Isabel Dos Santos on Digital Technology in Africa and Women’s Empowerment

Isabel Dos Santos is a billionaire magnate who is known as Africa’s richest woman. Dos Santos is also known for speaking out important issues that affects her home country of Angola and the African continent. Two issues that are extremely important to Dos Santos has to do with digital technology and the empowerment of women (BBC). 


Isabel Dos Santos has worked in the telecommunications industry for years. In her country, she played a key role with the expansion of internet technology into Angola. She knows that mobile devices and the internet are needed for business, communication, work and education. She also realizes that digital technology will be able to provide many Africans with bank accounts and access to financial services. This is critical for many African people so they will be able to live a better quality of life. 


Women are struggling for a better position in Africa. The women in Africa are not the only females on the planet who are struggling to improve their position. Women across the globe have picked up the feminist mantle. They want to do better socially, economically and personally. Isabel grew up as an empowered woman: her father was the former president of Angola from 1979 – 2017. So, she knows how important it is for women to have opportunities and position in the world. 


Dos Santos believes that women are the key to the development and growth of many African nations. Once women become more empowered through business, education and economic opportunities – African nations will start to experience more financial growth, stability and a greater social position. Isabel dos Santos believes that by empowering women with the use of the internet and digital technologies will help to facilitate their position. 


Isabel Dos Santos wants the world to know that Africa can change. The continent is ready to join the rest of the world in terms of digital expansion and women empowerment. She works hard not just in Angola but with all nations to help improve the conditions of Africans. Her commitment and support is very important to the people of Angola and the other nations of Africa. 

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Sharon Prince Enjoys The Beauty Of Nature


The natural beauty of the 80 acres around the acclaimed “River Building” of Grace Farms is serene and encourages different people from the community to get together to discuss the problems that are plaguing society or just enjoy a nice walk through the serene trails of the New England community center that is close to the state border of New York. After looking around the expansive property that preserves bits of nature from the harm of man, it’s hard to imagine that it likely would have all been housing if Sharon Prince of the Grace Farms Foundation didn’t have a vision for it.


Sharon Prince Grace Farms offers many different programs and their President and Chair Sharon Prince encourages the community to engage in them in order to try to make the world a better place. These programs consist of different speakers and artists who are working with Grace Farms to spread their vision for the future of nature and the rest of the world. Sharon Prince. Along with these programs, visitors can explore the land on their own in order to explore the beauty of nature around them.


Sharon Prince was inspired by the property that Grace Farms is on and it helped her figure out how to go about developing it as a community center that respected nature. New England is a beautiful place and Sharon Prince was able to showcase this through Grace Farms while creating a place for her community and spirituality.


An article with Garage entitled, “Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge”, discusses how Grace Farms draws on the idealism that inspired early settlers to create a just and equitable society.


Grace Farms is a place where people can go to escape from the stressors of everyday life. After purchasing the property, steps were taken to “enrich” the habitats that were on the 80 acres to encourage animals to make their homes. Prior to being Grace Farms, the property had been devoted to horses and not the ecosystem is used to be.


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Sharon Prince Praises The Firm Behind The River Building


While Grace Farms is surrounded by the beauty of nature, Sharon Prince is quite happy with the architecture that the site features as well. The structure that is known as the River Building was commissioned from Sharon Prince and Grace Farms from the Japanese architectural partnership known as SANAA.

In addition to creating the River Building, the firm also helped the non-profit Grace Farms Foundation remodel a group of barns as meeting rooms and a welcome center for the site. Surrounded by 80 acres of natural beauty, Grace Farms is a place that has a strong purpose while providing a great deal of pleasure for their community.

Sharon Prince created what is known as the Grace Farms Foundation back in 2009 and Grace Farms itself was opened in 2015 to the public. the idyllic location was created to save the last bit of undeveloped land in the New Canaan area from being developed into yet another group of mansions in the area.

After several members of the Harvard Graduate School of Design decided to call New Canaan home in the 1940s, the quiet town with an old-fashioned feel suddenly became a place of modernism as well. While the area may still have the feel of a small town, it is still modern in other design. Refer to This Article for more information.

Sharon Prince wanted to be able to combine the different beauty of nature and modern design in her vision which is why she chose the Japanese firm to create the River Building. With large glass windows that look as fragile as bubbles featured alongside natural timber and steel, it creates an impressive vision in the middle of the natural landscape that Sharon Prince fell so deeply in love with. Prince praises the firm for the work that they have done and gave them freedom in the design.


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