Mark Holyoake Uses Professional Gymnast Skills To Train Athletes


Mark Holyoake is a personal trainer who was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He was a professional gymnast who competed as an all-rounder. At the 2006 Commonwealth Games, New Zealand’s gymnastics team placed 4th. He was 4th in the parallel bars. He retired from gymnastics in 2010.

Mark started competing in gymnastics when he was nine years old. He made New Zealand’s national development squad and competed in all gymnastic events. This includes parallel bars, pommel horse, floor routine, high bar, rings, and vault. He excelled in school and was able to get into Auckland University. Still competing in gymnastics while studying, Mark Holyoake earned a B.S. in sport and exercise science.

Gymnastics is not a sport that people can compete in for very long. With an eye to his future, Mark Holyoake became a part-time personal trainer while in college. This took place at the Auckland Regional Gymsport Centre located at Keith Hay Park. He was a role model for the younger people that worked out there. He showed them that if you work hard you can compete at higher and higher levels of your chosen sport.

Upon retirement, he found a job as a personal trainer at Les Mills International. He parlayed his gymnastics career and college education to become an in-demand personal trainer among his fellow athletes. Mark Holyaoke shows them how gymnastics moves could benefit them regardless of what sport they were focused on. He also shows them how to eat a healthy diet and maintain their well-being.

After he retired he became interested in CrossFit. He is now a member of the CrossFit community and competes in events across New Zealand. He also went into business for himself and opened gymnastics clinics where he teaches people of all ages and at every level of athletics. Click Here for more information.

Geeks News’ article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake’s Road To Entrepreneurship” talks about how Mark Holyoake found success within the realm of local CrossFit gym ownership. The now-retired gymnast has parlayed his previously perfected skills into a thriving business that calls upon his best assets, experiences, and business savvy.

He recently joined forces with another entrepreneur, Tila Hamad. He established Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. This company features precise coaching and high levels of attention on each client. Mark Holyoake relies upon his athletic experiences to get clients to the next level of fitness. He also trains the company’s coaches so they can best help clients of the company.


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Mark Holyoake Has Success In Doing What He Loves


Mark Holyoake was born March 1, 1983 in Wellington New Zealand. He is known for his gymnastics skill and had a rewarding professional career in that sport. Mark started developing his skills at the age of nine. Unlike many gymnasts, he attacked all disciplines with the same vigor, where most gymnasts have certain skills in which they excel. With his skill, by age ten, Mark Holyoake was making specialized gymnastics squads where the focus is on creating professional gymnasts. With this intense training, Mark was required to balance both his formal education and his gymnastics education.

Upon completion of high school, Mark Holyoake went to college at Auckland University. Here, he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Again, he was required to balance his undergraduate studies with his gymnastics training. At the time, he also joined the Tri Star Gymnastics Club located at Auckland Regional Gymsport Centre. He was also working as a part-time trainer.

Mark Holyoake continued to compete and in 2005, he took 25th place in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship and placed 11th in the Commonwealth Games. In 2009, Mark increased the intensity of his training to about thirty hours a week in order to work towards making the upcoming Olympics team. He was also working to compete in the World Championship. In 2010, he placed 4th in the Commonwealth Games on the parallel bars. He also received a place in the Guinness World Records for having the most leg rotations in one minute on a Pommel Horse.

After retiring in 2010, Mark Holyoake parlayed his gymnastics career into a profession outside of the professional competition of the sport. Realizing that he could not compete forever, he studied a subject in college that would allow him to continue to stay involved. As a professional trainer at Les Mills, he has also become quite active in CrossFit. He also develops gymnastics programs for students of all skill levels and ages.

In addition, he co-founded a new type of CrossFit called Carbon Method. This method focuses on giving very high levels of individual attention to each client. Mark Holyoake works at training the Carbon Method Coaches and continues to teach some Gymnastics classes throughout the week.


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