TJ Maloney Leads the Way in Acquisitions

The CEO and chairperson of Lincolnshire Management is an avid investor known for turning every business he operates into a profitable venture. With an experience shy of three decades, TJ Maloney has engaged in the acquisition of several entities since he joined the organization in 1993. Under his stewardship, Lincolnshire has perpetually realized immense success.

TJ Maloney’s professional journey began materializing when he graduated undergraduate from Boston College and the next progression to acquiring a Juris Degree from Fordham School of Law. Before assuming his current position, he worked in New York, where he practiced securities law, mergers, and acquisitions. Besides, at one point he worked for his father’s companies before attaining a college education.

On joining Lincolnshire, TJ Maloney’s career advanced to a reputable level after working his way up the career ladder. As follows, he has managed to participate in many successful acquisitions throughout his tenure. His skills were vital in the organization, whose objective is to engage in control investments among developing middle-scale businesses.

Lincolnshire Management has enjoyed significant success in its operations since its inception in 1986. The corporation has engaged in over eighty acquisitions that have enabled it to grow and expand its line of business. Presently, the firm manages an estimated 1.7 billion dollars of private equity funds.

Given the organization’s success record, it is now engaging in another acquisition. The announcement that was done in October 2019 reported that it is investing in Powerhouse as well as other two complimentary corporations. The move intends to establish an integrated asset-light provider that would comfortably work on multiple large-scale projects.

Lincolnshire will be working with VSS, which is the minority investor in Powerhouse. TJ Maloney reflects VSS’ managing director Patrick Turner’s sentiments by stating that he is looking forward to working with VSS. VSS is a business that engages in offering entrepreneurial services that are in high demand as well as tech-enabled and will promote the realization of a more profitable Powerhouse.

In his professional capacity, TJ Maloney has been giving back to the community. He served as the chair of Boston College Wall Street Council and a member of the Board of Trustees for Fordham University and Boston College as well as other active roles in several boards. Maloney’s philosophy in his career is that of embracing balance in all activities.

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The Controversy of Niranjan Shah

President Barack Obama, back in 2009, had invited Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., and the policeman who had arrested him in order to form some reconciliation over an incident that happened at his house. This incident was that he arrived at his own home and was arrested as a potential burglar.

It seems like great men are always having some sort of struggles that lead to controversy.

The Governor and Trustees Controversy

The controversy regarding the University of Illinois was about favoritism. Commissioners were sure to not allow it to be a witch hunt. One of the trustees that were part of the great land grant university is Niranjan Shah. As the new Chair, he took a lot of heat. But here is what is known.

Niranjan Shah has never charged for work not done. He has integrity. He has had tens of millions in government contracts for his engineering job, but has never performed a bad job. It is known publically that he has been a very generous contributor. He is open about this. But, there is no correlation between his contributions and the size of his contracts.

He has also never been known to pressure people for a contract. His only wish is to not discriminate. He has never paid to play.

The Downside of Greatness

The downside is even a great man can make mistakes. Although there were only a handful of mistake in a handful of cases, Being the chairman of the trustees has been one of his proudest achievements. One of these mistakes one case for his future son in law. His son in law was first in his class at Oxford (United Kingdom).

His personal health required that he resigned, but he should be respected for his many contributions to promoting excellence. It is no easy task to deal with the University of Illinois and it is not a sign of weakness that he resigned. He has been revered and appreciated for his efforts.

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The Fortress Investment Group Makes a Killing

The Fortress Investment Group was founded years ago and has since become a force to be reckoned with worldwide. The Fortress Investment Group is a global diversified investment management firm. They are capable of using to deep experience to tell consumers how to make money through specialized markets. They have been able to help over 1500 people gain millions and billions of dollars by spreading their investments over several strategies such as private equity, liquid markets, credit interest, and worldwide traditional asset management.

As of the end of 2017, the Fortress Investment Group manages over $43 billion. Recently, they added 1750 institutions to their client list and continue to help them grow their businesses and make a wad of cash.

The Fortress Investment Group has its $43.6 billion spread in many different strategies in order to hedge its bets and keep it safe from any investment cycle south. The first area that has a pool their money is private equity which holds $6.5 billion worth of Fortress Investment Group. The second is their permanent capital vehicles which has $7.8 billion. The next is the credit hedge funds which hold nearly $9 billion. The largest of their strategies however is the credit private equity which holds over $15 billion to the Fortress Investment Group manages. Learn more about the Investors profile at

In order to make sure that their customer’s money stay safe Fortress Investment Group employs over 1500 people who are experts in their various fields. These 1500 people oversee where the investments are going and are capable of seeing market trends long before they become treacherous.

The Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by a Japanese company for $3.3 billion in order to expand their interests to the United States of America. The main attraction to the Fortress Investment Group is that they have alternative strategies to managing one’s funds.

Fortress Investment Group is known worldwide for having its five core competencies the Senate above any other financial institution in the world.

The first core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is that they are asset-based. In other words, they are able to provide credit funds and private equity funds specialize in investing broadly and deeply. By doing so, they are able to protect the customer should any specific sector go south. In addition, the expertise extends to them financing, pricing, owning, and managing physical assets such as real estate and commercial estate.

The second core competency for the Fortress Investment Group is that they have industry knowledge. Earlier, this author reported that the employed over 1500 people. Each of these employees has knowledge about a specific industry that Fortress Investment Group is operating in. This team out investors is sector specific and allows them to create relationships with the largest companies in the world.

The third core competency is operations management. The Fortress Investment Group a structured in such a way that they can tackle the most complex investments in key profit from them.

The last core competencies are merging and key acquisitions.

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A Film Student’s Day at Academy or Art University

Students may worry about what comes after high school. After all, it is a huge change to move elsewhere and be living on one’s own as an adult for the first time. What is to be expected? Many wonder this before taking the leap.

Academy of Art University recently had a freshman show what a new film student does from the time he wakes until he goes to bed at night. This is something to give prospective students a taste of what to expect is coming for them, and to let them feel more comfortable and prepared about the situation as a whole.

The student is Sam Bear and he starts his day at nine in the morning in his dormitory. He prepares for the rest of the day and heads out to catch a shuttle with his student ID that will take him to where he needs to go on campus. For him, his first class is at eleven in the morning and it is about production design. He makes good use of places on campus such as the libraries, lounges, studios, and classrooms. Sam spends time hanging out with friends and also goes to a campus cafe, which there are several of located around the city. Sam has an entire blog post and video up on the internet for those interested in knowing what his days are like.

The Academy of Art University is in San Francisco, California and was established in 1929. It is the largest private accredited art and design school in the country. The student body is diverse with about 14,000 students from all over the world. The Academy has over thirty facilities and offers degrees in more than thirty areas of study. This is the perfect place for a student to spend their days.

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TJ Maloney Is Paying It Forward

Thomas J. Maloney is an established professional in the banking industry. As a child, he grew up watching his father operate the family business. This do for self approach to life inspired TJ Maloney to follow suit. The journey to owning his own company would start with Boston College’s Undergraduate Program. Maloney would successfully complete the bachelors curriculum and immediately enter Fordham Law School. During his studies at Law school, Thomas honed his work ethic and graduated in 1979. TJ Maloney began his career in 1980 after graduating from Fordham.

Maloney’s first 13 years proceeding graduation were spent helping his father’s business and working in numerous different industries; including sales, merging and marketing. This experience gave him a wide range of knowledge that would suit him well in his future endeavors. TJ Maloney would accept a position at Lincolnshire Management Firm by the year 1993. As the company’s new Director of Management, he would have much responsibility over portfolio accounts and daily operations. During 1998, TJ Maloney was promoted from Management Director to Chief Executive Officer. Over the years Maloney has been a key component in the most prominent transactions in the company’s history.

 The drive and persistence that TJ Maloney has these days stems from his law school days; he mentions in a recent interview. What Fordham Law school inspired him to go on and accomplish is the reason he is giving back. He and his wife gave the New York school $5 million. Thomas attributes much of his success to Fordham Law school and wanted to pay it forward.

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Ways that Laerte Codonho protects his businesses

Laerte Codonho is the founder of Dolly soda company that is located in Brazil. The businessman has been credited for being an intelligent CEO and marketer throughout his career. Dolly is a special kind of company as they were the first to introduce diet sodas to Brazil. Under the leadership of Laerte Codonho, Dolly grew tremendously since their founding in 1987 (Weeklyopinion). 


One of the brands brilliant ideas was to infuse one of their sodas with guarana, which is the fruit known throughout the country. The ingredient has been used in a number of energy drinks. One of the reasons that they became the first supplier of diet sodas to the country was due to the fact that Brazil outlawed the sale of them thinking that they were unhealthy and dangerous to people’s lives. 


Laerte Codonho made it his mission to persuade the country that they were healthy through his own studies. Dolly regularly tests their products for their quality and uses taste testers to make sure they are safe for public consumption. The entrepreneur has been able to make his brand notable throughout Brazil and the world through effective marketing campaigns. He even gave Dolly their own mascot named the Dollynho that is described as a talking soda that can walk. The mascot has even spoken to children at schools and been used by the media and used as a meme for good fun. 


Like many say, with fame comes trouble, as many speculated how Dolly was able to be such a success. People started to question the company and make accusations against them, including one of them being Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho believes Coca Cola is a big part of why they have spiraled down. The founder has filed a suit against the popular soda drink company for raising accusations against them. 


Laerte Codonho has stayed to the task of rebuilding the brand’s image through billboards and by listing all the ingredients found in all of their products. He has also spoken with the media to tell his side of the story as one of the concerns was on what Dolly puts into their soda. 

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Expanding the Work of OSI Group, the Producer of McDonalds Meat

OSI Group, the largest meat supplier of McDonalds, recently formed a partnership with Impossible Foods to help IF meet a sudden huge increase in demand for its products. Right now OSI Group is producing Impossible Foods products at its facilities in Chicago with plans to expand this work into a factory in the Midwest if it becomes necessary. Impossible Foods is now in the process of greatly increasing its own personnel so that it can produce for the sudden increase in demand on its own. It currently sells to 10,000 restaurants worldwide.

This number is expected to soon grow to 17,000. It does all of its operations via 65 facilities in 17 countries. These facilities sell the products to over 400 distributors and redistributors who in turn sell the products to the restaurants. Impossible Foods is known for its healthy Impossible Burger. Prior to this partnership, Impossible had already been struggling for months during which they did an exhaustive search for a partner. The sudden demand has come because of a new fast food restaurant trend toward plant-based meat. Check out to read full interviews of David Mcdonalds

Impossible Foods is always on the hunt for new healthy ingredients. This past July the FDA approved their dire to use soy leghemoglobin, a molecule that makes their non-meat burgers taste like actual meat. The FDA required Impossible Foods to go through the entire process twice to ensure its complete safety to use. This was not the first time Impossible Foods has dealt with the FDA. They have been doing so with all of their desired new ingredients for several years. They take great pride in this knowing that it means their customers can be completely sure what they are eating is safe.

And the executives of OSI, the producers of McDonalds meat, are proud to be able to assist IF produce its meatless burgers. The partnership is even now successfully meeting the demand.


Bhanu Choudhrie Provides a New Wave of Aviation Training

There are few entrepreneurs that make a mark on a specific industry like Bhanu Choudhrie. His investment portfolio includes companies that span the globe and are strong within various industries including healthcare, banking, real estate and utilities. However, Choudhrie is most known as the driving force behind the success of C&C Alpha Group’s aviation division. His experience and trust in innovation has gained recognition as a leader in educating and training airline pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India. His father was a successful business developer in London, England. Choudhrie was educated in the local schools and completed a business degree at the University of Boston as well as studies at Harvard Business School. Upon graduation, Bhanu Choudhrie completed an internship at JP Morgan before moving to the United Kingdom to join his family that had settled there.

In 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie took the position of executive director with C&C Alpha Group, a private investment strategy business based out of London that he cofounded with other family members. The primary focus for Choudhrie would be the aviation division of the company. The Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. was seeing intensive growth providing airline pilot training. The school is the only flight school located in the Philippines that has accreditation. The expert team at Alpha Aviation provide comprehensive training and attribute to it’s exemplary reputation.

The impeccable training programs offered by Alpha Aviation are due to the quality of leadership of Mr. Choudhrie continues to provide. His forward thinking management pushes innovation forward within the pilot school, allowing it to offer state-of-the-art facilities and training programs. Choudhrie recognized a gap in the availability of qualified pilots in the industry and took this opportunity to enhance to aviation industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur that believes in the mission that his company follows. His passion for providing a solution to the lack of qualified pilots in the aviation industry has paved the way for a successful career as well as allowing those individuals that dream of being an airline pilot an opportunity to learn in a diverse and highly supportive atmosphere. Choudhrie has created a pilot training program that will be the foundation of aviation schools in the future.

Bhanu Choudhrie: A Diverse Portfolio Manager With a Diverse Perspective

OSI Industries Will Begin Co-Manufacturing Impossible Burger with Impossible Foods

The innovative food startup, Impossible Foods, has partnered with OSI Industries to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger on a larger scale. As its name suggests, the Impossible Burger accomplishes something that many people consider impossible, which is for a plant-based product to taste like meat. Impossible Foods invested years of research in developing its Impossible Burger, and there is now a surge of consumer interest in the product. Demand has increased so much that it outstripped the startup’s capacity to produce the burger quickly enough to meet inventory needs. The partnership with OSI Industries, which is already the biggest provider of protein on the globe, is a development that will significantly increase the public’s access to the Impossible Burger.

Impossible Foods has the goal of changing how a significant percentage of the population gets their protein. Plant sources of this critical building block are considered much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Impossible Foods designed the Impossible Burger 2.0 to taste so much like meat that consumers could find it a real alternative to traditional burgers. The goal of Impossible Foods has always been to make its protein products an attractive alternative source for protein that can replace meat for a large number of people. Consumer interest in the Impossible Burger finally increased earlier this year when an upgraded version of the burger was released. OSI Industries has extensive infrastructure and broad experience in the food manufacturing industry. As a co-manufacturer for the Impossible Burger, OSI Industries is capable of ramping up the production of the burger to the scale that would be necessary to make an impact.

There are a variety of reasons why the popularity of the Impossible Burger has increased so much. The public is becoming more aware of the environmental impact of meat production, which drives interest in protein alternatives. The Impossible Burger is also benefitting from the positive buzz on social media, which has made many people curious to try the burger. Another factor is increased availability, including the recent announcement that Burger King will be offering the Impossible Burger throughout the US. Having OSI Industries as co-manufacturer will allow Impossible Foods to meet this increased demand.

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Entrepreneur Sheldon Lavin Creates An Impressive Career At OSI Industries

While Sheldon Lavin was completing his accounting and finance studies at Roosevelt University, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois, entrepreneurship became an attraction. After earning a bachelor’s degree, he started a financial consulting firm in Chicago, IL and earned the trust of the owners of Otto & Sons. Otto Kolchowsky, the founder and his two sons hired Mr. Lavin as their private financial consultant to help with expanding the business into an international and first class food processing company.

Sheldon Lavin arranged the financing of a meat processing facility in the west side of the Windy City in 1973 after joining Otto & Sons in 1970. Following the launching of the west side plant, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries and opened processing plants in North America, Germany, and Spain, between 1977 and the 1980s. With additional international partnerships in Asia-Pacific, Beijing, Philippines, Shanghai, and Europe, Sheldon established a holding company, OSI Group. It is the parent of OSI Industries, OSI International Inc, and US International Foods. OSI Industry is the holding company of all global investments.

The 49 years Sheldon Lavin remains faithful to building up OSI into a gigantic collaboration of partnerships is an impressive career. His colleagues and the meat processing industry recognizes him as a dedicated and friendly leader. This is evident when Sheldon took David McDonald under his wings in the 1980s working as an intern for OSI Industries after graduating from college. Today, Mr. McDonald looks up to and works beside him as President and Chief Operating Officer. He started as a project manager and worked his way up to where he is at OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group and all its subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia, and other international companies. He and Mr. McDonald oversee daily operations of the parent company and its subsidiaries. His impressive expertise in the meat processing and financial industries is behind the success of him as an entrepreneur, guru businessman, and leader. Together with the leadership team, Lavin successfully opened approximately 75 facilities and offices nationally and globally. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

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