Maurício Mendonça Godoy on Continuously Working Hard

Sometimes, people assume that businessmen are simply out there for the money, and that once they get it, they will inevitably abandon the people they promised to help. If there is any individual in the world who counteracts this stereotype within the world of business, it is most definitely Maurício Mendonça Godoy. His influence on the rest of the world stands to be much more important than the money he has earned throughout his career. In fact, to him, monetary gain is so arbitrary that he does not even truly bother his personal matters with it at all. All that money means for him is the opportunity to expand business and provide even more people with either the service or the help they need. In the case of Maurício Mendonça Godoy, both of these bases are covered. He not only ensures that his customers are receiving exactly the service they paid for, but he tries to do everything he can for philanthropic causes around the world.

One of the most significant causes to his personal life is that of homeless and underprivileged children. Being aware that his country has far too many of these individuals than they should, he has contributed endless amounts of effort into creating a better reality for this subset of the population, and he continues to exercise dedication in improving the state of their lives on a daily basis. Because of the work Maurício Mendonça Godoy has done in recent years, it would seem as though he is shaping up to be one of the most influential figures Brazil has seen all throughout history.

The fact that he is so concerned with those financially below him helps for his business appeal, too. Of course, this is not why he does it; rather, he finds a spiritual satisfaction to be associated with acts of altruism, and he tries to seek this satisfaction out wherever possible. To Maurício Mendonça Godoy, so long as his actions are benefiting the world, he can justify his existence, and working hard on a daily basis becomes an easy matter for someone like him.

Learn More: partners with Hungarian wine company Grand Tokaj

According to a recent blog post from JD’s blog, they have announced a partnership with a Hungarian wine company called Grand Tokaj. The online retailer will be working with the brand with their logistics and date mainframe with Grand Tokaj marketing their products on the website. plans as usual with all their other items to have the wine delivered on the same day or the following day to consumers. Hungary has a traditional process with making wine that dates back to 1630 as Grand Tokaj is the largest in the region. Customers have already used to order the wine as the article lists that 1,000 bottles were sold within a week from April 17 to 22.

The company in return has gained more followers from the partnership with 400,000 new consumers using the online site to purchase the items. In fact, according to statistics from the retailer, many prefer that they buy their wine from abroad, specifically women and younger people in the cities of China.

Carol Fung, who is the president of JD FMCG stated that the company was thrilled to be working with the wine company as they see a lot of potential in that market and that customers want more options of alcoholic beverages on the site with experiences to praise.

The CEO of Grand Tokaj in Gergely Goreczky stated more of the same, being excited in the partnership with and the belief that they can help take their business to the next level with their logistics and through marketing their items via their site. The decision for the online retailer to do this could make even more sense since the blog post lists that sales on alcoholic beverages have increased over the past 6 years and with them ranking as one of the best for selling them online.

The company even has a strategy called CRM Solutions to market beverage brands effectively in the market. is an online website and one of the largest retailers in China that was invented through an entrepreneur’s vision named Jingdong.

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Jason Hope gives a detailed report of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur and futurist, He claims to have the capacity to foretell the technologies that will happen in the future. So far, he has predicted the coming of the internet of things correctly, something that has given him a stature of a futurist who can be relied on to guide others on what to expect in the future. The information he shares is valuable to business people who are interested in aligning their business activities with the future. Any business that can predict the coming of a new technology before it happens has the potential of performing better than the rest. Jason Hope is the best person to follow for advice related to the future of technology.

Internet of Things

For those who have never heard about the internet of Things, this is a new technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a network and communicate with other devices without the intervention of a human user. Devices can share information among themselves and carry out tasks that human beings have been doing. IoT is a technology that is coming to replace old technologies with new ones. IoT devices will have applicability in all facets of life. There is no aspect of life that will not be affected by this technology because it will be too huge to ignore. From our homes to industrial setups, IoT is the new idea that will drive the world.


Jason Hope believes that the internet of things will usher us into the era of smart technology fully. Going forward, people will no longer be doing some of the complex tasks that they have to do today. Technology will be used to make it easier for human beings. Machines will be everywhere doing what man has been doing. From preparing breakfast, switching on/off lights to complex industrial procedures, the internet of things will be doing all these tasks.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been commentating about this technology and is convinced that it has the potential of changing the way we know today. The holder of MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business believes that businesses that will be the first to adopt this technology will have an easier time over the rest.

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Glenn Schlossberg’s Company – Jump Design Group, Is Expanding Operations

Glenn Schlossberg founded Jump Design Group in 1990 and is currently working as the company’s Principal. He is recognized for driving innovation and creating a revolution within the fashion industry. His 30 years experience in the industry has been beneficial in creating a successful business that delivers high-quality apparels to customers at competitive prices.


He established the company with the goal of creating a fast fashion enterprise that could beat the other competitors in the market using a pricing strategy and concentrating on quality. Currently, Glenn Schlossberg has entered into partnerships with various retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Amazo, to mention few, that engage on selling the company’s high-end dresses, evening separates, specialty garments, among others. The average annual sales of the company stand at $ 5.5 million.


Among the most recent undertaking by Jump Design Group, is the acquisition of Cathy Daniels, which is a sportswear label. As part of the agreement, Glenn agreed for the Cathy Daniels team and company’s President shall retain their positions under this new management. The acquisition is part of the Jump Design Group’s mission to purchase companies that are performing well and complement them with a wider customer base and more effective marketing strategies. The Cathy Daniels label was founded in 1975 and over the years it has grown into leading sportswear company.


The owners of Cathy Daniels expressed that they are pleased to sell their company to Jump Design Group and they are hopeful that the new owners will continue growing the company and achieve greater success. Since its inception, it has been operating as a family business, and they trust Glenn Schlossberg’s company to maintain this legacy.


The management team of Jump Design Group is looking forward to starting a new journey of using innovative technology in improving quality and the rate of production. The strategy they are hoping to apply is combining their capabilities without altering the structure of the acquired companies.


The companies they are acquiring are all successful but lack the technological investment that could make them more successful. The company plans to expand its production and supply of dresses, denim, and athletics and the acquisitions are a means of achieving this goal. Check out

The Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Businessman and rally car driver Rodrigo Terpins has an extensive list of credentials. While a frequent participant in the Sertões Rally, he is also both a founder of ABEIM- ABVTEX- Brazilian Textile Retail Association and a retail member of Control Block of Marisa S/A Stores. Most notably in his interview with Ideamensch, he is a partner of Floresvale, an environmental reforestation company. With such a diverse resume on his Crunchbase, Ideamensch sought to discover exactly what inspired Terpins to go into the area of sustainability.


When asked where the idea for Floresvale came from, Rodrigo Terpins expresses the desire for a business involving environment and sustainability. Much of the wood pulled from forests goes uncertified, so Floresvale seeks to continue gathering a healthy amount of wood while also staying ethical and mindful of the environment. Such a job features constant connectivity for Terpins, who divides his time between city and countryside in such a way that commuting is an act of keeping the business flowing. Time and money management goes hand in hand for Terpins, who discusses the best way to remain effective and economical in the business with his partners.


With growing numbers of environmentally minded people concerned where their resources are coming from, Rodrigo is excited to be part of the trend pushing for that mindfulness. His constant connectivity is what drives him to be a better decision maker as he keeps track of global consumer trends, his studiousness a trait he would gladly pass onto his younger self if he could. Keeping up to date on what is going on in the world is of high importance to Terpins and his business ventures.


While Rodrigo Terpins finds that acquisitions have been the most effective way to keep his business flowing, not all investments have been energy efficient and worth the time and effort put in. His current idea he wishes to pass on to entrepreneurs is investing in medical and recreational cannabis. With recent trends and advancements in scientific research, he believes that this avenue could prove very fruitful for those wise enough to invest. For more detals you can visit



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