplier, Agera had the ability to serve its very first customers. There was a turn around once Agera Energy started interacting with their very first customers. Customers wanted guidance, change, and protection, and that is exactly what Agera Energy aims for. Sakes tactics and energy training isn’t how the company started. Follow Agera Energy on

They trained their front line on how to provide outstanding service to energy customers instead. 2014 was the year Agera energy was founded. Agera Energy has been helping to guide customers through decision-making processes to make sure they are fully transparent during each stage of the process from introduction to enrollment. Agera Energy has 101- 250 employees working for their company. Agera Cares Events has been sponsored many people since the year 2015 through 2018. The company welcomed Geoffrey Duda as the new CEO in May 2018. Geoff has worked hard to build the team up and pushed the company to continuous growth.