Article Title: Launches Choice Wine Selections To Customers Branches Into Choice Wine Selections

In a recent analysis survey carried out by, the analysis showed three-quarters of the customers of preferred wine outside of their homeland, which is China. The study further showed that women especially, over the men, had a preference for wine. shared its analysis with the press which showed these customers are young consumer living in first and second-tier cities throughout China.

Perfect Timing For Grand Tokaj Hungarian Wines

Carol Fung, who is in charge of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Group said the company was “honored” to have been chosen by Grand Tokaj to be its “first choice” in introducing their “sweet wine to the Chinese market.” It is a perfect time to introduce the Chinese people to the Hungarian sweet wines of Grand Tokaj, since wine is a rapidly “growing and flourishing” need for such products in China. The potential to satisfy many Chinese customers is potent and on the rise.

Excitement Around New Hungarian Wine Brands

Mrs. Fung also told reporters , speaking for “we are excited…to “bring greater choice to Chinese wine fans.” Mrs. Fun closed by adding the’s Chinese customers are “thirty for a unique experience” of from outside the homeland. The ability to hosts consumer brands of prime significance on the platform and cross the divide that keeps great products form the consumer is a well-established method of the way does its business for the welfare of the Chinese customer. Bringing Global Brands to Customers

Global wine brands need to be recognized for their superior brands and makes it a strong point to bring about the results in being the first to host these great brands for the benefit of the customers. The recent launch day of the Grand Tokaj sweet wines on between April 17-22, showed how significantly the Chinese customer was ready to embrace these sweet tasting wines when more than 1000 of its #1 wine was sold within the first 10 hours of its first launch day. Furthermore, was happy to report to the media 400 thousand’s customers became followers of the Hungarian Sweet wine brand during its first launch days.

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