Maarten de Jeu advices people to venture into commercial real estate

Making money is a challenging task for all investors. When someone is getting into a new investment, they will always have some fear because of the tough market situation in the world. Earning profits in business gives many people sleepless nights. For the few individuals who want to be safe from losses, getting expert advice is important. In the United States market, there are thousands of finance consultants. These well-trained professionals are capable of advising customers concerning any investment. With the help of a consultant, making profits is an easy job. Maarten de Jeu loves helping his customers to make the right investment decisions. Based in the United States, the consultant has the best qualifications to handle any upcoming investments with the seriousness needed. Maarten de Jeu is among the few Oxford University graduates. With an MBA in finance, Maarten has adequate knowledge to guide customers, regardless of the situation they are facing. In the past, the consultant has played a vital role in assisting companies and high net worth personalities to venture into the corporate section and earn good profits. Maarten de Jeu specializes in corporate consulting, investment advisory, and compliance issues. 

Maarten de Jeu addressed an issue that has been giving American investors sleepless nights. The financial consultant has seen many ordinary investors lose their capital when they make the wrong investments in real estate. Other people fail to earn wealth because they fear to handle commercial real estate businesses. Maarten de Jeu wants American consumers to change their perspective when it comes to commercial real estate. These personalities should start to think of different ways of benefiting from this industry. The new rules governing this industry have made things very easy for modern consumers. It is now easy for a group of people to come together and make a real estate investment together. By raising capital together, these investors can reach major targets, and they can share their huge profits at the end of the day. Commercial real estate, according to Maarten de Jeu, is an area all consumers have to check and handle well. Learn more:

When your customers are choosing to invest in real estate, they are bound to get more benefits compared to the people who are investing in other areas. Commercial real estate investments are better for the people who want a long-term investment. When you build a commercial building, then you can rest assured that you will earn some amount of money every month. Even when you are retiring, your property will still give you some money to keep you going. Real estate investments are the most profitable in the market too. Unlike other departments where investors keep getting worried because of very little profits, this industry will always remain op in the list. Market changes do not affect real estate investments. Stocks and other investments get significantly affect when their value goes down. With properties, however, the price will never change and frustrate the property owners. Commercial real estate is an ideal retirement package for the people who want to live a financially free life.

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GPB Global Resources has High Hopes for Fossil Fuels

The past two centuries has seen the industrial revolution sweep across the developed world. Europe and The United States of America both developed innovative technologies that paved the road for where they are today. While Asia quickly followed suit, and thus a new age of human innovation was born. GPB Global Resources is a company that recognizes the role fossil fuels played during this period, and wishes to share that development with the far off regions of the world. The company has high investments in Africa and South America, where countries have struggled to keep pace with the rest of the world. Gazette Day addressed how this companies is evolving fossil fuels to meet current needs.

Africa is a continent that is home to a wide range of wildlife, geographical locals, and unique ways of life. GPB Global Resources works with several governments in the region to maximize their oil output and give the people with the means to advance their societies. The article cites Ethiopia and Mozambique as case studies for how different governments have personal rules for oil production. GPB Global Resources works with all parties to ensure safety and environmental standards are being set with the upmost care. To know more about the company click here.

However, the real challenges facing the industry in the 21st century come from outside factors. As the globe shifts into new clearer energy, the fossil fuel dependent markets begin to sink. GPB Global Resources is confident that enough of the world will still need these resources, that the industry will continue to find routes to profitability. Additionally, the lack of major roads, buildings, and equipment in Africa makes it difficult to reach some of the outer areas. Studies have shown that humans have barely tapped into all the available resources in the region, but their location has always been an obstacle when trying to find them.

GPB Global Resources has expanded its technology capabilities with some of the newest equipment to come down the pipeline. The company can now scan and determine where the richest resources located would be located, and determine the best means for starting an operation.

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A Film Student’s Day at Academy or Art University

Students may worry about what comes after high school. After all, it is a huge change to move elsewhere and be living on one’s own as an adult for the first time. What is to be expected? Many wonder this before taking the leap.

Academy of Art University recently had a freshman show what a new film student does from the time he wakes until he goes to bed at night. This is something to give prospective students a taste of what to expect is coming for them, and to let them feel more comfortable and prepared about the situation as a whole.

The student is Sam Bear and he starts his day at nine in the morning in his dormitory. He prepares for the rest of the day and heads out to catch a shuttle with his student ID that will take him to where he needs to go on campus. For him, his first class is at eleven in the morning and it is about production design. He makes good use of places on campus such as the libraries, lounges, studios, and classrooms. Sam spends time hanging out with friends and also goes to a campus cafe, which there are several of located around the city. Sam has an entire blog post and video up on the internet for those interested in knowing what his days are like.

The Academy of Art University is in San Francisco, California and was established in 1929. It is the largest private accredited art and design school in the country. The student body is diverse with about 14,000 students from all over the world. The Academy has over thirty facilities and offers degrees in more than thirty areas of study. This is the perfect place for a student to spend their days.

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The Coming Pilot Shortage is Preventable According to Bhanu Choudhrie

A stitch in time saves nine. In other words fix problems early, and you can prevent a more serious situation down the road.

Bhanu Choudhrie has embraced that philosophy when it comes to addressing the impending pilot shortage. Of the 290,000 commercial pilots now flying worldwide, only 3% of them are women. According to Mr. Choudhrie, more female pilots will head off a severe problem.

When Bhanu Choudhrie speaks on the subject of training pilots he can be considered an expert. He is the director of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), a Philippine-based flight school. Choudhrie founded AAG 13 years ago. Since that time, AAG has graduated 900 pilots from 40 different countries.

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The alarm bell was sounded when Boeing reported that by 2038 645,000 new airline pilots will be needed to keep up with demand around the globe. Asia alone will need 200,000 additional pilots as the number of passengers soars to 3.9 billion annually.

Without pilots, airlines obviously can not operate their planes. In the Asia-Pacific region a few AAG’s partner airlines have already been forced to cancel flights due to a dearth of pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes that the time to act is now. The action to be taken is to train and hire throngs of female pilots. This should happen before the problem gets out of hand.

On AAG’s campus 50 miles outside of Manila in Pampanga province, women are responding to Bhanu Choudhrie’s call. Presently female trainees represent 20% of the corps of cadets. These women will shortly be licensed pilots.

Aviation has long been a men’s profession. Having women at the controls may take some getting used to; however necessity is the mother of invention. Without this plentiful source of new aviators, the health of the aviation industry is in jeopardy. Mr. Choudhrie declares that there are just not enough male candidates to fill all the pilot positions which are becoming available.

AAG is the most prominent flight school in the Philippines. As the school’s founder Bhanu Choudhrie understands what it takes to mold a commercial aviator. He has full confidence that his female cadets have the right stuff.


TJ Maloney Is Paying It Forward

Thomas J. Maloney is an established professional in the banking industry. As a child, he grew up watching his father operate the family business. This do for self approach to life inspired TJ Maloney to follow suit. The journey to owning his own company would start with Boston College’s Undergraduate Program. Maloney would successfully complete the bachelors curriculum and immediately enter Fordham Law School. During his studies at Law school, Thomas honed his work ethic and graduated in 1979. TJ Maloney began his career in 1980 after graduating from Fordham.

Maloney’s first 13 years proceeding graduation were spent helping his father’s business and working in numerous different industries; including sales, merging and marketing. This experience gave him a wide range of knowledge that would suit him well in his future endeavors. TJ Maloney would accept a position at Lincolnshire Management Firm by the year 1993. As the company’s new Director of Management, he would have much responsibility over portfolio accounts and daily operations. During 1998, TJ Maloney was promoted from Management Director to Chief Executive Officer. Over the years Maloney has been a key component in the most prominent transactions in the company’s history.

 The drive and persistence that TJ Maloney has these days stems from his law school days; he mentions in a recent interview. What Fordham Law school inspired him to go on and accomplish is the reason he is giving back. He and his wife gave the New York school $5 million. Thomas attributes much of his success to Fordham Law school and wanted to pay it forward.

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Sheldon Lavin: Making OSI Group A Dominant Force

OSI Group has been in the food production business for decades, and there is no sign that it’s going anywhere. Sheldon Lavin is responsible for the company’s success and had propelled it to become a global competitor with other food production companies. Right now as it stands, OSI is very dominant in getting other production plants to merge with so that it can distribute fresh food that is good quality to the restaurants and other food chains that have customers to feed. You won’t find another company with humble beginnings taking on more plants and keeping most of the workers to aid in helping the economy. Read more on Wikipedia.

Sheldon Lavin has done a great job of putting OSI Group on the map for the service it provides. When the inspectors come in to view their plants, they gave nothing but good reports to it out. That’s how this company has managed to gain the business it has both at home and overseas. This is why Sheldon Lavin won the Global Visionary Award. What he had in store for OSI Group actually worked to towards the company’s advantage. It’s helpful to note that other companies that don’t have the massive amount of manpower that this company has to meet their demands when consumers are wanting a product are turning to OSI for help. They know who can get their product out fast and without any hassles. This company has a reputation for being there when it counts.

It’s important that we understand how important food processing really has become, especially for other countries who may still be improving their technological advancements. What they eat needs to be just as safe as what we eat here in the states. Having OSI Group provide productions plants in other countries helps with this greatly. Sheldon Lavin knows just what to do in order to get the countries to agree with them coming in to help out with getting fresh food. This is about people in partnership helping each other succeed. There is great joy in having quality goods.


Smita Shah: Women empowerment and making it to the top

She’s known as the world’s top woman engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah is always giving tips for females on how to reach industries populated mainly with men. You can discover more about her approach regarding facing professional growth as a woman and how those experiences placed her in a position of influence. 


It’s no secret Shah has been a nerd for a lifetime. She was the one in elementary class who opted to solve hard math equations instead of running to the playground to play. Her intelligence was known to make her classmates cry in envy. As her education took off, Shah used these impressive math abilities within her social circles at events and soon what known for her outstanding skills during “math relays” at her college.


It was 1998 when SPAAN Tech was founded by Shah. Today it’s leading the industry as the most sought out engineering firm throughout the country. The business takes on projects complex in nature and remains growing at a fast pace.


Shah continues working with other businesswomen to help them find the same success within male-dominated jobs. She has worked tirelessly with public policy that shapes the country’s direction. It’s her lifetime goal to assist and steer women entrepreneurs in the right areas when possible. 


A Method of Empowerment by Smita Shah


As Shah states, one’s image of themselves can be the main factor why women are not progressing in the workplace. There’s a lack of role models when it comes to strong women inside the business world. Too many don’t see the success or themselves being strong in their positions. Shah believes the beginning for any female entrepreneur is her self image transition. This occurs when they encounter other successful and driven females who hold power and are making it in business. Learn more:


She doesn’t hold back in mentioning the sad representation of women in the higher elements of the business world. There are challenges women will face that men never experience in their lives. It falls on those women who have found success as entrepreneurs to show that females can become CEOs alongside their male counterparts.


Shah is convinced women are capable of handling positions of power in the business world. She states the facts by sharing statistics of 100 million or more businesses in the world are led by females. Though white males make up a good part of the business environment, these numbers reveal why a female must keep pushing and never fold on their dreams of being an owner of a large company. 


Shah states it’s commitment and skills that can elevate any woman entrepreneur to the top. It is true that females may not succeed just as most men might not either. There is not a specific gender that is placed on talent. If you’re aligned with abilities in a particular field, then as Shah believes, her tips can help anyone reach the success they desire.

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Real Estate Is Just One String To Karen Salle and Brian Salle Family Bow

The Salle family has been working to improve the lives of the people of North Carolina in their region of Southern Avery County through a range of different activities. Shockingly, North Carolina is one of the lowest-ranking states when it comes to the level of broadband internet available to residents. This is a situation Brian and Karen Salle does not feel should be the case and has resulted in the couple taking control of the timescale for the installation of high-speed internet access for the region.

The Salle family has been working for the good of North Carolina and the wider world in terms of bringing the latest technology and business opportunities to the region. In the last few years, Brian Salle has been working to bring a number of new companies to the North Carolina region including the impressive Highland Legacy Farms brand.

This is a departure from the usual businesses opened and managed by the Salle family. The arrival of Scottish beef cattle in North Carolina is changing the way the meat industry is being seen by the people of the state, particularly in the form of the best premium beef sold locally.

Technology forms the basis of many of the businesses founded and owned by Brian and Karen Salle, including their impressive Blackpoint at Linville Falls real estate development.

The development has been successful but the location in Southern Avery County is part of a major problem area in the form of a lack of broadband internet. Karen Salle and Brian Salle established the community and have recently worked with the Home Owners Association and SkyLine/Sky Best communications to upgrade the services available in the area.

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Maarten de Jeu and the 21st Century Economic Venture

There are many individuals who dream of changing the world, but few can actually truly claim that status. The human species has advanced to the point that mere distance is no longer a hindrance in our communication. A good portion of the population owns a smartphone or has access to the
internet in their area. Maarten de Jeu is someone who realized very early on that globalization was the trajectory everything was heading. He built up his skills and put a plan into action to help guide companies to this new economic domain. The website Premiere Gazette looks back on his career and the implications that comes with building a branch abroad.
From a young age, Maarten de Jeu displayed qualities that made him a natural-born genius at business. He had a knack for problem-solving, skills in several languages, and a personality that made peers want to support his venture. Maarten de Jeu attended college at the University of Oxford. He graduated at the top of his class with a business degree. The following years were spent gaining experience and creating connections for down the road. By the time 2012 came around, the global economy was a period of upswing following a deep hit. Maarten de Jeu believed that in this era of renewed prosperity he could help push new global plans.
When clients come seeking his services, Maarten de Jeu provides a rundown of the common issues and how to avoid them happening in the first place. The first aspect to consider is where exactly this new location will be. A business leader might pick an area that is already doing well financially
or they could take a gamble on a developing country for a long haul venture. The second aspects to consider are the language and cultural hurdles that will show themselves. It can be easy to give off mixed messages when a business is not in-tune with the locals. Additionally, this kind of oversight
could off as insensitive. Maarten de Jeu recommends hiring individuals in the region to manage the outpost. Nobody knows their home area best like the ones who live there. Learn more:
Outside of trying to establish your business, other key aspects to keep in mind are the rules and regulations in the new region. There will no doubt be certain items are banned and others that simply don’t resonate with the average consumer. A business leader needs to remain adaptable to
meeting these expectations, while not comprising on the final product in the slightest. Maarten de Jeu is an individual who is proud of the work he accomplished. His influence has pushed the global economy into a new domain for the 21st century.

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Life Insurance Can Help Secure A Family’s Financial Future

Whenever you are looking to plan for the financial future, one of the things that should be considered is the financial well-being of family members. In order to help secure a family’s financial future, it is a good idea to consider a life insurance policy. This is a type of insurance that offers coverage for a number of expenses. Whenever in the market for a life insurance policy, it is helpful to work with a firm such as HCR Wealth Advisors. A firm such as this will allow a person to interact with a professional expert on financial affairs and help that person to find a life insurance policy that will best meet the needs.


A life insurance policy provides coverage that will help cover any expenses that are left over upon death. With a life insurance policy, the family will be able to pay off outstanding debts and funeral expenses. As a result, a life insurance policy will ensure that the family does not take on any added expenses and debts that can jeopardize their financial future and livelihood. Before purchasing a life insurance policy, a person should learn about the taxes that may arise. Some states will charge taxes on any proceeds that are received from a life insurance policy. In most cases, life insurance proceeds may be subject to an estate tax while being exempt from income tax. It is important to consult with a professional at HCR Wealth Advisors to learn more about the tax liabilities for life insurance proceeds.

Life insurance policies come in two types. One of the most common types of life insurance policies is term life insurance. This policy is usually valid for 10 to 20 years. The term policy is ideal for those who are more focused on getting an income rather than a lump sum. Permanent life insurance policies provide coverage for the policyholder’s entire life. As long as the premiums are paid each month, they will receive coverage.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a trusted financial services firm located in Los Angeles. It provides comprehensive investment management and advisory services to its clients. With HCR Wealth Advisors, high net worth individuals, business owners and families are able to get the assistance they need in order to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. The firm has been in business for thirty years.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.