A Film Student’s Day at Academy or Art University

Students may worry about what comes after high school. After all, it is a huge change to move elsewhere and be living on one’s own as an adult for the first time. What is to be expected? Many wonder this before taking the leap.

Academy of Art University recently had a freshman show what a new film student does from the time he wakes until he goes to bed at night. This is something to give prospective students a taste of what to expect is coming for them, and to let them feel more comfortable and prepared about the situation as a whole.

The student is Sam Bear and he starts his day at nine in the morning in his dormitory. He prepares for the rest of the day and heads out to catch a shuttle with his student ID that will take him to where he needs to go on campus. For him, his first class is at eleven in the morning and it is about production design. He makes good use of places on campus such as the libraries, lounges, studios, and classrooms. Sam spends time hanging out with friends and also goes to a campus cafe, which there are several of located around the city. Sam has an entire blog post and video up on the internet for those interested in knowing what his days are like.

The Academy of Art University is in San Francisco, California and was established in 1929. It is the largest private accredited art and design school in the country. The student body is diverse with about 14,000 students from all over the world. The Academy has over thirty facilities and offers degrees in more than thirty areas of study. This is the perfect place for a student to spend their days.

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Isabel Dos Santos Shares The Prejudices She Has Faced As An African Entrepreneur

Isabel dos Santos is a 45-year-old Angolan entrepreneur. She has been a leader at some of Angola’s most successful companies including Sonangol, Unitel, ZAP, and Sodiba. She is also a philanthropist and vocal supporter of women’s rights. She was trained as an electrical engineer in the United Kingdom and uses her international business experience to help grow the economy of Angola.

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Os sorrisos que me inspiram… esses momentos felizes em família são tudo na vida… a guardar recordações para o futuro e a passar ensinamentos aos nossos pequeninos. Grata por todo o amor e apoio da minha família 🙏🏾❤️ meu filho, que possas sempre ter essa força e esse sorriso, a tua vontade de descobrir o mundo e a tua alegria contagiante. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #familia #vacations #love The smiles that inspire me… these happy moments spent with family mean everything to me… building memories for the future, preparing and educating our children. Grateful for all my family’s love and support 🙏 ❤️ my baby boy, may you always have that strength and smile, your willing to see the world and your joy.

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She is known around the world as a vociferous supporter of women’s economic emancipation. She works to make sure Angolan women have increased employment opportunities, at her companies and others. Isabel dos Santos has experienced gender-bias herself and fully understands how this holds back women who want greater opportunities and equal rights.

She says that women at all levels of Africa’s business world know that sexism and gender discrimination are huge problems.

Even at the top of her career leading national companies, she would have her decisions questioned because she is a woman. Men across the table from her during business negotiations often think she is unable to handle this process. She has stood up for her values, abilities, and rights by creating effective strategies that get her voice heard. Businesswomen in Africa often spend so much time getting their opinions heard that it leaves little time to do their work.

Isabel dos Santos says that it is possible for African women to succeed despite the prejudices they face. It starts with being persistent and having courage. When talking to younger women, she tells them to figure out what their abilities are and what they’re passionate about. She tells them that Angola has untapped natural resources so they can start businesses in areas such as agriculture, tourism, and minerals.

Asked which men had supported her during her career in an interview, Isabel dos Santos talked about her dad. He made sure she had the same educational opportunities as her brothers did. He wanted her to study something in the STEM field and maybe be an astronaut one day. She says her husband has also been very supportive. If she needs to take a long business trip, for instance, he will take care of their kids while she is gone.

Isabel dos Santos anuncia novos investimentos em Angola

Economist Ted Bauman Lays Out Why Amazon Isn’t A Monopoly

Economist Ted Bauman has a warning for investors in Amazon. They may think their investment is safer than it actually is, he wrote in a recent issue of his newsletter “The Bauman Report“. Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive officer of Amazon, may have filled the leadership role in the tech industry left vacant after Apple’s Steve Jobs died. However, if people think Amazon is a monopoly in the retail industry they are very much mistaken. See more on forexvestor.com

Apple is a monopoly in the smartphone industry. Despite the number of Android phones that have been sold it’s the iPhone that controls this industry. It accounts for more than 75 percent of the annual revenues generated at Apple. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are locked into the Apple brand ecosystem. Apple was the first company to exceed $1 trillion in market cap.

Who is Ted Bauman you ask and why is he questioning Amazon? He’s been an economist for three decades, both in the United States and South Africa. After working for many years in the not-for-profit industry he started to write “The Bauman Report”, a financial newsletter that helps people manage their money. He teaches readers how to protect their assets and what low-risk investment strategies they should be using. He has over 100,000 subscribers.

Amazon isn’t as big as people believe. Ted Bauman says that despite the millions of Prime members and news reports of this company completely controlling online retail that isn’t actually the case. They’re big, no doubt. But less than 50 percent of online sales occur at Amazon. Rivals such as Walmart, Target, and Apple control 56 percent of the market.

Looking at overall retail sales, Amazon isn’t big at all. Ted Bauman surprises people when he tells them that just 5 percent of all retail sales are on the Amazon website. This is because physical stores aren’t nearly as dead as news articles like to proclaim. Kroger is actually a bigger firm than Amazon is. Competitors such as Big Lot, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and more are competitively priced with Amazon. The conclusion is Amazon isn’t a monopoly.

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