Sheldon Lavin and Actions

Sheldon Lavin has been employed in the meat division for a long while now. He’s been a part of the field for over four complete decades. That wasn’t the start of his vocational journey in life, either. He prior to that worked in banking in the investing sector. Sheldon Lavin was even at the helm of an agency that concentrated on consulting and finances. Lavin presently functions as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for an international powerhouse by the name of OSI Group, LLC. He initiated his meat trajectory back at the start of the seventies. OSI Group, LLC is a massive business right now. It has close to 20,000 total team members in settings all around the planet.

Sheldon Lavin doesn’t ever deny the value of an in-depth educational track record. He learned so much about finance and accounting at school prior to launching his vocational course. He’s long been an individual who has thought at length about handling a company. Sheldon Lavin is among the most ambitious and persevering individuals the planet has ever witnessed. He longed for OSI Group, LLC to turn into a giant from day one. This business has presences in 17 different nations at the moment. It has 70 plus centers as well. OSI Group, LLC for the most part has things that are centered around protein. It also has a number of baked offerings, vegetables and even sauces.

This highly regarded executive is an individual who has a penchant for charity work. Philanthropy isn’t a subject that’s ever far from his brain. He regularly does a lot for a group that’s called the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

A Global Visionary Award is without a shadow of a doubt a positive acknowledgement. Lavin got this distinction a little while back. This distinction came straight from an entity called the Vision World Academy. It’s headquartered in the enormous South Asian nation of India. Lavin is affiliated with a wealth of other entities as well. He does a lot for the Goodman Theatre. He even does a lot for the Medical Center at Rush University.

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Why Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Is A Notable Jamaican BPO Company


Business process outsourcing is reaching Jamaica as a good opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs who want to attract US clients to their markets by providing a viable alternative to offshore outsourcing. Jamaica offers nearshore outsourcing opportunities at fairly low costs, and it’s an English speaking nation that has many tourist locations that US visitors come to.

Paul Herdsman, a dual citizen of the US and Jamaica has been helping raise awareness about Jamaica’s BPO sector through the work he’s doing at Nearshore Inbound Call Experts (NICE) Global.

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts offers a wide array of front office BPO services to many US clients and has over 130 employees manning the operations. He co-founded ATS Digital in February 2014 and used to be its Chief Operating Officer.

Paul Herdsman has many years of experience in marketing, consulting and executive leadership training and he helped manage call center operations for another company before organizing the team that founded NICE Global. His reason for choosing Jamaica as the new place for his company was not because he was from there, but because he had seen many companies spend more money on travel and miscellaneous costs associated with offshore call centers that he felt could be saved by moving into the nearshore market. With the guidance of other Jamaican business and legal experts, Herdsman was able to get his new company off the ground quicker than anticipated.

NICE Global primarily provides tech support and computer repair using remote tools for their customers, but they also offer quality assurance and voicemail handling services. They have focused on becoming a premier place where young Jamaican IT professionals can start out when they’re looking for a place to launch their careers from.

Herdsman has served as Chief Operating Officer since its founding, and what he loves about his job is that he is not bound to any specific schedule. For him, Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Global is run better when meetings and conference calls are kept short, and more time is spent growing the human capital aspect of it.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Anthony Hylton talks states that the time has come to showcase Jamaica to the world, as a major hub for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in an article entitled: “Time to Showcase Jamaica As Major BPO Player”.

Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Global is looking for a Reservations Sales Agent, responsible for the sale of hotel reservations and hotel membership programs in Jamaica. Please apply here:


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