Bhanu Choudhrie Role in Incubating Businesses

Bhanu Choudhrie is a go-getter, and he loves to work for anything he desires in this life. The businessman is enjoying a prominent career that he has been making through his path in strategic investments. Many in the corporate world also recognize the businessman for having a generous heart all his life. Helping the less fortunate members of the community is a common statement that is used when describing the business leader. Many years ago, the Indian born strategic investor created a company called C&C Alpha Group that has seen him rise and become one of the most respected individuals in the competitive global market.

Bhanu Choudhrie wanted his organization to oversee the investments that are conducted in aviation, healthcare, real estate, utilities, banking, and even hospitality. Over the period of time the company has been operating, it has managed to hit its target, and it has improved many lives in the global communities. There are many new companies that suffer in the tough market simply because they lack the right incubation. Bhanu Choudhrie discovered that he could be of great help if he offered the companies until they matured and become recognized by customers in the market. This is a big responsibility that can only be undertaken by powerful and experienced professionals in the market so that each objective set in the start is discovered.

Despite the challenges that come with incubating new ideas in the competitive market, Bhanu Choudhrie and his organization have made it, and they have a won hearts of many customers. The kind of knowledge possessed by the Indian born business leader is not common in the market. When he was growing up, the leader felt that he could not get the best education in India, and he traveled to the Boston University based in the United Kingdom so that he could focus in international marketing and business. His efforts in education have been paying off so well over the years. People who studied with him realized his passion and talent in business early enough, and they also offered him opportunities to increase his knowledge. The businessman has been traveling to different destinations to reach his clients.

OSI Industries : Global Food Supplier Juggernaut

OSI Industries operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, with over 20,000 employees. They have rapidly grown into one of the world’s largest value-added food suppliers. OSI Industries was originally founded in 1909 and was just a tiny meat market in its infancy. It was situated in a small town just west of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois. The founder of OSI, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who recently arrived in the United States when the company was started. This small company’s original name was Otto & Sons, and within a few years Kolschowsky moved the business to Maywood, a suburb of Chicago. In the coming decades, OSI firmly established a phenomenal reputation for providing some of the highest quality meats in the region.

OSI Industries continued to expand and made an epic partnership with, what was then a little restaurant, that would grow to be a global name. That little restaurant is McDonald’s. This partnership guaranteed that Otto & Sons would be the sole provider of ground beef patties for McDonald’s. Otto & Sons opened its first high volume meat plant by 1973. This plant was located in west-Chicago and had the capabilities to freeze the ground meat with liquid nitrogen. Just before 1975 the company officially changed its name to OSI Industries, with the O & S serving as a nod to the company’s humble beginnings.

In 1990, OSI partnered up with several companies that would contribute to their global footprint. The partnership included bringing Alaska Milk Corporation and General Million Corporation together to form GenOSI. GenOSI’s main focus is to process and ship foods to the Phillipines. In 1995,OSI also broke ground in India and formed Vista Processed Foods. From India they ventured out even further in 2002. OIS then opened OSI China in the country’s capital city, Beijing. OSI Industries is consistently developing better processes and standards to maximize its ability to monitor food safety and quality throughout the global infrastructure they built, all from a tiny meat market in Oak Park.

How Flavio Malux has Helped Eucatex to Grow

Brazil is a country that values its economy. The government of this nation has done so much so that the private and public companies can grow, improving the status of the economy. The small investors have also been empowered in Brazil compared to any other countries of the world, and this explains why there are so many growing companies. Flavio Maluf is an investor who has played a key role in the economy of his beloved country. The businessman is the founder and chairman of a company he founded many years ago, known as Eucatex. The organization, which is currently the leader when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of partitions, floors, different types of panels, paints, wood fiber and varnishes in Brazil, is proud of the milestones it has hit in the recent years. As the chairman of the successful firm, Flavio Malux has numerous responsibilities, and he has been fulfilling them in time. After serving the Brazilians for a very long time, Eucatex is celebrating its history. In the sixty-seven years, the organization has served the market, it has chosen to invest heavily in social activities and sustainability. Read more on

Many modern companies, especially those in the private department, focus on making profits and improving their companies in the competitive market. Eucatex has been very unique in its operations, and this is what has set it apart from the tough competition. When the firm was established in the year 1951, it realized the benefits of investing in reforestation and land. This has been the primary reason the company has added value to the community and at the same time increased its profits. The environment has been a key concern in the organization. The leadership of the company is keen on environment friendly practices, and this has ensured that the company leaves a positive impact in the community, regardless of the time of the year. Flavio Maluf is an experienced leader who has been fortunate to work in different capacities in his lifetime. The success he has achieved is attributed to his love for the environment and communities around him. Website:

The Passion of Fashion Icon Glenn Schlossberg

The fashion industry is a place where creativity and imagination shine above all else. An individual has to be able to think outside of the box to create a piece that is both fashionable and marketable. Glenn Schlossberg is an industry professional who has spent nearly his entire life working on fashion. As a child he explored his father’s dress factory and learned clothes can be combined in new innovate ways. Now as an adult, he founded Jump Design Group in 1990. The organization has grown to encompass several brand names. In a recent online interview, Glenn Schlossberg discusses how his fashion has evolved.

Glenn Schlossberg has no doubt that his greatest accomplishment has been creating a fashion group from the ground up. He has been able to hire some of the best employees he knows, while at the same time giving back to reputable charities. The rush from seeing an idea hit the paper, then the production production, and finally be sold in stores hits him hard each time. He works each and every day to ensure the company is making the best possible business moves. He will analyze market trends, read customer feedback, and consult trusted individuals to ensure the company always stays on course. Glenn Schlossberg is a truly generous man at his core.

In the next section of the interview, Glenn reflects on his daily routine. A typical morning begins at the crack of dawn with a trip to the gym. He finds that this gets him energized for the day ahead. He then pulls out his suit and tie, and steps out the door for the work day. He spends a better part of the morning analyzing the newest idea or attending meetings. Running a business requires the patience to see how the market plays out, but also the courage to act when necessary. Glenn Schlossberg then describes how the company is currently negotiating an acquisition at the time of this interview. The day concludes with a meal with a client, or heading straight home to join the family on a free evening.

Glenn Schlossberg is a fashion industry leading expert who loves what he does from the bottom of his heart. He learned early on that nothing comes easy, and it takes a deep level of passion to succeed and hard work to succeed in such a competitive environment where creativity is power. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit

Why Choose Professional Homeopathic Hyland’s Teething Tablets

If your baby is teething, you know the difficulty that comes with calming them down. It is a problem that affects the baby as well as the parents. For this reason, it is important to consider Hyland’s Teething Tablets because of the high-quality natural ingredients that have been put into developing the product. The product is completely homeopathic, so it is safe to give babies as young as one month old. These ingredients are recognized in the homeopathic guide as helping with all symptoms of teething which includes irritability, gum swelling, pain and crying.

Hyland’s has been in the business of homeopathic medicine for over 100 years. They are incredibly beneficial for people who want and need more natural alternatives to their family’s health. One of the most popular products within the line are their Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Many parents have turned to this particular product as well as trusted the ingredients because Hyland’s Teething Tablets truly work and are effective at getting rid of a wide range of different teething symptoms. The ingredients are safe and the tablets dissolve almost instantly in the baby’s mouth so that they can be provided with the relief that they need. So many parents love and trust this product and buy it regularly to give to their babies because of the dedication behind quality.

There are so many reasons for you to give Hyland’s Teething Tablets a try for your own baby’s health. Not only are you choosing a product that works well and is going to deliver results, but you are buying from a company that you can trust. There are a lot of benefits behind the Hyland’s Teething Tablets that you choose to buy. Be sure to take a look at this particular line and see why so many people trust the brand’s name. You can also find a wide range of amazing products for older kids and adults alike that are all made by Hyland’s. For this reason, you’re able to get the most out of the products and finally find the relief that your baby is going to need for themselves.

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Lincolnshire Management Divests Itself Of Holley

Lincolnshire Management has recently (October 2018) made public the sale of Holley Performance Products to a company affiliated to Sentinel Capital Partners. Lincolnshire Management held Holley for the last five years and experienced great success with the company during that period with revenues up 300% and earnings up 400% during that time period of ownership. The Sentinel Capital Partners affiliate merged Holley with another company (Driven Performance Brands) after the purchase from Lincolnshire Management.

Holley’s track record has been impeccable in the automotive aftermarket niche since 1903 with many recognizable brands in the industry. Brands such as: Diablosport, Quick Fuel Technologies, Earls, Mallory, Hays, Racepak, Weiand, NOS, Superchips, Edge, ACCEL, MSD, and Hooker headers. Holley has advertised Hooker headers on dragsters in NHRA events many times over the years and NOS has also had a big following in the retail sector.

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 as a private equity firm in New York City. Lincolnshire Management has focused on controlling investments in the middle market sector of companies over the last 30 years with over 85 acquisitions made during their time in business. Lincolnshire Management’s reach is through a wide scope of different markets and sectors with different industries represented in their portfolio. Their current portfolio consists of: Allison Marine, Dalbo Holdings Inc, Desch Plantpak, Latite, Nursery Supplies Inc, and True Temper Sports.

Here is a small sample of companies that Lincolnshire Management has invested in over the years: Williams Machine and Tools, Wabash, Transcraft, SMI/NexCycle, Sight and Sound Distributing, Prince Sports, Polaris Pool Systems, Patterson Gear and Machine, PADI, National Pen, Linq Industrial Fabrics, Holley, Fabric Group, Excelsior Radio Networks/Triton Media, Cutters, Custom Alloy, Credentials Services International, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Automatic Bar Controls, Amports, American Coach Lines, Alaska Clubs, Aerosim, and 3SI Security Systems.

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MergerTech Has Nitin Khanna To Thank For Its Success

Nitin Khanna is an American entrepreneur who was born in India. He has always been an ambitious businessman and knew that technology would be the way of the future when he was younger. He worked with Oracle Corporation in his early days but decided to split off from the company and create his own business. He teamed up with his brother to do so, and they founded Saber Corporation together. He was only 25 years old when he started his first company, but he was able to find success pretty quickly.

Nitin Khanna helped to grow Saber up into a company that was paying more than 1,200 employees. Saber created software that has helped many states during their election cycles. This all began during the election campaign in 2000 when Al Gore ran against George Bush. Saber was making around $120 million in revenue when Khanna made the decision to sale it to EDS. He ended up getting $460 million for the company and continued to work with Saber for another year after this. When he finally left the company, it was bringing in two and half times the amount of revenue than it was just a year before.

After this, Nitin Khanna went on to build MergerTech, which is a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that works with tech entrepreneurs and startups. Khanna realized, early on, that tech companies based in the United States are worth more than tech companies based elsewhere. This has been a key to helping these companies to find international buyers who are willing to pay more.

Nitin Khanna is the chief executive officer of Mergertech, which works in the M&A sector and advises entrepreneurs and tech companies. He also serves as the CEO of Saber Corp., which has been in operation since 1998. Saber received awards in the mid 2000s for being one of the #1 fastest growing companies in Oregon and was also honored with the Deloitte Fast 500 award. Khanna also worked with Cura Cannabis Solutions until 2018 and continues to invest in the cannabis sector. He earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in engineering while attending Purdue University in Portland.

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The Family History of the JHSF and José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is known for its luxury and elegance when it comes to real estate. The company is well known for its properties across Sao Paulo, Brazil such as the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, where more than seventy thousand people are able to visit every single day. José Auriemo Neto will be initiating the Shopping Metro Tucuruvi and begins to sell the Dona Catarina development on a residential condominium for the middle class that is only 50 kilometers from the capital, Rodovia Castelo Branco. The JHSF also owns commercial buildings where famous celebrities in Brazil currently live and most of them pay hundreds of thousands to millions of raise per month just for rent.

Despite its success in luxurious hotels and infrastructures, the company does not live in luxury alone. You are probably wondering how the company of José Auriemo Neto started. The JHSF began back in the 90s where his father, Fábio Auriemo, became the business partner of his father’s brother, José Roberto, in their construction company the JHS. It all began with a family disagreement that has led the two siblings to fight and to split by starting two companies, the JHSJ, and the JHSF. Both companies were accountable for establishing the Plaza Iguatemi office building.

According to Fabio, the two of them had different taste when it comes to style and they were able to survive without talking for almost seven years. On the other hand, Jose stated that Fabio would want to expand all the more, while he wanted to reduce. They still consider each other as brothers but they are no longer business partners. Years later, José Auriemo Neto also known as Zeco Auriemo, is now a Brazilian Executive who helped JHSF reach billions and currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The leadership of José Auriemo Neto made his father very proud of him. After graduating college, José Auriemo Neto started his career by allowing his father to see how talented and skilled he really is as an individual and he used his intelligence and in-depth knowledge in becoming into the man he is today.


Papa John’s is currently looking down the barrel of dramatic change. Though their change comes from troubling months, these changes were long overdue according to CEO Steve Ritchie. After taking over Papa John’s, Ritchie made it his personal mission to introduce more diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the brand.

Since the controversy, Papa John’s leadership took a good look at the franchise. After concluding they needed to change something, Papa John’s announced a new wave of diversity and inclusion programs. These programs would not only make the brand better but also add to the local communities around Papa John’s stores.

The announcement came with a video and letter written by Steve Ritchie. The video showed real Papa John’s customers voicing their disappointment and shame in the brand. It was the company’s way of owning the mistake and showing people that they heard them. The letter followed the video and explained how Papa John’s plans to affect fundamental change.

Much of this change comes after the company realized how bad things were and how bad they could get. Sales dropped over six percent in some regions and higher in others, more than 10 percent. Overall, the company was expected to be in the negative percents by the end of the fiscal year.

Change needed to happen, not only for the company’s survival but to ensure they communities around them weren’t excluded. Steve Ritchie says he got into the pizza business because pizza brings people together. The way Papa John’s behaved in recent months was not what people wanted or needed.

Ritchie and the rest of Papa John’s leaders started changing the company by changing their outlook on the world. After undergoing “unconscious bias training,” they’re excited to implement that program in all their stores across the nation.

Since taking over, Ritchie opened an investigation into the brand’s diversity and inclusion practices, launched an independent cultural audit, and assembled a special team of diversity, equity, and inclusion advisors to guide the company to a better future.