Riot Games Makes Strides to Encourage Diversity

Riot Games has implemented a plan to increase diversity within their company after lawsuits last August. Their website outlines some of their core beliefs about increasing the diversity of their company claiming they “must call out sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, religious discrimination, and bigotry of all kinds.”

After surveying Rioters, the company launched networking groups for people of different identities and diversified both their leadership team and their hiring strategy. Riot GamesCulture has also partnered with outside organizations that encourage female gamers and hosted their first Girls Who Code summer immersion program.

Riot Games hopes to educate their employees through diversity training.

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Scott Gelb On Bringing Ideas To Life

Scott Gelb is the COO of Riot Games, a position which requires him to know how to bring ideas to life. All ideas are different, obviously, but Scott Gelb recently provided his blueprint for the average job. Learn more about Scott Gelb at

When struck by an idea, he advises you to write it down immediately, with as much detail as possible. This way, if you can’t address the idea right away, you can still come back to it later. By waiting for a few days after this initial spark, you can roll the idea around in your head and deeply consider it. This will allow you to develop your thoughts to the deepest and best level.


Once you think that your idea is truly the best that you can make it, Scott Gelb suggests talking to other people about it. He especially highlights the need to find individuals who can offer a unique perspective on the topic. By getting constructive criticism, you strengthen the idea and ultimately come out with a better product. It can be hard sometimes, however, to get these criticisms. That’s why Scott Gelb recommends working on these ideas with trusts friends or colleagues – a trusting and communicative relationship will help soothe emotions. Follow Scott Gelb on Medium.