Entrepreneur Alexis Kennedy Is The King Of Crowdfunded Video Games

To put it simply, Alexis Kennedy represents a new breed of entrepreneurs.

Like other people in businesspeople who make their living in the technology sector, Kennedy believes that people should come before profit. Moreover, his philosophy appears to be working.

His company, Weather Factory Studios, has taken the London gaming world by storm. Founded in 2016 with fellow game designer Lottie Bevan, Kennedy has been a part of some of Kickstarter’s most successful gaming campaigns. He and his co-founder Bevan crowdfunded their first game more than three years ago, and the duo hasn’t looked back since. Cultist Simulator, the first game that Kennedy helped design at Weather Factory, has sold more than $100,000 in revenue in under 36 months. Six-figure numbers aren’t enough for Kennedy, though, and he dreams of much more.

Weather Studios has an interesting company culture and is famous for its modern communication infrastructure. The company uses Slack so that team members can communicate in real-time, but perhaps that’s not surprising to see from an engineer as advanced as Kennedy.

He runs a tight ship at Weather Studios, but most of the team is remote. Rather than requiring developers to spend much of their time commuting to work and back again, Kennedy prefers to let his employees work wherever they please. This lets his developers focus on what matters, and what matters to Kennedy is making video games that users love.

Furthermore, Kennedy credits the success of its company to the ability to get and keep the attention of prospective users. Weather Studios is famous for its innovative advertising, and it was Kennedy who first had the idea to use Kickstarter as an initial source of funding.

In short, Alexis Kennedy is only getting started. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with big things ahead to look forward to.