Sharon Prince Contributions to a Better World through Grace Farms

Grace Farms — one of the best projects by an individual — has redefined many factors in the world of arts, innovations, and mentorships. According to Sharon Prince, the project has been instrumental for her as a professional and more importantly, to the thousands of people in the last decade. According to an article by the New York Times, the project has defiled all odds to become one of the most versatile locations in the USA — where one can enjoy different facilities. Sharon Prince believes that her project has also indicated that it is possible to have all the facilities in a singular place, without compromising facilities within the complex.

Grace Farms is synonymous with successful projects in all sectors, especially the world of sustainability. According to Sharon Prince, the complex has not only assisted her and other professionals to nurture talents in the world of sustainability, but the complex has shaped professionals on the best ways to provide solutions to problems. Due to these brilliant projects, Grace Farms have received different recognitions from different entities, and one of these recognitions is by the UN. Sharon believes that these recognitions are critical in reaffirming the complex contributions to a better and safer world.

In addition to her contributions to founding this complex, Sharon Prince is also one of the people that are passionate about other factors affecting people around the world. One of her projects with the UN (and other affiliated entities) revolves around human trafficking. Sharon believes that each person has a right to respect and human trafficking goes against universal laws and the respect to human life. She is one of the people that have published on this niche — with an attempt of helping people to understand the concept in depth. She is also keen on bringing other people and entities on board and therefore creating a stronger network.

Sharon Prince’s: Twitter. Modernizes Traditional Chinese Celebration

Every year China celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival by eating zongzi a Chinese sticky dumpling. This is made possible by Jingdong or an online company specializing in eCommerce and supply chain logistics. through a partnership with a time honored provider of zongzi, Wu Fang Zhai, helps Chinese families celebrate their traditions and send gifts of zongzi and other delicacies.

Wu Fang Zhai and

With the help of, China’s largest retailer, Wu Fang Zhai was able to deliver 47 tons of zongzi during their 618 period last year. This was made possible by superior logistic strength which is what made Wu Fang Zhai choose Jingdong as the market place for its products. The products that helps sell around the Dragon Boat Festival are gift boxes.

Zongzi Gift Boxes

The zongzi gift boxes sold on were traditionally made of paper, but are now made from bamboo. The increased weightiness of the gift boxes is preferred by China’s market who deem it to be a more impressive gifts. The boxes offered on are an assortment that catered to individual markets based on the Southerner’s preference of salty zongzi and Northerner’s preference for sweeter zongzi. This preference changed as people migrated which was pointed out by Jingdong’s market research. This change has resulted in the gift boxes being change to a more balanced assortment and some include other foods like duck eggs.

Sales on

With the increased market knowledge provided by Jingdong, Wu Fang Zhai sales increase greatly over time. For example, boxes filled with equal amounts of salty and sweet zongzi sold 1.3 times more often than older boxes with more sweet zongzi in them. Sales were further increased by logistic strength resulting in Jingdong being able to deliver 90% of orders next day or second day. This ability for quick order turn around by allows celebrants to order their bamboo zongzi gift boxes days before the festival begins. Wu Fang Zhai is very happy with the success that it has enjoyed because of its partnership with Jingdong.

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