Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Leader Behind The Development Of

Richard Liu Qiangdong may currently stand as one of the biggest names in the Chinese e-commerce industry but there is no denying the journey that he had to go through to reach one of the most prestigious positions in the global e-commerce market. Richard Liu Qiangdong started off as someone who believed in the power of hard work.

Growing up, he watched his parents work hard within the coal mining industry to give him everything that he needed. He knew that if he wanted to be someone in life, he would have to work extremely hard to ultimately reach his goals. Richard Liu Qiangdong also had the ability to quickly grasp onto new concepts and new ideas.

When in college, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that he would learn how to code in spite of only doing a business course in college. This was his first venture into the tech industry and something that helped him immensely in his years to come. Go To This Page to learn more.

The first venture that Richard Liu Qiangdong took on was a tar and mortar store that sold goods that were of high quality and which were genuine. This was especially important because of the sheer number of fake goods prevalent in Chinese markets. After spending a few years at the store, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided that it was time to expand into the online retail space. He knew that the competition more here was tough, but believed that he would be able to achieve it if he implemented the right business policies and practices.

Within a short period of time, Richard Liu becomes one of the more well-known names in the e-commerce industry because of the success of the company that he had built.

He founded purely because of a need for better online shopping and gave customers an entirely positive experience. Today, millions of people shop online at and turn to it whenever they are in need of some online retail therapy. The customer base of has grown well beyond China and is now catering to audiences across the entire world.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong And Trade Winds


Richard Liu Qiangdong is certain to watch and see how the global economy is doing. He would be interested in doing so because Richard Liu Qiangdong is the Executive Officer of Jingdong.

As the leader, the person in charge of the entire operation, he must make certain that he is keeping his wits about him. It is also in these uncertain times that Richard Liu Qiangdong must keep his productivity strong and he must push through.

Richard Liu is a true entrepreneurial genius and recognizes the power in of broadening his horizons. Richard Liu himself is worth a staggering $11 billion. His success has skyrocketed with the company.

Liu is considered as among the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce industry. After launching his first online retail website sometime in 2004, he founded only a year later.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is well aware of cycles within the world and realizes that one should prepare for these market cycles to do well.

The cycle will continue to repeat itself if there aren’t really sustainable policies that promote job creation and a truly healthy economy propped up by key decisions that people make. Recovery should not simply come from cheap money, that eventually goes to propping asset prices. Go Here for related Information.

Correct investments in education that is relevant to the present and the future, that helps those who learn to get jobs and be ready for jobs that will be in demand, and investments in training a better workforce, building further infrastructure, shifts in better energy forms that create a better environment and other long term factors that will create a healthy economy.

It seems that the US will have further reliance on imports and on savings allocated from foreign powers. At the current moment, policies seem to be short-sighted, focused on perpetuating the dilution of savings, incentivizing spending, and encouraging binges with investment from those in other countries.

Quality of life does seem to be steady and normal in this current environment, but debts will certainly come due. As they come due, people will have to optimize for figuring out how to bring in more money to pay for their money calls.

Investors need to see economic activity rise because their lives will depend on it. It is certain that an economic purge will be needed within this economy so that the good investments can rise to the top and then the allocation decision can be on which is better of the ones that stick around.





Prada Will Be Relying on a Sales Boost


Headlines were made last week when it was officially announced that Prada and would finally be teaming up. The specific nature of the partnership involves a flagship store for the Italian luxury brand that will be located on the Jingdong website.

This will be the primary online location for Prada’s business. The company has wanted to make a big splash in the online world for a long time. Now they are finally doing it with the help of the largest online Chinese retailer. Prada is not known as a company that does anything halfway. They are continuing that tradition by making a deal with a giant online retailer.

The online business for Prada has been doing very well. However, the people who run the company think it can be better. This is what caused them to reach out to about a possible partnership. Talks between the two companies went on for several months. It was eventually decided that Prada would be best served by having a flagship store on where customers would be able to buy all of their products at a single location. Prada surveyed their customers about this idea. The response was overwhelming.

Prada understands the enormous reach that has. Their goal is to use this huge online platform to reach people who have never bought a Prada item before in their life. They also want to attract people who only shop online and would never see any Prada merchandise in a brick and mortar store.

The same type of plan has been used by many other companies when they do business with Jingdong. The results have always been spectacular. The speed of the shipping offered by JD is very attractive to Prada. They know that speed of delivery is something that attracts new customers.

The effect that the JD’s flagship store will have on Prada’s bottom line is not yet known. However, the past results of other companies indicate that it will be a very profitable partnership. is China’s biggest retail platform has a way of making everything they touch turn to gold.

A book entitled “The Story: An E-commerce Phenomenon” by Li Zhigang features the unique story of’s growth and evolution and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder are featured in this fascinating book.


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