Greg Blatt Views on Technology in the Service Business

The success story of the dating space is incomplete without a whole chapter on Greg Blatt. Different journals — in the service industry — have referred him as the most influential person in this niche and more importantly one of the people that have redefined the dating space.

He is one of the professionals that have revolutionized the dating space. In order to create customer-centered strategies, he is concerned about the following factors. Greg Blatt is a firm believer in customer-centered policies. First, Blatt is keen on understanding ‘what’ his clients want from a system and more importantly, how a company can make the wishes come to reality. Second, Greg Blatt is also keen on understanding market dynamics. Although most of the dating sites need the traffic to make returns, Blatt is keen on protecting the users’ information — by advocating for new security layers.

This approach to this growing niche makes him one of the most critical people in people-centered dating sites. In a recent interview, Greg Blatt pointed out that his definition of success is different. Although most dating companies are commercial establishments, he believes that real achievement (and a true mark of success) is — how best a company gives services to its customers.

When he was working for Tinder, for example, he was instrumental in helping the company create better policies and more importantly, policies that reflect the modern service industry (Professionaltales).

Blatt also points out that understanding the market from an outsider perspective is critical, especially in decision making. His time in the three dating companies, he has helped the entities to redefine the market — while still making huge returns.

In addition to being one of the most influential people in the service industry (specifically the dating industry), Greg Blatt is one of the professionals that have a rich academic background. As an economist and a law graduate, Blatt has a different perspective on the industry. In over 25 years, he has been instrumental in helping companies to make better policies especially in relation to the existing laws. Blatt understands that every company in the service industry should operate within the stipulated legal requirements. Additionally, he is a believer that every company should operate within the premises of law.

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