IC Systems is Working to Keep Customers’ Information Safe

As more and more companies transact electronically it becomes increasingly important to keep sensitive customer information safe. Collection agencies like IC Systems are duty-bound to maintain security for the companies they work with to recover funds from customers. Security measures are necessary due to cyber threats and other issues.


Compliance with federal regulations that protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands is what IC Systems does daily. This organization actively practices security protocol with databases and other electronic resources. They utilize a third party security specialist to actively monitor systems and audit them. The state-of-the-art collection tools allow representatives to reassure customers that their information is safe. IC Systems follows CFPB and TCPA regulations.


IC Systems is a well-known and trusted collection agency with 70 years experience. They were the first collection agency to change from paper files to computer files, so they have a good grasp on data security. When Ruth and Jack Erickson started the agency in 1938 the basic premise was to be transparent in all their dealings. The same premise holds true today as the company abides by ethical behavior and forthright dealings.


Customers definitely need to feel secure about who they are dealing with when it comes to monetary transactions. Customers also need to trust that their personal information remains private. IC Systems works with a number of clients to ensure that their transactions are handled properly and securely.


The main focus of this accounts receivable company is to ensure data received from both inside and outside the company is not misused. The trust that many companies have in IC Systems is too priceless to let go. It is important to understand that IC Systems follows the letter of the law and has licenses in all fifty states.


Keeping data safe from would-be thieves and making sure companies remain compliant does provide security and profitability. Companies have come to depend on IC Systems for all their collection needs. Their robust Compliance Risk Management System provides companies with an accurate assessment of their current policies and updates in training. This ensures that everyone is compliant.


Lee May Sponsors Nemesis ABC Mini Bus Buying Project

The Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club is looking for funds to purchase a mini bus. To help them out, Lee May is planning to do a sponsored 10K run. Every single cent received during the event will be given to the club to assist them with their mini bus buying project. If you were not aware, Lee May has been a dedicated sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club.


The sponsorship is aimed at ensuring the club can develop all aspects with regards to their training. This will ensure the young boxers have the best opportunities and resources to effectively compete in local and international tournaments. The club not only trains young people to be boxers, but they also contribute to their development by providing strong values.


Lee May has been a devoted boxer fan. For the reasons mentioned above, as well as being an avid fan, the company is proud to be a sponsor of the amateur boxing club. People have rallied behind Lee May in a bid to help them raise the £20K needed by the club. They insist that any amount donated towards the project, however small the amount, will be highly appreciated.


About Lee May


Lee May has a management team made up of professionals. These people have worked for the company for decades, building confidence and trust in their ability to provide the required results. Products from the company are insurance backed and fully warranted.


It is the company’s policy to ensure construction practices are sustainable. Every project handled by the company implements a carbon footprint and waste management policy. Additionally, Lee May strives to create an IFE (Injury Free Environment). This is achieved by ensuring this policy is more of a culture of concern and care for employees and others. Such a move ensures everyone is responsible for their safety, as well as their colleague’s safety and well-being.


Lee May is looking forward to what the future holds. The company has established itself as a leading provider of commercial, residential and design and build projects. This was done through strengthening their construction services and company infrastructure. The company continually invests in its employees as they are one of their most important assets.