Boris Ivanov Success in Africa

In the natural resourced department, Boris Ivanov is proving to be a big and influential name. The executive, who works with GPB Global Resources, has taken on an industry he is very passionate about, and this is why he is one of the most respected figures in the market. The oil company is already making headlines in African nations, South America, and few other nations in the Middle East. His impressive career shows a man who is committed to his daily work as founder and CEO. Before his business ventures, Boris Ivanov was a strong pillar in the Russian government. His work was mostly in the foreign affairs ministry, and this is how he discovered the natural resources department in many parts of the world. In Africa, Boris is already a big and respected figure. His numerous activities have helped many remote parts of the continent to grow and develop.

Healthcare and education are key areas in all parts of the world. When the professional was working with Russia, many things were happening in Africa too. The Russian communities wanted to reinvent and make sure that everything was taking a better route. In the African nations, the people discovered their abilities too. The communities started to take their children, regardless of their gender, to school so that they could acquire formal education and become better people. Many African leaders began to solve the numerous conflicts in their localities, and this is how investors from abroad to come and invest in natural resources. In few years, there were many opportunities in the continent, unlike before. Boris Ivanov was among the first people to grab the opportunities in African nations. The executive has helped in exploring the many natural riches in this part of the world. His company has been known in the continent for giving employment opportunities to many people in Africa.

Investors should never remain in their comfort zone if they want to go far in life. Boris Ivanov strongly advocates for the people abroad to visit Africa and explore the numerous opportunities present. These investors, on the other hand, should help the African nations to grow by constructing roads, schools, and healthcare centers.

Fortress Investment Group Expands Portfolio with New Media Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group a global alternative asset investment firm expands its portfolio with the addition of New Media Investment Group a subsidiary that specializes in advertising digital marketing and local media assets. New Media Investment Group was developed by Fortress Investment Group to take advantage of some of the opportunities in advertising and other areas of the growing multimedia platform asset categories. New Media Investment Group is one of the largest daily news newspaper providers in the country.

New Media also has more than 569 local market websites that are part of its diversified portfolio of assets within the company. The company has more than 1.9 million paid subscriptions for its publications which provide an extremely profitable long-term income stream for this advertising investment opportunity. New Media Investment Group is a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group and provides the analysis and valuation of various types of media investment opportunities that can provide lucrative returns on investments for his more than 1750 institutional and individual clients. Fortress Investment Group currently has assets under management in excess of $30 billion.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 2002 by Peter Briger, Wes Edens and three other principal partners that founded the organization. Fortress quickly became one of the leaders in the investment firm industry and began to expand its portfolio through alternative asset investments around the globe. Peter Briger currently Co-Chief Executive Officer with Wes Edens continues to provide high-level leadership and guidance over the company to expand and flourish within the alternative asset categories. Peter Briger, in particular, runs the Fortress Credit business that specializes in distressed, underperforming, and illiquid asset investments that provide high returns on investment for the organization. Peter was educated at Princeton University where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued his education at Wharton School of Business where he received his Master of Business Administration Degree. Peter Briger continues to provide excellent leadership and valuable stewardship over Fortress Investment Group and continues to be a leader and innovator in the alternative asset industry.

Fortress Investment Group was sold to SoftBank group a global innovator in technology that provides valuable cutting-edge resources for the expansion of telecommunications, AI research, internet services, robotics and various other revolutionaries technologically advanced innovations that are propelling the world into an information revolution. SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group to provide and in route to gain a strategic position within the alternative asset industry and provide needed capital and secured long-term investment opportunities to expand their portfolio and gain competitive advantages over their competition.

New Media Investment Group provides a level of advancement within the alternative asset category for Fortress Investment Group that solidifies and diversifying its portfolio into multimedia long-term investment streams of income and opportunities for lucrative returns on investment. The New Media Investment Group is a publicly traded subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group and is providing an opportunity for expansion within the advertising and multimedia asset classes by providing opportunities for continued long-term growth potential within the alternative asset industry.

A Film Student’s Day at Academy or Art University

Students may worry about what comes after high school. After all, it is a huge change to move elsewhere and be living on one’s own as an adult for the first time. What is to be expected? Many wonder this before taking the leap.

Academy of Art University recently had a freshman show what a new film student does from the time he wakes until he goes to bed at night. This is something to give prospective students a taste of what to expect is coming for them, and to let them feel more comfortable and prepared about the situation as a whole.

The student is Sam Bear and he starts his day at nine in the morning in his dormitory. He prepares for the rest of the day and heads out to catch a shuttle with his student ID that will take him to where he needs to go on campus. For him, his first class is at eleven in the morning and it is about production design. He makes good use of places on campus such as the libraries, lounges, studios, and classrooms. Sam spends time hanging out with friends and also goes to a campus cafe, which there are several of located around the city. Sam has an entire blog post and video up on the internet for those interested in knowing what his days are like.

The Academy of Art University is in San Francisco, California and was established in 1929. It is the largest private accredited art and design school in the country. The student body is diverse with about 14,000 students from all over the world. The Academy has over thirty facilities and offers degrees in more than thirty areas of study. This is the perfect place for a student to spend their days.

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The Coming Pilot Shortage is Preventable According to Bhanu Choudhrie

A stitch in time saves nine. In other words fix problems early, and you can prevent a more serious situation down the road.

Bhanu Choudhrie has embraced that philosophy when it comes to addressing the impending pilot shortage. Of the 290,000 commercial pilots now flying worldwide, only 3% of them are women. According to Mr. Choudhrie, more female pilots will head off a severe problem.

When Bhanu Choudhrie speaks on the subject of training pilots he can be considered an expert. He is the director of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), a Philippine-based flight school. Choudhrie founded AAG 13 years ago. Since that time, AAG has graduated 900 pilots from 40 different countries.

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The alarm bell was sounded when Boeing reported that by 2038 645,000 new airline pilots will be needed to keep up with demand around the globe. Asia alone will need 200,000 additional pilots as the number of passengers soars to 3.9 billion annually.

Without pilots, airlines obviously can not operate their planes. In the Asia-Pacific region a few AAG’s partner airlines have already been forced to cancel flights due to a dearth of pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the time to act is now. The action to be taken is to train and hire throngs of female pilots. This should happen before the problem gets out of hand.

On AAG’s campus 50 miles outside of Manila in Pampanga province, women are responding to Bhanu Choudhrie’s call. Presently female trainees represent 20% of the corps of cadets. These women will shortly be licensed pilots.

Aviation has long been a men’s profession. Having women at the controls may take some getting used to; however necessity is the mother of invention. Without this plentiful source of new aviators, the health of the aviation industry is in jeopardy. Mr. Choudhrie declares that there are just not enough male candidates to fill all the pilot positions which are becoming available.

AAG is the most prominent flight school in the Philippines. As the school’s founder Bhanu Choudhrie understands what it takes to mold a commercial aviator. He has full confidence that his female cadets have the right stuff.


A Way to Concur Cancer with Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky created Tempus when he hadn’t entered a science class since college. The company is attempting to merge artificial intelligence ad healthcare. Eric was at the age of 49 when he launched five companies that totaled approximately $250 million each. All of the companies promise to transform the health industry by using entered data. Tempus is designed to be use by doctors utilizing the information stored in order to personalize cancer treatments. Eventually, making them more effective.

An example is a doctor treating a patient with lung cancer, but he may send tumor biopsy to Tempus for sequencing. Tempus will take that sample and identify the mutation in the gene for epidermal growth. This is what causes the cells to grow and divide on a non-normal level. Then the doctor will prescribe a specific therapy that performs better than chemotherapy. The company consists of 700-employee and has raised $520 million.

Eric’s company, Tempus, also license a library of data that pushes out information to drug companies, providers, and researchers. Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan, where he studied history, but had a sudden urge to be an entrepreneur. Andrew Mason was one of Eric’s first hires and he pitched an idea for a business venture to Lefkofsky. In which, Lefkpfsky decided to invest $1 million. This company that Andrew spoke of became the leading discount sight named Groupon.

In 2014, Lefkofsky’s wife, Liz, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After this discovery. Eric Lefkofsky started another startup called Concerto Health AI. The new health startup company was supported by Romesh Wadhwani. The company is similar in build to Tempus. Whereas the doctors at UC Davis are now involve with Tempus, they are one of the few that have only sent about 100 samples to Tempus. This is considerably fewer samples sent than what they have shipped out to another genetic sample company named Foundation.

TJ Maloney Is Paying It Forward

Thomas J. Maloney is an established professional in the banking industry. As a child, he grew up watching his father operate the family business. This do for self approach to life inspired TJ Maloney to follow suit. The journey to owning his own company would start with Boston College’s Undergraduate Program. Maloney would successfully complete the bachelors curriculum and immediately enter Fordham Law School. During his studies at Law school, Thomas honed his work ethic and graduated in 1979. TJ Maloney began his career in 1980 after graduating from Fordham.

Maloney’s first 13 years proceeding graduation were spent helping his father’s business and working in numerous different industries; including sales, merging and marketing. This experience gave him a wide range of knowledge that would suit him well in his future endeavors. TJ Maloney would accept a position at Lincolnshire Management Firm by the year 1993. As the company’s new Director of Management, he would have much responsibility over portfolio accounts and daily operations. During 1998, TJ Maloney was promoted from Management Director to Chief Executive Officer. Over the years Maloney has been a key component in the most prominent transactions in the company’s history.

 The drive and persistence that TJ Maloney has these days stems from his law school days; he mentions in a recent interview. What Fordham Law school inspired him to go on and accomplish is the reason he is giving back. He and his wife gave the New York school $5 million. Thomas attributes much of his success to Fordham Law school and wanted to pay it forward.

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Real Estate Is Just One String To Karen Salle and Brian Salle Family Bow

The Salle family has been working to improve the lives of the people of North Carolina in their region of Southern Avery County through a range of different activities. Shockingly, North Carolina is one of the lowest-ranking states when it comes to the level of broadband internet available to residents. This is a situation Brian and Karen Salle does not feel should be the case and has resulted in the couple taking control of the timescale for the installation of high-speed internet access for the region.

The Salle family has been working for the good of North Carolina and the wider world in terms of bringing the latest technology and business opportunities to the region. In the last few years, Brian Salle has been working to bring a number of new companies to the North Carolina region including the impressive Highland Legacy Farms brand.

This is a departure from the usual businesses opened and managed by the Salle family. The arrival of Scottish beef cattle in North Carolina is changing the way the meat industry is being seen by the people of the state, particularly in the form of the best premium beef sold locally.

Technology forms the basis of many of the businesses founded and owned by Brian and Karen Salle, including their impressive Blackpoint at Linville Falls real estate development.

The development has been successful but the location in Southern Avery County is part of a major problem area in the form of a lack of broadband internet. Karen Salle and Brian Salle established the community and have recently worked with the Home Owners Association and SkyLine/Sky Best communications to upgrade the services available in the area.

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Raffaele Riva Guides Ideas for Entrepreneurial Success

Working in a tedious 9-5 job isn’t appealing to persons with free spirits. Self-motivated, hardworking individuals might find themselves gravitating towards the world of self-employment. They possess the passion necessary to become an entrepreneur. And passion does play a tremendous role in an entrepreneur’s potential success. Ask Raffaele Riva if this is true. He’s an incredibly accomplished entrepreneur who feels passion plays a vital role in an entrepreneur’s ability to thrive.

Riva isn’t someone who achieved middling success when he ventured into the world of entrepreneurism. His involvement in international business and wealth planning allows him to explore business opportunities across the globe. Raffaele Riva also launched a number of startup companies. He maintained his role as an active management participant with many of the companies long after they started rolling.

Riva launched his career in a manner similar to numerous others. He went to college and studied business, receiving a degree in economics in his home country of Italy. Riva went on to receive a postgraduate degree as well. What does separate Raffaele Riva from so many others is his understanding of the proverbial big picture. Riva knows that education alone won’t lead someone down the path of supreme entrepreneurial success. He understands the value of life experience.

Life experience involves looking at the sum of all your learning and interactions and drawing lessons from them. An active person who commits him/herself in networking events, philanthropic endeavors, and other things outside the scope of typical education and work experience may gain better perspectives.

Returning to the original point, little gets achieved when you lack passion. Experience and education may take you far, but you won’t attain the highest heights without feeling passion for what you do. Passion isn’t the “be all, end-all,” but it does play a helpful role.

Venture Capitalists and Business Funding with James River Capital and Paul Saunders

It is not unusual for people to run into funding problems with their small business. After all, getting a business started is an expensive process and many people sink their entire savings accounts into their idea. They might even take out loans from family members and friends. Even though this is a good place to start, people are going to eventually need other sources of funding to keep their business dream alive. Those who are looking for help shoulder take a look at some of the advice that was offered by Paul Saunders, the founder and CEO of James River Capital.


James River Capital is one of the leading companies in the finance industry. The company is involved in numerous types of asset trading and provides assistance to companies and businesses. The founder, Paul Saunders, has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Over the past 25 years, he has turned his company into a giant success. Paul Saunders also enjoys sharing his knowledge and wisdom with other people who are looking to get their small business idea started.

One of the often-overlooked sources of business funding comes from venture capitalists. These individuals use the money that they get from various clients and invest in companies that can provide a relatively quick return. The capitalists will fund a business idea and expect a return on their money in the next 5-7 years. Often, they are expecting to get many times their money back for themselves and their clients. This is how venture capitalists make money; however, they can also provide large sums of money to get a business started in short order.

In order for someone to win the investment of a venture capitalist group, Mr. Saunders cautions that people will need to be very well-prepared. These people expect a very detail-oriented plan before they are willing to provide such large sums of money.

The Future Bhanu Choudhrie Fights For

The life Bhanu Choudhrie has led up to this point has been a source of inspiration for thousands of young businesspeople around the world. Their inspiration is what has allowed Bhanu Choudhrie to grow into the corporate size he has amassed today. His goals have always stretched far ever since he was a child, and he believes that dreaming beyond the realm of possibility is the first step to expanding what you believe is possible. This process of growing to accept that you can do a better job than you ever imagined is one that can be difficult to take in all at once, but when you get a grasp on the idea, it should encourage you to simply find something you are passionate about and to keep trying to succeed within that passion’s field for as long as it takes. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at

The time you spend is what will determine your destiny, as you often have to make smart trades with time. However, if you are able to do this, the benefits are undeniably prosperous. Those who have followed the same path as Bhanu Choudhrie reap the same rewards he does, but they are not in it for the rewards. This is the key point of distinguishing yourself from the rest of the workforce. While other people will be focused on an advance, you have to have your mind set for greater goals than this. If you are unable to achieve this, then it is likely that the field of business is simply not right for you.

There is a reason people have such a hard time getting into it, and for that reason, it is quite a selective industry. Bhanu Choudhrie reflects the same mindset, of course; he believes that everyone who gets a spot within his investment groups are the best possible people for the job. This is why they are selected, and Bhanu Choudhrie always makes sure to be extremely selective with his employee decisions, especially when they are bound to make such a significant difference to the course of the company’s future. This future is ultimately what he seeks to preserve.