When Others Can’t, Colbeck Capital Management Delivers Finance Solutions

Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman founded Coldbeck Capital Management in 2009. The duo started the New York City based financial services company to handle their own investments and to assist other investors with their strategic financing needs. With flexible and creative financing solutions, the team at Coldbeck Capital Management meets the needs of corporate financing projects through the advice and strategy implementation of their experienced, talented and trusted team. Colodne and Beckman remain very active with their company. They both lead the Coldbeck Capital Management as managing partners. Over the last 10 years the company has grown from its New York City location to serve new and return customers out of a Los Angeles, CA location too.

The expert knowledge of Colodne and Beckman has spread throughout the growing company. Colbeck team members have attributed to the company’s many, notable successes. The team’s accomplishments have been featured in numerous media publications. Among those publications are MarketWatch and Business Wire. MarketWatch and Business Wire both ran stories in April, 2019 highlighting a $65 million deal involving Coldbeck Capital Management. Colodne and Beckman have surrounded themselves with more than a dozen additional finance experts to help with the companies stellar services and continued growth.

Six different specialty areas are handled by the experts at Colbeck Capital Management. Customers can chose senior secured loans that utilize assets to provide cash and facilitate increased enterprise value. Second lien/mezzanine and structured equity financing is also available. Colbeck Capital Management customers can also use the company’s services for short-term and long-term maturities, covenants, debtor in possession and exit financing, and unfunded commitments and synthetic credit letters. The company prides itself in being able to handle hard to finance situations. When other companies have been unable to provide financing, Colbeck Capital Management has stood out due to their ability to secure financing. Their creative and trusted approaches bring about needed finance solutions. Among those solutions are tight time deadlines with complex issues, restructuring with multiple constituents, non-traditional assets and PIK and cash interest. The company also offers solutions for companies lacking a bank or without enough banking services, as well as management buyouts from opportunities with and without sponsorship.

More than 4,000 annual visitors head to the company’s website to learn more about the available services the team can offer. Those interested can check it out today by visiting www.colbeck.com. The website does a great job in laying out Colbeck’s services, and it also provides insight into the company’s team. An easy to use contact form is also available on the company website. Colbeck Capital Management can also be reached by email or phone at [email protected] and 212-603-2800. Visit them in person by heading to 7th avenue in New York City or Century Park East in Los Angeles. Their New York address is 888 7th Avenue, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10106. In Los Angeles find them at 2049 Century Park East, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Bhanu Choudhrie Displays Investing Acumen

Bhanu Choudhrie has made his mark in the investment world with the successful C&C Alpha Group which he founded. They are an investment firm that is in engaged in various market sectors such as Aviation, Banking, Utilities, and Healthcare just to name several. He also strives to make the world a better place with his ongoing efforts in philanthropy. While today he is an international businessman, his origins are from New Delhi, India where he was born in 1978.

Developing an investment strategy is an area in which Bhanu Choudhrie shines as he displays multi-faceted expertise. He specializes in both startups and mature businesses and they are both critical to the fortunes of C&C Alpha Group. His leadership has led to the growth of a robust and profitable investment portfolio. Emerging markets have been a strength for the organization in places like India and the Philippines.

The entrepreneurial bent that has driven Choudhrie throughout his career has been characterized by ongoing education. It’s timely advice for others aspiring to carve out their own niche in business and he urges them to always be reading and learning. He also displays a global view which helps him spot good opportunities.

When it comes to failure Bhanu Choudhrie has an interesting perspective. He regards it as a learning opportunity and the chance to utilize valuable experience gained. Furthermore, engagement with vibrant and sometimes unpredictable markets typically means that two of five investments will fail. He also details that lessons learned from failures have been the launchpad for some of their greatest successes.

Another remarkable factor that has contributed to the success of Bhanu Choudhrie is his reliance on strong management teams. He’s a big advocate of surrounding himself with the best talent available and enjoys watching others succeed as he provides guidance and input.

One characteristic that differentiates C&C Alpha Group from other venture firms is the length of time they hold their investments. They are typically willing to hold longer than others and this enables them to often achieve outsized returns. Having a clear understanding of normal market volatility is part of this excellent strategy that Choudhrie has developed.

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Family man with sound foundation – Tj Maloney

Tj Maloney CEO of Lincolnshire Management, which he participated in the 90s.Investment Committee with Tj Maloney and is effectively included with the portfolio organizations. Preceding joining Lincolnshire, Tj Maloney rehearsed managing companies together, procurement and protections law in New York City. Tj Maloney is the previous Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and has served on the Board of Trustees at Boston College and Fordham University. Tj Maloney has addressed broadly and has been a visitor speaker at a few colleges including the Columbia University MBA Program. Tj Maloney is the ’07 beneficiary of the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award, exhibited by Fordham Law School in acknowledgment of corporate pioneers with the most elevated good measures. Tj Maloney recently served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States and the Board of Trustees of The Tilton School.T.J. holds a BA from Boston College and JD from Fordham Law School. In his extra time and on siestas, Tj Maloney appreciates perusing, hitting the fairway, swimming and investing energy with family and friends whom he appreciates.


Tj Maloney is part of the well known and respected the Board of Trustees of Boston College and a previous individual from the Board of Trustees of Fordham University. Maloney has addressed broadly and has filled in as a visitor speaker at a few colleges including theMBA Program from Columbia University. T.J. Maloney of empire state center market buyout firm Lincolnshire Management portrays the assets and system his firm has built up to scout for speculation openings. Significant patterns are changing the worldwide scene for assembling just as the PE opportunity in this space. Themes with Tj Maloney incorporate why U.S. center market organizations must face worldwide chances, what instruments that can possibly bring to their portfolio organizations to enable them to go worldwide, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Richard Liu Qiangdong – CEO of Jingdong Giving a Boost to its Success

If you are a customer in China or a regular online shopper anywhere in the world, you might already know of JD.com, one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world. Even though the company primarily serves the customers in China, it has an international affiliate e-commerce platform as well to serve international customers. It is the first Chinese company to be listed for public trading at the New York Stock Exchange with the current market valuation exceeding over $65 billion. The founder and owner of the company, Richard Liu Qiangdong has amassed the fortune of nearly $12 billion with the success of his company, and it continues to grow as JD.com continues to grow and expand.

Today, the company has already extended its reach to many different countries and is setting up warehouses in those countries for easy reach to the customers there. Richard Liu Qiangdong feels that for any e-commerce company anywhere in the world, the prime focus should be having a customer-centric business model. The success of JD.com is also because of the same reason as Richard Liu from the very beginning, from the time he just owned a small shop in Beijing, focused on offering quality products at low prices to the customers. He also ensured that he provides reliable after-sale services as well, which is a key component of the overall customer service business should provide.

JD.com has become an inspiring name in the e-commerce sector in China and abroad, and has helped many entrepreneurs to take their business and ideas online following the same footsteps as Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu Qiangdong is hard working, and even though he is the CEO of the largest e-commerce company in the world, he works twice as hard as his employees. He is well respected because he is always helping out his team to create winning strategies. He is also not afraid to take risks with new technology if it will help the company provide better services to its customers. The company also lends its technology for different charity uses and to help the community in different ways.

Bhanu Choudhrie

One of the most giving and caring Indian businessmen is Bhanu Choudhrie. He is a Boston University graduate and received a degree in international business and marketing. He also has a certificate of completion for a course that he took at Harvard Business School called the Owner Management Program. Bhanu Choudhrie founded a company called the C&C Alpha Group back in 2001. The focus of this company is very diverse it is involved in providing funding for startups and struggling companies. Bhanu Choudhrie and C&C Alpha Group does in the United States and Internationally as well. The industries that C&C Alpha Groups invest in are avaiation, banking, real estate, and healthcare.

Bhanu Choudhrie is not just the founder of C&C Alpha Group but he is also the chief executive officer. Bhanu Choudhrie is well-known all throughout London for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts. He has been recognized for all philanthropic efforts and community work that he does back home in his home country. He has a passion when it comes to helping children that are from his home country because he knows and understands all the obstacles that are encountered when you are trying to reach success. C&C Alpha is a family business and Mr. Choudhrie started working for his family business 18 years ago and now it is one of the most successful private equity firms in the world.

Mr. Choudhrie has a passion for aviation and he opened a subsidiary business under C&C Alpha called Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. This is currently the largest flight school in the world and the only flight school that is accredited in the Philippines. The reason why Alpha Aviation Group Ltd is the global leader in pilot training is because they have some of the most comprehensive training, the best equipment, modern facilities, and a highly qualified team of experts and professors. Mr. Choudhrie has accomplished a lot of things in his current life but two have a very successful private equity firm and airplane pilot school is very impressive and takes diversifying your business portfolio to a whole new level.

Nitin Khanna Has A Simple Strategy To Success

Though Nitin Khanna has gained recognition for being an innovative entrepreneur in the tech industry, those are not his only talents. He is also a DJ, an Executive Producer, has made his own wine, and is a devoted family man.

The son of a military man, Khanna was born in India in 1971. He arrived in the United States at the young age of 17 to further his education. Khanna obtained an undergraduate and then a master’s degree from Purdue University, majoring in Industrial Engineering. He was in the middle of obtaining his Ph.D. in robotics when he decided to leave academia. Shortly thereafter, he started Saber Corp, a company that received much attention during the 2000 Presidential elections. In 2009, he began a mergers and acquisitions company called MergerTech and has been the CEO every since.

Because of his successful leadership in a number of companies, Khanna has solidified a work strategy that is simple, yet effective. The key is prioritization. Khanna adheres to the zero inbox philosophy, where no message or email goes unanswered for more than 24 hours. He begins his day at 5:30 am addressing any new messages received. This clears the rest of his morning to focus on the tasks for the day. He believes it is important to prioritize your schedule so that you don’t engage in things that are unproductive. Time is a commodity that Khanna values very much. “If a meeting can be done in five minutes there is no reason to take fifteen minutes.” Top executives know how to be efficient with their time by hiring people whose visions and expectations align with the company’s culture. Khanna firmly believes that what puts one company ahead of the competition is the people within the company. For example, his core instincts of strategizing and growth are complemented by his brother’s, who is more operationally minded.

Today, in between managing lucrative portfolios, Khanna also enjoys the family life. He has four children and always tries his best to keep 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm reserved just for them.

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Kevin Plank as Active in Philanthropy as He is in Business

In one of the biggest gifts to an American university ever by a single individual, $25 million was donated to the University of Maryland by Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour. The funds were used to support an academic, athletic and research complex. Plank is a 1996 graduate of the university and also played on the Terrapin’s football team.

It was during his time at the U of M that Kevin Plank developed the product that would make his fortune. It was a t-shirt designed for athletic use that efficiently wicks away sweat from the surface of the skin. Members of Maryland’s football squad helped popularize the shirt.

Kevin Planks’s net worth today is estimated at $1.8 billion, according to Forbes. He is considered among the most generous people of wealth in America. He spearheads extensive and wide-ranging philanthropic efforts. One of his well-known charities is called the Cupid Foundation.

Kevin Plank has a history of supporting academic institutions. In 2015 he donated $16 million to St. John’s College High School of Washington D.C. The money was dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial programs, athletics and academics. Another example of Plank’s generosity was a $1 million gift to the Archdiocese of Baltimore that provided tuition for more than 100 kids to attend Catholic school.

Kevin Plank’s primary business continues to thrive today. Under Armour reports annual revenue of $5 billion. It employs almost 16,000 people. Under Armour is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and maintains offices all around the world. Starting with a single product, a t-shirt, Under Armour is now among the world’s premier brands of athletic gear of wide variety. That includes shoes, sports apparel, casual wear and more.

Kevin Plank has long been a passionate advocate for the city of Baltimore. A real estate firm owned by Plank recently announced an interest in investing in an underdeveloped area of the city. It’s an ambitious project that will involve billions of dollars and will be carried out over a 20-year period.

For Kevin Plank, success in business has always meant giving back to community and country that enabled him to thrive.

Eric Lefkofsky Continues To Give Back

Tempus is one of the leading providers of technology precision medicine. The company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky is not just very successful entrepreneur and self-made billionaire but he is also a philanthropist. Tempus was founded to help patients and provide better medical care throughout the entire health care system. Eric Lefkosky has a heavy background when it comes to co-founding businesses. He has several startups under his belt such as Groupon, Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, and these are just a few but there are many more. The thing about Eric Lefkofsky is that he isn’t focused on money and he gives a lot back to the community. He currently has a foundation called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation and he started this Foundation back in 2006. Having a caring nature and a giving spirit is just a part of who he is. He is extremely well-educated and attendant the University of Michigan and graduated with his bachelor degree. After completing his bachelor degree he then went on to attend the University of Michigan Law School and graduated with his doctor in Juris degree.

The goal of Eric Leftkofsky and Tempus is to create the world’s largest clinical and molecular database. The thought process behind this is that it can improve patient care and assist in the fight against cancer. If they accomplish this and make this operating system very effective and efficient physicians will have a more in depth medical record that will enable them to create an individualized plan of care for each specific cancer patient. Tempus continues to grow the startup has currently raised another 200 million for cancer, diabetes, and depression research. The company was started 3 years ago and has made major strides. They have hired over 700 staff which includes scientists, researchers, clinicians, and many other disciplines that are required in his fight against cancer, diabetes, and depression.

Eric Leftkosky is truly a selfless individual. He and his team at Tempus are doing some great work when it comes to cancer research and improving patient care for cancer patients. What is even more impressive is that the company did not stop there but instead they joined in on the fight against diabetes and depression. These are two other serious disorders that need to be combated, have better treatment, or possibly find a cure for. I admire a healthcare research company that is about the people and not all about the profit.

Isabel Dos Santos Named Among the Most Influential Female Leaders Globally

Today, many female entrepreneurs have become dominant in different sectors outshining their male colleagues through significant contributions in the community. More so, women entrepreneurs have emerged from varying region globally, therefore, creating a new dimension of changing the business world. Among them is the Angolan Russian businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos. She is the richest woman in Africa with investments around the world, also known as the eldest daughter of the former president of Angola. A successful businesswoman has played a significant role in both social entrepreneurship and the community witnessed from her decades of hard-work in different sectors. She is among the recognized female leaders in Angola, Africa and worldwide, in general, through the fight against bad leadership, violence, and gender inequality.

As such, Isabel dos Santos promoted the development of local communities, the advancement of technology in Africa, and the strengthening of the telecommunication and infrastructural sector in Angola. The businesswoman has also held different executive positions in several companies, including Unitel, Efacec, ZAP, and Candando, among others. Her amazing innovations have drastically enhanced the growth and creation of different systems and structures hence motivating women to have strong leadership. Other than focusing on her career, Isabel dos Santos also plays a significant role in helping young women while promoting education back in her home country. Other renowned female leaders recognized globally include Gagandeep Kang, Kafui Kadzah, and Eleni Cotsis who have considerably changed the world.

Gagandeep Kang is an Indian medical scientist who served as the director of Translational Health Sciences and Technology Institute in her home country to educate about crucial factors in the community. She has assisted in the creation of rotavirus vaccine and like Isabel dos Santos; she spearheads women empowerment initiatives. Eleni Cotsis is an expert entrepreneur from Southern California currently residing in Barranquilla, Colombia, primarily focusing on inspiring women about business. She founded a group, Women Entrepreneurs of Medellin, which trains women on different sectors in the sector. Kafui Kadzah also participates extensively in creating new recipes, therefore, enhancing her impressive role in the community. Among them is the creation of the first meal in her kitchen and has expanded into other ventures such as homeownership, and business growth.

Bhanu Choudhrie Role in Incubating Businesses

Bhanu Choudhrie is a go-getter, and he loves to work for anything he desires in this life. The businessman is enjoying a prominent career that he has been making through his path in strategic investments. Many in the corporate world also recognize the businessman for having a generous heart all his life. Helping the less fortunate members of the community is a common statement that is used when describing the business leader. Many years ago, the Indian born strategic investor created a company called C&C Alpha Group that has seen him rise and become one of the most respected individuals in the competitive global market.

Bhanu Choudhrie wanted his organization to oversee the investments that are conducted in aviation, healthcare, real estate, utilities, banking, and even hospitality. Over the period of time the company has been operating, it has managed to hit its target, and it has improved many lives in the global communities. There are many new companies that suffer in the tough market simply because they lack the right incubation. Bhanu Choudhrie discovered that he could be of great help if he offered the companies until they matured and become recognized by customers in the market. This is a big responsibility that can only be undertaken by powerful and experienced professionals in the market so that each objective set in the start is discovered.

Despite the challenges that come with incubating new ideas in the competitive market, Bhanu Choudhrie and his organization have made it, and they have a won hearts of many customers. The kind of knowledge possessed by the Indian born business leader is not common in the market. When he was growing up, the leader felt that he could not get the best education in India, and he traveled to the Boston University based in the United Kingdom so that he could focus in international marketing and business. His efforts in education have been paying off so well over the years. People who studied with him realized his passion and talent in business early enough, and they also offered him opportunities to increase his knowledge. The businessman has been traveling to different destinations to reach his clients.