The RealReal The Best App for Fashion Conscious at a Budget

Fashion conscious people have a hard time keeping their wardrobe updated at all times. As the fashion trends continue to change from time to time, people who are trendy love to keep shopping highly fashionable branded products. However, it is something that is not possible for everyone and it is to solve this problem that the RealReal was established. It is a luxury consignment app that offers people second-hand fashion apparels and accessories that you can purchase online at a fraction of the price. Whether it is that Gucci bag that you have been longing for or the Givenchy jacket, rest assured you would be able to find all the high street fashion brands at the RealReal.

The RealReal has become highly popular among the women who are a shopaholic and want nothing but the best for themselves. The RealReal has strict policies against fake products, and any product that is not original is not included in the inventory. The customer service of the RealReal is also top notch, and there are driver services for picking up consignment. It is a very luxurious experience of shopping from the RealReal. The RealReal has been able to establish a lot of trust in the last few years among the customers, and target audience is the reason why it has become one of the fastest growing consignment sites in the industry.

When it comes to updating their collection so that people can wear the latest fashionable clothes without compromising on the financial front, RealReal has created a name for itself. Most of their products are sold within the 30 days they are put up for sale. The company wants to show people that luxury products can be bought by anyone and not just the rich and the famous. The growing popularity of RealReal is a testimony to it.

The Future Looks Bright for the RealReal Thanks to Series G Funding

Not everyone has the resources to buy a brand new Chanel bag, or a pair of Gucci sunglasses, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on owing a product from a brand they love. The RealReal is a high end consignment shop that makes it easy for anyone to dress like they have a trust fund bank account.

Investors are tuned into the fact that many consumers what high-end brand name designer attire, they just don’t want to a spend normal high end retail price to own them. A consignment shop where consumers can shop either online or in the brick and mortar store-front shop is a dream come true from bargain hunting consumers. They are able to get designer merchandise, at a fraction of what these items originally cost.

The 115 million dollars raised in series G funding, brings the company’s total funding to 228 million dollars. The company plans to use this funding to expand it’s brick and mortar presence and to build new fulfillment centers, both are great news for fans.

The demand for the products that The RealReal stocks, it expected to continue to grow. More and more consumers are searching for ways to live a luxurious life and to copy the fashion trends that their favorite stars embrace, but they don’t want to break the budget to do so.

This enables The RealReal to meet a demand that others may be ignoring. When you can give consumers what they crave, they will come, and apparently, so will the investors, who can help the business grow. This is all great news for the savvy consumer who is looking for the best, for less money.

Going forward, The RealReal’s goal is to bring their unique marketplace to more and more consumers, and to attract more consignors. This goal seems well within their reach.

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