The Enlightened Story Of Gump’s

If you are in San Francisco, CA or New York City, NY, you may be wondering what Gump’s is. After all, they are based primarily out of these two cities. And if you are interested in fine and exotic artwork, you may definitely have heard of Gump’s.

Gump’s is actually part of history as one of the oldest luxury retailers in the country to still be operating today. Gump’s was actually originally formed back in the early 1860s by a pair of brothers with the last name of “Gump”. Neither of them at the time had any idea what their humble store would eventually grow to in the years to come.

After the original store burned down in 1906, it was eventually relocated to Union Square. And when Gump’s began sending buyers to other countries to acquire exotic art, furniture, jewelry, and more, the store gained a very positive reputation. In fact, it was said that you could buy things at Gump’s that you couldn’t get anywhere else in the United States at the time. See Related Link to learn more.

People rumored to have shopped there even include Franklin Roosevelt and the late French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt! They carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati.

Over the decades, Gump’s ownership changed hands many times. In 2005, an investment banker by the name of John Chachas sought to buy the store. He had visited the store many times as a child, and he had developed a fascination with a Buddha statue that was kept there. Even though trying to buy the store proved difficult at first, Chachas eventually ended up being able to buy both the Buddha statue and Gump’s. Click Here to learn more.

Eventually, Mr. Chachas sold the Buddha statue for millions of dollars in Hong Kong.

Gump’s was originally opened in San Francisco, but they are based out of both San Francisco and New York City. Recently, they have been acquired by new owners who are planning a grand re-opening in October 2019.


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Gumps Luxury Brand Store Set To Re-Open Under New Family Management Soon

Gumps luxury department store was opened up on the west coast in 1861 in the San Francisco, California area as a mirror and frames dealer, with artwork eventually put into the frames to give them a more home beautifying appeal. In later years, the two brothers who co-founded the business, Solomon and Gustave, began to carry an inventory of luxury items featuring designer brands such as Hermes and Buccellati.

The store was also the seller of high-end jewelry, precious gemstones and home furnishings. Known as the oldest and most recognized store of its kind in the U.S., Gumps continued to offer quality merchandise to its customers up until the end of 2018.

Gumps was recently acquired by businessman John Chachas and a few members of his family, who began investing in the store back in 2007, and wanted to keep it under family management as a way to honor the Gumps tradition. The Chachas plan to re-open the business in the fall season of 2019 in an as of yet undetermined new location. Along with his wife Diane, John Chachas has always had a great deal of admiration for the special way the Gumps connected with their customers. It will be the couple’s three children, Anne, Christopher and Jack who will have the majority interest in the company as its new leaders.

Over the many years that Gumps was in operation, the previous owners endured a few setbacks, such as the San Francisco Earthquake, which happened in 1906. This natural disaster caused the establishment to be burned down, and forced the brothers to have to relocate it to Union Square. Antoinette Gump, a descendant of the founders of the iconic store, said that she is happy to have it returned to family ownership. Its re-opening day and location will be announced on the Gumps website. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Gumps Recently Acquired And Set To Re-Launch

Gumps is a luxury jewelry and gift retailer based in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY., and is now coming back. The iconic retailer founded in 1861 by the Gump family will re-launch shortly. John and Diane Chachas invested in the company in 2007 and now their three children are taking over the business so the company will once again be family-owned and operated.

Antoinette Gump, the great, great granddaughter of original owner Solomon Gumps, is pleased to see Gumps remaining a family enterprise. Go Here for more information.

Anne Chachas confirmed Gumps will open in the fall, just in time for the Christmas season of 2019 with an online store and physical locations, although no exact locations have been announced. Since the Chachas has said they are interested in maintaining the Gumps’  tradition, customers hope the store will continue to sell exceptional jewelry and gift items by luxury brands like Buccellati and Hermès.

Gumps started out as a simple mirror and frame shop until there was a market for artwork from Europe and other luxurious home items from newly wealthy gold prospectors. While the 1906 earthquake destroyed the store Alfred Livingston Gumps rebuilt the store and sold silks, rugs and jade from the Far East.

Former Gumps customers are excited that there will be a place to buy unique, one-of-a-kind gifts once again. Gumps was the place to buy fine china, exquisite furniture and items suitable for extravagant wedding gifts. Moreover, consumers can learn more on the company’s website and social media channels as details become available. Read This Article for more information.


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Old Time Gumps Will Be New Again


Those looking to make purchases from Gumps of California and New York should be pleased to learn that the store will be re-opened in these cities in the Fall of 2019. After being owned and operated by the Solomon Gump family for over 150 years, the corporation was acquired by John and Diane Chachas who were investors in the business for the past ten years.

The Chachas family are now majority owners, they will relinquish operations to the Gump family so that the long-standing traditions and commitment to quality products and services can be maintained. Refer to This Article for additional information.

The absence of Gumps from the retail market has made the heart of its customers grow fonder. The store is famous as a luxury retailer dealing in unique gifts and high-end jewelry. Gumps has always been known for exotic pieces such as cultured pearls, jade jewelry from Asia, and rare gemstones placed in individually designed settings and the Chachas family promises that will not change. The store also has a crystal and china department and stocks pieces from global designers like Hermes and Buccellati.

Gumps has served millions of patrons over the years. San Francisco and New York locals and tourists alike will be happy that they can take advantage of Gumps’ treasures just in time for the December 2019 holidays. New sites for the brick and mortar stores have not yet been located but San Francisco and New York will remain as home base. The online operation will also resume according to the same time schedule.

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