Luke Lazarus Cultivates Winning Attitudes in Australian Startups

 Drawing the Line

There is a trend today to value success as something reachable by all. In one sense it is correct, but in another reason, it is not reasonable that anyone can be successful about things they know nothing about. For example, a person who wants to be an executive in a big brand business who doesn’t enjoy being with people.

Could Beethoven have been a good football player? Could Einstein have been a car salesman? Probably yes to the two previous questions, buy history has shown their skills lay other places. So in defense of natural talent, the problem is not whether you can ‘do’ something, but what are you best fit to do?

Practice Makes Perfect

According to Luke Lazarus, many entrepreneurs are talented in a general way but often lack the specific skills to accomplish higher-level functions in startup businesses.

Luke Lazarus give three examples where he’s seen and experienced failures in these areas: high finance, running a successful roadshow, and brand messaging. The term roadshow in business is reserved for specific activity startups perform when they travel to numerous places looking for investor capital for their businesses. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer

Luke Lazarus in a straightforward and honest manner would confront people who try to come off as having these skill but by their actions and words show they lack the knowledge and skills to perform these high-level business actions.

From Perth to MBA

Luke Lazarus grew up in Perth and attended k-12 with excellent grades. He also showed talent in sports. Luke Lazarus was offered several opportunities to participate in prestigious universities abroad thru scholarships but turned them down to pursue an MBA at Melbourne Business School.

After completing his schooling, he executed four business plans that were successful and returned a profit for him after selling them to multiple bidders. Lazarus wanted to pursue a different path to his business career, which would allow him to go 100% into consulting work, which he had been contemplating.

Luke Lazarus saw the vast opportunities present to help startups that were straining and laboring to reach higher levels of success. He realized he had lots to offer businesses in these difficult circumstances.

In his 20 years as a business leader, he was well fitted to be a veteran business consultant to many who were beginning their business journey. He launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy in 2013.

Successful Results Speak Loudly

Since launching his consultancy, Luke Lazarus has had hundreds of opportunities to positively impact the growth of many entrepreneurial startups with his expert knowledge and experience.

Many of the startups he has worked with have become businesses that have shown positive and successful results in the marketplace; others have attracted investors who have funded their activities.

Luke Lazarus can look back on his childhood as young as eight when he executed his first business plan with a friend. He now reflects upon the satisfaction it gives to share the years of accumulated knowledge and experience he has gained over the years.

Luke Lazarus shares his expertise with startups who hire him as their consultant for a few days to cultivate in them the same winning attitudes he has learned thru others examples, teaching, and business leadership.

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