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Equities First Holdings Offers A Popular Borrowing Option

If you are trying to start a new business or grow your existing business, you need adequate funds. Equities First Holdings offers a loan program with easy qualification requirements. You will need to turn your stock over to Equities First Holdings and get a loan. after paying off the loan, the stock will be returned to you. It’s an amazing way to meet any financial need.

Ted Bauman Knows What He is Talking About And Makes It Interesting Reading

Ted Bauman, editor of The Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, is focused on helping people manage and protect their assets, avoid corporate greed and government interference while providing low-risk investment strategies. Bauman was born and raised on America’s east coast, and as a young man he emigrated to South America where he continued his education and attained post graduate degrees in History and Economics. While living in South America he held various executive positions in the nonprofit sector. He helped found Slum Dwellers Internationals that has gone on to assist more than 14 million people in 35 countries. Ted Bauman has always been focused on helping and protecting ordinary people.

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Writing about financial matters does not always make compelling reading, and Ted Bauman comments that his ability to write and catch peoples’ attention with interesting narratives is the value that he brings to Banyan Hill. In addition to his writing skills, he places great value on having as much information as possible in order to provide people with the knowledge they need to manage their prosperity. Ted Bauman is therefore always gathering information from mainstream media and also on obscure sites on the internet. His ability to correctly assess what he reads on such sites gives him an extra dimension when communicating through The Bauman Letter. Getting information from unorthodox sites and understanding how to evaluate it gives Bauman’s advice a unique edge. He also does all research himself and feels that this is vital for assessing all the information gathered.

Ted Bauman comments that he is excited about how people are not simply accepting the nature of the economy as in the past. Now people are questioning the present day economy and the problems that confront it. People are beginning to think about the role of large businesses and how beneficial they are to society. Today’s world is unpredictable, and Bauman recommends diversification and protecting assets against unforeseen events.

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Vijay Eswaran Shares the Secret to Success for Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is a highly qualified businessman and serial entrepreneur based in Malaysia and is estimated by Forbes to be worth more than $500 million. He is a self-made millionaire and comes from a middle-class Indian family based in Malaysia. He traveled a lot in his childhood due to the jobs of his parents, and later on, moved to the United Kingdom where he completed his graduation from the London School of Economics. After Vijay Eswaran completed graduation, he traveled across Europe and did petty jobs to fund his tertiary education. During his time in Europe, Vijay Eswaran also worked as a cab driver and even plucked grapes in the vineyards in France.

After a while, Vijay Eswaran moved to the United States to complete a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University. It helped him get a good understanding of how to run a business and what are the basic requirements one need to fulfill in order to take their business forward. It is during this time that he came to know about multi-level marketing and was highly intrigued by it as well. The interest of Vijay Eswaran in the MLM business was reignited when he moved back to Malaysia in 1985 where he was offered by Cosway Group to handle their business operations in the Philippines. Instead of taking up the offer, Vijay Eswaran decided to start his own MLM firm, which has now become a globally popular MLM e-commerce giant named QI Group. It is what has helped him become one of the richest Malaysian today as named in the Forbes list and has become an inspiration to many young business executives and entrepreneurs.

Vijay Eswaran believes that entrepreneurs should be willing to take up challenges as it defines their success. He feels that one should be willing to fight for their success.

Economist Ted Bauman Lays Out Why Amazon Isn’t A Monopoly

Economist Ted Bauman has a warning for investors in Amazon. They may think their investment is safer than it actually is, he wrote in a recent issue of his newsletter “The Bauman Report“. Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, may have filled the leadership role in the tech industry left vacant after Apple’s Steve Jobs died. However, if people think Amazon is a monopoly in the retail industry they are very much mistaken. See more on forexvestor.com

Apple is a monopoly in the smartphone industry. Despite the number of Android phones that have been sold it’s the iPhone that controls this industry. It accounts for more than 75 percent of the annual revenues generated at Apple. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are locked into the Apple brand ecosystem. Apple was the first company to exceed $1 trillion in market cap.

Who is Ted Bauman you ask and why is he questioning Amazon? He’s been an economist for three decades, both in the United States and South Africa. After working for many years in the not-for-profit industry he started to write “The Bauman Report”, a financial newsletter that helps people manage their money. He teaches readers how to protect their assets and what low-risk investment strategies they should be using. He has over 100,000 subscribers.

Amazon isn’t as big as people believe. Ted Bauman says that despite the millions of Prime members and news reports of this company completely controlling online retail that isn’t actually the case. They’re big, no doubt. But less than 50 percent of online sales occur at Amazon. Rivals such as Walmart, Target, and Apple control 56 percent of the market.

Looking at overall retail sales, Amazon isn’t big at all. Ted Bauman surprises people when he tells them that just 5 percent of all retail sales are on the Amazon website. This is because physical stores aren’t nearly as dead as news articles like to proclaim. Kroger is actually a bigger firm than Amazon is. Competitors such as Big Lot, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and more are competitively priced with Amazon. The conclusion is Amazon isn’t a monopoly.

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Paul Mampilly Is Working To Help Improve The Lives Of Regular Investors In The U.S.

Paul Mampilly is a man who understands the inner workings of the stock market very well. He is the editor of Profits Unlimited, which is a newsletter with more than 100,000 subscribers, and is also the senior editor for Extreme Fortunes. He worked on Wall Street for most of his early life and then left it all behind during his forties so he could help regular people to better manage their money and investments.

Paul Mampilly was recently asked to reveal a big error that beginning investors make. He commented that he has noticed that too many people invest all of their wealth in one single investment. Instead of using part of their investment account and protecting the rest of it, they place all of it into one stock choice. If they make the wrong pick, they can lose all of their money or a very large amount of it quickly. Many beginners will hear this and do their best to not invest everything all at once. Instead of succeeding, many of these people will invest the majority of their wealth into one investment. This can have the same results as investing it all into one stock or investment.

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 Paul Mampilly started out his working life with Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He did very well for the company and worked his way into other positions where he managed millions of dollars of wealth. He eventually moved on and went to serve at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. He was able to work his way into ING and eventually Kinetics Asset Management. Before leaving Wall Street behind, he earned billions of dollars for Kinetics Asset Management and earned the firm the title of the “World’s Best” hedge fund from Barron’s.

Today, Paul Mampilly does his best to help the “little guy,” and the people who don’t receive as much attention as the wealthy do. He doesn’t offer people get-rich-quick advice because he knows that building wealth has to do with taking many little steps. Thanks to Paul Mampilly, many people have been able to create the financial life they have always dreamed of.

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Paul Mampilly and His Career Development

Paul Mampilly built his reputation for raising the standards of Hedge fund despite the recession. From that time, he has become a jewel in the banking sector. His management skill in the banking sector is beyond challenge. This Indian native came to the states to advance his education. He later graduated in 1991 before deciding to hone his skills in this new home. He secured his first chance at Bankers Trust where he served as an assistant manager. He later shifted to become the manager at Royal Banker of Scotland. He managed other banks like Swiss, seas, and Dollar account for the Deutsche Bank at the same time.

Paul Mampilly got an admirable chance at Hedge Bank. It is during his tenure at this bank that overhauled everything. Among the achievements is to lead the bank to be trusted by many bankers, individuals, private and even public organizations. He came to this institution when it had a net worth of $6 billion, but he worked tirelessly to see it rise to over $25 billion. Baron named this as the best financial institute of the year owing to this drastic growth. He also led the company to maintain an average growth rate of 26$ throughout the years.

Another contribution is when he led this bank to make a growth rate of 76% income during the recession period. This has remained a record that no other firm has ever recorded. In the same year, Hedge fund realized a growth rate of over $38 million. Apart from growing other firms, Paul Mampilly is also a good investor. He invests in accounts and property. A good example is when he invested in Septa Therapeutics when it was starting up in 2012. He grew it due to his advanced management skills and sold it after making a profit 200 times the initial investment. He also produces videos like the most watched and subscribed the internet of things.

As an editor, Paul Mampilly works at Banyan Hill Publishing house where he serves as the senior financial editor. He also advises people on investment issues, technological trends, and unique market opportunities.

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Matt Badiali Tells Us How to Reap from The Natural Resource Industry

Matt Badiali is an investment expert who studied earth sciences in University of Penn State. He then attended Florida Atlantic University where he got his Masters in Science in Geology. For five years, he studied for his Ph. D until he was introduced to finance in 2014, by a friend. The objective was to equip Badiali with ways through which he could invest for the American people. His resourceful knowledge and information on Natural Sciences meant that Matt could offer valuable investment advice to ordinary Americans. From then, he provided insight to investors on what investments to venture into in metals, energy and natural resources. Most of his loyal readers have gained double and triple-digit profits.

Recently, Matt Badiali released a video of him which went viral. The video was of him holding a big paycheck and assuring his viewers that they could earn as much pay-outs. Freedom checks are returns that are derived from the proceeds the energy industry investments. It had come to Matt Badiali’s realization that there were profitable gaps resulting from the growing demand for fuel and a tax-free relief existing for companies operating in the energy industry. Not being required to pay tax, would mean investors could gain more. Freedom Checks are ideal for both the experienced and novice investors. One can start investing in freedom checks with only $10 and still earn significant returns after some time.

To enjoy long-term rewards, put back their proceeds for another term. Experienced investors receive large amounts of profits. Matt Badiali is a natural resources’ expert. He founded the ‘Real Wealth Strategist,’ newsletter while at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses the newsletter to give recommendations on Stock to his loyal and eager readers. Matt Badiali does research and makes recommendations on investments to make in metals, agriculture and energy industry. On Facebook, Matt Badiali goes by his real name. His profile has 963 likes and a 1,312 people follow him. He advises his audience where some have earned from his insights. In medium.com, he shares his knowledge on natural resources. His topics being about Buying Gold, Making Huge Profit in Natural Resources, Silver as the metal to watch out for this new year, among others.

The Skills of Professional Investor Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg has been working within the investment industry for quite some time. After graduating with degrees in both business and investment opportunities, he has grown his company to be the largest REIT to date. He is working diligently to ensure that this is a wonderful option for all people who are able to make use of a real estate investment trust and know that it is something that is going to be beneficial to them. You will love being able to make use of the Michael Nierenberg professional and know that he is going to help you.

The great thing about Michael Nierenberg is that he is the owner and founder of New Residential Investment Corp, which focuses its efforts on all things related to investing and residential markets. Because of the large amount of work he has done for the company as well as the various projects that he has engaged with, it is no surprise that a lot of people look to Michael Nierenberg for all of this help. You will finally be able to have a professional that you can trust and know that he is going to help you out. Be sure to check out the different types of professional services that Michael Nierenberg offers so that you know what he is able to do for you.

If you would like to learn more about Michael Nierenberg and the type of work that he is able to do, be sure to visit him on social media or his main website. This will give you information on the type of work that he does and if he is going to be able to help you out as he has for a lot of other people. If this is a professional who you would like to make use of for your own investment assistance, be sure to get in touch with him or his company to find out more. Michael Nierenberg is there to make the investment industry a whole lot easier and more affordable for those who might be interested in growing their own finances each day.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Paul Mampilly Explains Why He’s Excited About Investing In Food Delivery Companies

During his time as a hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly was in charge of multi-million dollar accounts. He won a number of investing awards and was sought out by some of the biggest hedge funds and financial institutions on Wall Street. He continues to research what companies to invest in and supplies this information to his readers.

He thinks the next big opportunity to invest in is food companies. The reason why is that the millennial generation is huge and is largely unable to cook for themselves. Both of their parents often worked and they were left to fend for themselves when it came to dinner time. He says that many innovative food companies are now catering to non-cooking millennials and he views it as a big opportunity for investors.

Paul Mampilly says that his research shows that those in the millennial generation spend more money eating out at restaurants than any other generation. They spend on average $50 a week buying restaurant food whether that is eating out or doing take out. Now that they are having kids themselves they are needing to come up with ways to feed themselves at home.

He sees food delivery companies as a great investment. These companies, like Blue Apron and Plated, come in packages where everything is already pre-cut and measured. Paul Mampilly says that people just need to follow simple directions and they can get a great dinner on the table for their family by using these services.

He points out that millennials are highly educated and can spot trends. They have seen that the obesity rate in America is out of control and that other health conditions like diabetes are on the rise. They are turning to the food delivery companies not just because they’re more convenient but also because the food is healthy and nutritious.

Paul Mampilly feels that now is the perfect time for investors to buy the stocks of the food delivery companies. He thinks they will really take off as they increasingly cater to specialized diets such as paleo, vegan, and vegetarian.

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Matt Badiali: Helping Common People Understand The Investment Potential In The Mining Industry

Matt garded as an incredibly valuable member of the industry and is someone who is considered to have an extensive pool of knowledge with regards to these sectors.

Matt Badiali attained a degree in science from Penn State University and then went on to gain an additional qualification from the Florida Atlantic University. After completing his education, he decided to start working in the field of finance. This was a route that would lead him to many successful ventures and is something that led him towards a path of growth and positive development. While working in the field, Badiali also had a keen interest in science and geology. This interest in the subject led him towards being able to recognize the potential that stood in mining industries.

Matt Badiali soon realized that even though there was an incredible amount of potential within the mining industry, not many people opted to invest in it. The main reason for this was because of the lack of information prevalent about this sector, and the lack of information that can be easily attained. To this effect, Badiali decided to be the one to impart this education and decided to help those who were interested in making good profits.

Badiali knew that average people looking to invest don’t always have extensive knowledge about the sector. They often need information that is easy to understand, and which doesn’t overcomplicate things. Keeping this in mind, Matt Badiali decided to start his own newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist that would focus on strategies that ordinary people could implement to improve their wealth. The newsletter was published under Banyan Hill Publishing and received an incredible response from people who were interested in new investment ventures that they could undertake.

Badiali believes that the mining and energy industry is set to see an incredible boom over the next few years, which is what makes them such good investments in the present. The manner in which people can invest in this sector is laid out well in the newsletter, so as to help the common people understand the potential that lies here. Real Wealth Strategist: Marijuana Investment Symposium By Matt Badiali

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