Sujit Choudhry and George Anderson on Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions

A collection of essays titled, “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” address the challenges facing constitutional creation, such as territorial disagreements. The essays specifically reference the crises in countries such as Myanmar, Yemen, and Libya.

The essay anthology includes 17 case studies of countries deliberating over the creation of constitutions, countries with diverse populations and distinctive political regions, and countries where territorial politics take a back seat to other affairs, and bi-communal countries. In addition to Libya, Myanmar, and Yemen, countries such as Iraq, Kenya, Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Cyprus are studied extensively.

For scholars of federalism, asymmetric devolution, devolution, and consociational democracies, this collection of essays provides extremely valuable insights. The essay anthology is joined by a policy paper authored by the illustrious Sujit Choudhry and Geroge Anderson, which provides insight into how the authoring of constitutions is impacted by territorial claims. The ultimate goal of each of the essays is to offer realistic policy recommendations within the scope of territorial and political cleavages.

Sujit Choudhry, editor of the collection of essays and author of the companion policy paper, is an internationally renowned authority on the complexities of comparative constitutional law, a barrister and solicitor, and an advisor of governance and constitution building. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, Choudhry is a capable editor and commentator on all matters of constitutional law and territorial cleavages. His advisory experience includes countries like Tunisia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Myanmar, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Yemen, Ukraine, and South Africa.

George Anderson, the former CEO of the Forum of Federations and a one-time deputy minister for the Canadian government, co-edited the collection and co-authored the policy paper alongside Choudhry. Anderson is a fellow at the Center for Democracy and Diversity at the Queen’s University in Canada.

The essay collection is sure to provide crucial information for policy authors and constitutional scholars for years to come.

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Aaron Lupuloff The Future of Educational Success

Gwinnett County Schools have become a national example whose formula for Success Works and can also be replicated. The Gwinnett County Schools public Foundation firmly believes reactions that they take and Garner widespread educational reform throughout the United States. With more of these models, the United States can expand educational quality benefiting generations to come.

The GCPS Foundation’s Senior Executive Director, Aaron Lupuloff, focuses on student success through excitement and empowerment. He has a history of community advocacy. As a native of the city of Norcross, he was also instrumental in the development of the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence. There he was Treasurer, Vice President, and then President. He and his wife were inducted in the Norcross High School Foundation Hall of Fame.

Based on, his history of success with the NHFS fueled his belief that he could help the more than 180 thousand students in Gwinnett County. He states that every day he and others at the Gwinnett County Public School foundation work to improve student achievement, develop leadership, and to ensure program funding. His ideas for the school are brought to life through whiteboard sessions were a small team brainstorms ideas. There is also a board of more than 25 diverse community activists who provide invaluable insight and wisdom.

Aaron Lupuloff and his team provide an Innovative approach for student readiness. North Gwinnett, the first girls’ flag football team was implemented as a new option for a structured after school activity. Among contributors were the Atlanta Falcons, the Arthur M. Blank Community Foundation, and the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Moves were also made to bridge the educational gap in science aptitude between American students and those in other countries, the new McClure Health Sciences High School provides a college preparatory curriculum geared toward careers in health. The goal is student readiness for college success and a post-secondary career. Facilities are state-of-the-art and training is both virtual and hands-on.

Aaron Lupuloff Is excited about the education industry. He is further excited that individuals are finally beginning to realize how focusing on students with the most challenges first will lead to all students being more successful. For more details about Aaron you can visit

Aaron Lupuloff: A Great Resource for Gwinnett County Public Schools

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

New York Private Equity Firm And Its CEO, TJ Maloney, Are Moving Impressively Through The Private Equity Sector

The Lincolnshire Management organizational team understands quite clearly the value of having within it a leader with strong legal experience. Since the company finds much of its value in the private equity world through acquiring dozens of small companies, finding a chief executive officer with the particular background that TJ Maloney possesses is a human goldmine. The headstrong CEO knows the ins and outs of merger deals and acquisition deals because that is an area in which he used to practice law, securities law to be more specific. The former New York attorney’s Fordam University legal education is what he built his practice upon, and now he is able to leverage all of that financial and legal wisdom in a New York private equity business.

1993 was a trans formative and special time for both Lincolnshire Management and for its current leader, TJ Maloney. That is because this is when Maloney and the company first became acquainted with working together, and he left his law career behind to pursue private equity wealth. There was another year, though, which also stands out in the brilliant history of Lincolnshire Management. That year is 1986, and it marks the firm’s birth from Frank Wright’s mind into the business world of private equity and New York City markets. Now closing in on almost 90 small company acquisitions, Lincolnshire Management is rapidly capturing new capital and making peer companies look on with envy.

Some other things to note with regards to Chief Executive Officer Maloney’s involvement with the Lincolnshire group are are that he has increased not only the firm’s market reach, but also its capital and number of financially proficient members. With several American cities now serving as Lincolnshire Management office locations and a sizable presence in other nations, it is clear how successful the Lincolnshire growth strategies have been. Additionally, the company now boasts in the neighborhood of $1.7 billion of assets and capital. Still, TJ Maloney decided to add even more to the firm, and he has approved the entrance of four brand new Lincolnshire Management team members who have much to contribute.

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Family man with sound foundation – Tj Maloney

Tj Maloney CEO of Lincolnshire Management, which he participated in the 90s.Investment Committee with Tj Maloney and is effectively included with the portfolio organizations. Preceding joining Lincolnshire, Tj Maloney rehearsed managing companies together, procurement and protections law in New York City. Tj Maloney is the previous Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and has served on the Board of Trustees at Boston College and Fordham University. Tj Maloney has addressed broadly and has been a visitor speaker at a few colleges including the Columbia University MBA Program. Tj Maloney is the ’07 beneficiary of the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award, exhibited by Fordham Law School in acknowledgment of corporate pioneers with the most elevated good measures. Tj Maloney recently served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States and the Board of Trustees of The Tilton School.T.J. holds a BA from Boston College and JD from Fordham Law School. In his extra time and on siestas, Tj Maloney appreciates perusing, hitting the fairway, swimming and investing energy with family and friends whom he appreciates.


Tj Maloney is part of the well known and respected the Board of Trustees of Boston College and a previous individual from the Board of Trustees of Fordham University. Maloney has addressed broadly and has filled in as a visitor speaker at a few colleges including theMBA Program from Columbia University. T.J. Maloney of empire state center market buyout firm Lincolnshire Management portrays the assets and system his firm has built up to scout for speculation openings. Significant patterns are changing the worldwide scene for assembling just as the PE opportunity in this space. Themes with Tj Maloney incorporate why U.S. center market organizations must face worldwide chances, what instruments that can possibly bring to their portfolio organizations to enable them to go worldwide, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


ClassDojo Creates Mindfulness Meditation Lessons for Elementary Students

Mindfulness meditation is gaining popularity in today’s culture. Corporations are teaching it to their employees to reduce stress and increase efficiency, therapists and doctors are prescribing it to their patients for its numerous health benefits, and now teachers are teaching it to their elementary students to help them calm down in class and before exams.

For all its benefits, mindfulness meditation is relatively simple to do. Even for a second grader. First, you need to sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Then, concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. If something interrupts your thoughts, recognize it without judging it, then go back to concentrating on your breathing.

According to a Fast Company article published in early 2019, a ClassDojo survey of 1,000 families and 900 teachers indicated that only 10% of the parents surveyed have kids enrolled in a school that teaches mindfulness meditation techniques. However, 90% of both parents and teachers believe mindfulness skills are important.

Once they received the results of their survey on mindfulness, ClassDojo developers decided to create their own mindfulness lessons. These lessons were developed with the help of Marc Brackett, a professor at Yale’s Child Study Center and the founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

ClassDojo is an educational app that connects teachers, parents and students through its online platform. Teachers use it to keep parents caught up on their child’s progress and classroom behavior, and to reward students and encourage positive behavior.

Nitin Khanna Has A Simple Strategy To Success

Though Nitin Khanna has gained recognition for being an innovative entrepreneur in the tech industry, those are not his only talents. He is also a DJ, an Executive Producer, has made his own wine, and is a devoted family man.

The son of a military man, Khanna was born in India in 1971. He arrived in the United States at the young age of 17 to further his education. Khanna obtained an undergraduate and then a master’s degree from Purdue University, majoring in Industrial Engineering. He was in the middle of obtaining his Ph.D. in robotics when he decided to leave academia. Shortly thereafter, he started Saber Corp, a company that received much attention during the 2000 Presidential elections. In 2009, he began a mergers and acquisitions company called MergerTech and has been the CEO every since.

Because of his successful leadership in a number of companies, Khanna has solidified a work strategy that is simple, yet effective. The key is prioritization. Khanna adheres to the zero inbox philosophy, where no message or email goes unanswered for more than 24 hours. He begins his day at 5:30 am addressing any new messages received. This clears the rest of his morning to focus on the tasks for the day. He believes it is important to prioritize your schedule so that you don’t engage in things that are unproductive. Time is a commodity that Khanna values very much. “If a meeting can be done in five minutes there is no reason to take fifteen minutes.” Top executives know how to be efficient with their time by hiring people whose visions and expectations align with the company’s culture. Khanna firmly believes that what puts one company ahead of the competition is the people within the company. For example, his core instincts of strategizing and growth are complemented by his brother’s, who is more operationally minded.

Today, in between managing lucrative portfolios, Khanna also enjoys the family life. He has four children and always tries his best to keep 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm reserved just for them.

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ClassDojo Is A Software That Teachers And Students Alike Can Enjoy

ClassDojo is a software app that is used by teachers, students and parents in the U.S. and other parts of the world. The co-founders of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had stated that a round of funding had been closed at the end of 2015.

The co-founders of ClassDojo also said that they utilized their capital so that they could increase the staff at their company. Both Mr. Don and Mr. Chaudhary had to check out the specific type of content that could be useful for those who use the ClassDojo app.

Parents can drop in on their child while using the ClassDojo app during the day while their kids are in class or while using the app at home. ClassDojo was once used as a handy tool that helped to provide many positive traits regarding one’s behavior. It has evolved into a software program that is utilized by teachers, parents and students to use for collaboration.

While Class Dojo can be used as both a social network and also a messaging platform, education is the focus of things. ClassDojo can track student behavior as well as create schedules and educational goals for students. The best news is that teachers can use a laptop, smartphone or a desktop computer to produce critical reports that delivered to parents.

Aaron Lupuloff on How School Environments Have Changed

Over the years, the effects of globalization have affected how people lead their lives every day. In the same way, it has also affected how the U.S.A. offers schooling opportunities to students. Studies show that that this has led to a global reduction in illiterate people numbers. Although literacy levels were previously measured through standardized tests, this is not the case these days. It was discovered that the standardized tests did nothing more than discourage students. The move in the U.S. to make education better by offering students supplemental programs has been welcomed by many schools in the region.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

To encourage learning in schools, students should be given diverse settings, programs, and opportunities. Students will always learn in different ways, and not every learner will flourish in the traditional school setting. Diversity opens new doors to such students so that they can grow their horizons and foster their creativity. The only downside to these opportunities is that they require a lot of funds to be implemented and not many public schools can afford that. This gave rise to GCPS, Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, an organization started in 2006 to improve the educational system in the region and ensure that every student’s education experience is enhanced.

The Goals of GCPSF

  • Provide funds to the schools to support their daily activities
  • With the funds, the schools can maintain high-value educational systems
  • To respond to the needs of Gwinnett County’s parents and students
  • Increasing resources and support to increase the possibility of future growth among students

About Aaron Lupuloff

In 2015, Aaron Lupuloff became one of the members of the managerial team at GCPS Foundation. He came in as the Sr. executive director of the organization. He and his wife, Jan, have been volunteering to help the communities in Gwinnett County lead better lives. Such deeds never g unnoticed which is why the couple were included in the NHSF Hall of Fame.

An example of Aaron’s exemplary work is seen in Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that he supports and which provides great summer camp experiences to disabled kids. Children from low-income families are also supported by Camp Twin Lakes. Aaron is committed to bettering the lives of many people. With his strong background in financial management, this role fits him perfectly. His believe in diverse learning opportunities for students is bearing fruit and many are supporting it.

Every parent wants their kids to go through school and gain the educational background and skills needed to shape them into what they desire to be in future. But they also know that this can only happen if they have the finances pay for their school fees. To ensure that parents are not living in fear of their kid’s school funding being cut, GCPSF is coming in to offer secure funding to students and schools in the county. This has brought peace to the minds of most parents and students who could not afford to pay for their tuition.

Inconsistent Article On Rocketship Education Sparks Outrage Among Students, Parents And Alumni

Rocketship Education has played a large role in the development of a safe and good institution that facilitates growth and overall learning. Rocketship Education and their chain of charter schools have gone well beyond what most schools usually offer to stand out and be one of the foremost institutions in the country.

Even though Rocketship Education is always perceived in an incredibly positive light, a recent story that was published did not portray the institution in the light that most people know and view Rocketship Education. The piece authored by Anya Kamentez spoke about the manner in which education is imparted at the institution, but also outlined some of the tougher challenges that are imposed on children, not accounting for the actual scenarios in which they are implemented.

There are of course certain ways in which the article sheds light on some of the much prevalent issues faced by Charter Schools, and the manner in which Rocketship Education tries to remedy them. The article, however, proceeded to talk about some of the practices being implemented at Rocketship Education and the path that is being taken for their student’s development.

The article, which may have been in good faith sparked an outrage among parents, students, and alumni of Rocketship Education. The collective opinion was that the school was not showcased in the best light, and the article did not cover the broad range of values and interests that are encouraged at the school. The general opinion was that many of the drawbacks of the school were looked at through a magnifying glass, while the positives of the school were simply skimped over. This created a somewhat warped impression of the school, and seemed like a complete stray away from what the general perception of the school is.

There are of course those who are stuck in the middle and torn between their idea of the school and some of the issues that are being faced. This section of the audience mostly believes that the issues laid out were not only pertaining to Rocketship Education but Charter Schools in general, irrespective of whether this particular institution was facing it or not.

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