Bhanu Choudhrie Provides a New Wave of Aviation Training

There are few entrepreneurs that make a mark on a specific industry like Bhanu Choudhrie. His investment portfolio includes companies that span the globe and are strong within various industries including healthcare, banking, real estate and utilities. However, Choudhrie is most known as the driving force behind the success of C&C Alpha Group’s aviation division. His experience and trust in innovation has gained recognition as a leader in educating and training airline pilots.

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India. His father was a successful business developer in London, England. Choudhrie was educated in the local schools and completed a business degree at the University of Boston as well as studies at Harvard Business School. Upon graduation, Bhanu Choudhrie completed an internship at JP Morgan before moving to the United Kingdom to join his family that had settled there.

In 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie took the position of executive director with C&C Alpha Group, a private investment strategy business based out of London that he cofounded with other family members. The primary focus for Choudhrie would be the aviation division of the company. The Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. was seeing intensive growth providing airline pilot training. The school is the only flight school located in the Philippines that has accreditation. The expert team at Alpha Aviation provide comprehensive training and attribute to it’s exemplary reputation.

The impeccable training programs offered by Alpha Aviation are due to the quality of leadership of Mr. Choudhrie continues to provide. His forward thinking management pushes innovation forward within the pilot school, allowing it to offer state-of-the-art facilities and training programs. Choudhrie recognized a gap in the availability of qualified pilots in the industry and took this opportunity to enhance to aviation industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur that believes in the mission that his company follows. His passion for providing a solution to the lack of qualified pilots in the aviation industry has paved the way for a successful career as well as allowing those individuals that dream of being an airline pilot an opportunity to learn in a diverse and highly supportive atmosphere. Choudhrie has created a pilot training program that will be the foundation of aviation schools in the future.

Bhanu Choudhrie: A Diverse Portfolio Manager With a Diverse Perspective

OSI Group McDonalds Launches New Partnershp

High demand is what every business wants to experience. Impossible Foods is having this issue right now. It is a good issue to have. But Impossible Foods has a burger that is selling off the shelf. So many of their clients are demanding more burgers. Impossible Foods gladly welcomes the demand. They have just one issue. The company does not have a way to meet demand. They are having a shortage of their Impossible Burgers to be made. They need another place with the right amount of equipment to complete their burger production.

OSI Group knows a thing abut shortage. They have been in the foo production sector long enough to know how quality food will easily sell out. They are ensuring that Impossible Foods will be able to meet the demand of their clients by producing the Impossible Burger in their very own facility. This partnership between OSI Group and Impossible Foods is a lifesaver. The Impossible Burger has grown with popularity and OSI is ready to help them deliver their burger to clients.

McDonalds taught OSI a lot. The burger franchise company taught OSI what it is like to be a supplier and manufacturer. They had worked with the burger franchise company for several decades. When they first began working with the burger franchise company they had to learn the process of manufacturing a quality burger. Little did they know that they would be manufacturing another burger in the future. McDonalds is an obvious successful company. OSI has been able to help them succeed and they are looking to od the very same thing with Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods has eagerly begun producing with OSI Group in the midwestern facilities owned by OSI. Some may wonder why a veteran company like OSI chose to partner with Impossible Foods. The answer is pretty simple. OSI for a while has had a mission to become more sustainable. To become more sustainable the company has had to work to create sustainable measures and diversify their product lineup. Working with Impossible Foods to develop the Impossible Burger allows the company to be more accessible and have a meatless burger added to their lineup of hundreds of food products.

OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Family man with sound foundation – Tj Maloney

Tj Maloney CEO of Lincolnshire Management, which he participated in the 90s.Investment Committee with Tj Maloney and is effectively included with the portfolio organizations. Preceding joining Lincolnshire, Tj Maloney rehearsed managing companies together, procurement and protections law in New York City. Tj Maloney is the previous Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and has served on the Board of Trustees at Boston College and Fordham University. Tj Maloney has addressed broadly and has been a visitor speaker at a few colleges including the Columbia University MBA Program. Tj Maloney is the ’07 beneficiary of the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award, exhibited by Fordham Law School in acknowledgment of corporate pioneers with the most elevated good measures. Tj Maloney recently served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the English Speaking Union of the United States and the Board of Trustees of The Tilton School.T.J. holds a BA from Boston College and JD from Fordham Law School. In his extra time and on siestas, Tj Maloney appreciates perusing, hitting the fairway, swimming and investing energy with family and friends whom he appreciates.


Tj Maloney is part of the well known and respected the Board of Trustees of Boston College and a previous individual from the Board of Trustees of Fordham University. Maloney has addressed broadly and has filled in as a visitor speaker at a few colleges including theMBA Program from Columbia University. T.J. Maloney of empire state center market buyout firm Lincolnshire Management portrays the assets and system his firm has built up to scout for speculation openings. Significant patterns are changing the worldwide scene for assembling just as the PE opportunity in this space. Themes with Tj Maloney incorporate why U.S. center market organizations must face worldwide chances, what instruments that can possibly bring to their portfolio organizations to enable them to go worldwide, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Serge Belamant Helping Financial Institutions Advance

When you think of baseball Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio immediately come to mind, but when you think of things like cryptocurrency you don’t really think of anyone. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is taking over in the way of global economic distribution. Cryptocurrency is something that has been used in blockchain technology for a very long time, but now experts are saying that it can we used without using cryptocurrency. Serge Belamant has had a lot of say when it comes to blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a ledger of records that are linked together. This ledger contains critical data including timestamps and other transactions.

Blockchain technology was originally invented to help with financial institutions. They hold the date and security of the institutions for the customers. A lot of the systems that are still used today are very old and inefficient. Serge Belamant is working hard to develop and found new patents to advance the blockchain technology that we use. Serge Belamant has been developing computer models for many years that help with financial institutions. He’s gotten good at methods that are dealing with digital mapping, graphic interface, and much more computer analysis.

Serge Belamant knows that he can make computer systems that will help secure and make financial institutions run more smoothly. Belamant has worked hard all of his life to get to where he is today in his career. If Belamant would not have worked so hard to develop the technology needed to run financial institutions the financial institutions would not be where they are today. Thanks to the work that he does he’s going to continue to see success for many more years to come. Working with financial institutions is something that is going to be available for a very long time so Serge Belamant is set for life.

David McDonald Running OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing company that is celebrating 20 years of business in China. OSI has been providing McDonald’s with their food for a very long time. OSI Group supplies many different kinds of foods including beef, chicken, eggs, pork, and much more. The company hardly ever receives complaints about their food.

During the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing OSI Group provided over 100 tons of food. Since doing that some other big brands have taken them on as being their number one supplier including Starbucks, Subway, and more. A man named David McDonald pretty much runs OSI and is very proud to be working with companies such as these.

When OSI started out they were pretty small but they worked hard to earn a good name for themselves. They have always tried to provide the very best food that they can for the companies that they work with because they know that these companies see millions of customers daily. Keeping companies like McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway happy helps OSI with being successful. Working with such big brand names is great for OSI.

OSI has worked very hard since they first got into business. They started from the ground and worked their way all the way up. They found the strong companies that they needed to go with to get their business really off of the ground and running and they ran with them.

OSI is not even close to being finished yet. They are going to continue to work hard and grow their business. OSI has big plans of working with even more big name companies in the future. They are going to spread themselves even farther across the world and there is no telling just how far they will go. OSI is already seeing a lot of success but that has not come to an end. They will continue to grow their success for many more years to come. David McDonald cannot wait to see how much success this brings him.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick: The True Pillar of a Society

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a leading command, in injury law representation. Located in Akron, Ohio, with 11 offices in the city, it has been a real game-changer in the industry, comprising of over 30 legal attorneys with over four decades of experience under their belt.

Few come close to the services offered by Kisling, Nestico & Redick in injury law and with over 10,000 clients helped it is easy to see why.

The firm is involved in Philanthropic efforts that have been praised over the years and helped many. Below are but some of the notable efforts.

Drivers in Ohio are known to text and drive, and this contributes to a staggering 39% of fatal accidents on the road that is according to Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Concerned with the steady rise associated with texting and driving, Kisling, Nestico & Redick launched a campaign to create awareness and ensure safer roads through KNR Don’t text and drive scholarship.

One such beneficiary and proof that this program works is Elianna Norin, who won $5000 for having the best proposal that persuades people from texting while driving. She put this money into good use, paying for her graphic design tuition.

Such efforts have seen the rate of road accidents associated with texting while driving reduces by significant numbers over the years.

This annual event shows how Kisling, Nestico & Redick care about kids in society. Every year its attorney’s and staff embark on a shopping spree for kids, and they fully take care of the costs.

The big brothers and sisters of Central Ohio are also involved in this noble gesture.

Every year Kisling, Nestico & Redick takes on a program to feed children in schools through donating large stocks of food which are either given free or sold at subsidized rates to the children. These efforts go a long way in ensuring kids can learn without much distraction from things like hunger. Their main goal is to ensure a better society and a better world.

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Perry Mandera Gives back to Chicago

In 1975 a teenage Perry Mandera dropped out of high school and joined the Marines. He worked in logistics, helping coordinate transportation of troops and supplies. He left the Marines at the age of 25 with an honorable discharge and immediately began designing his own freight company, The Custom Companies, Inc. With his experience in transportation from his time serving his country he was able to lead The Custom Companies, Inc. into a prosperous position. The Custom Companies, Inc. ship internationally through its carious divisions, each specializing in a different area to better service their customers. With an annual revenue stream in excess of $200 million, The Custom Companies, Inc. can be said to be successful, leaving Perry Mandera a wealthy man.

Mandera has a strong belief system rooted in his Catholic faith and the values of teamwork and partnership he learned in the Marines. In addition to the values of teamwork and hard work, Mandera has brought a strong sense of charitable giving to the corporate culture. As Mandera is a philanthropist and charity organizer, he was led by example in instilling that value into his employees and his companies’ culture. The Custom Companies, Inc. even has its own charitable wing, Custom Cares Charities.

Custom Cares Charities deals with causes such as disaster relief and disability care. As for Perry Mandera, they not only help support the disabled, but also those who act as caretakers for the disabled. These caretakers are often relatives of the disabled person and often find themselves in need of additional help.

Perry Mandera is also active in other causes, many focused on his home town of Chicago. He donates to many crime prevention charities as well as veterans groups and law enforcement. One of Mandera’s causes is the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, an organization that focuses on helping homeless youth in the Chicago area. It was founded in 1889 and is still a major source of assistance in the city for homeless youth thanks to the volunteers who work there and to donors who help keep the group operating in Chicago.

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Lincolnshire Management Divests Itself Of Holley

Lincolnshire Management has recently (October 2018) made public the sale of Holley Performance Products to a company affiliated to Sentinel Capital Partners. Lincolnshire Management held Holley for the last five years and experienced great success with the company during that period with revenues up 300% and earnings up 400% during that time period of ownership. The Sentinel Capital Partners affiliate merged Holley with another company (Driven Performance Brands) after the purchase from Lincolnshire Management.

Holley’s track record has been impeccable in the automotive aftermarket niche since 1903 with many recognizable brands in the industry. Brands such as: Diablosport, Quick Fuel Technologies, Earls, Mallory, Hays, Racepak, Weiand, NOS, Superchips, Edge, ACCEL, MSD, and Hooker headers. Holley has advertised Hooker headers on dragsters in NHRA events many times over the years and NOS has also had a big following in the retail sector.

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 as a private equity firm in New York City. Lincolnshire Management has focused on controlling investments in the middle market sector of companies over the last 30 years with over 85 acquisitions made during their time in business. Lincolnshire Management’s reach is through a wide scope of different markets and sectors with different industries represented in their portfolio. Their current portfolio consists of: Allison Marine, Dalbo Holdings Inc, Desch Plantpak, Latite, Nursery Supplies Inc, and True Temper Sports.

Here is a small sample of companies that Lincolnshire Management has invested in over the years: Williams Machine and Tools, Wabash, Transcraft, SMI/NexCycle, Sight and Sound Distributing, Prince Sports, Polaris Pool Systems, Patterson Gear and Machine, PADI, National Pen, Linq Industrial Fabrics, Holley, Fabric Group, Excelsior Radio Networks/Triton Media, Cutters, Custom Alloy, Credentials Services International, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Automatic Bar Controls, Amports, American Coach Lines, Alaska Clubs, Aerosim, and 3SI Security Systems.

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Philanthropy: Another Powerful Energy Source

Options, affordability, philanthropy. These may not be things you have associated with home energy service providers in the past, however, that is changing, and Stream Energy have been pioneers of that change since its’ founding in 2005. This past year Dallas and many areas in Texas was a prime example of the company’s corporate and individual philanthropy making a major difference in the lives of many who were affected last year by the devastating tornados and floods that ravaged Texas and surrounding areas, leaving many without homes and basic necessities. During this time Stream Energy sprang into action to help many Dallas residents who had endured so much.

Stream Energy has formed its own departmental arm within the company that focuses on philanthropic giving- “Stream Cares”. Formulating departments that focus on philanthropy is uncommon for most corporations, not to mention energy companies but Stream Energy isn’t your run-of -the-mill gas and electric company. They offer far more to their customers than energy resources and far more to the community at large during times of distress and need. Not only do they support their community monetarily, but the associates are hands-on and give of their time and energy.

In March 2018, Stream Energy was featured in an article on where their philanthropic efforts in the Dallas area were showcased. One way that this innovative company helps the community is by supporting other organizations in the area such as the Salvation Army and an organization named Hope Supply Co., that provides resources for those who are homeless and their families. They also work with are veterans through “Operation Once in a Lifetime” which not only provided monetary assistance but also organizing events for them and their family members to have a meal and enjoy a special time of celebration together as a community.

Stream Energy is helping to set a new precedent for other energy companies who would only gain from following suit by providing so much more than energy services to the communities they serve.