How Lori Senecal has built a Career in the Marketing Industry

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO CP+B, an advertising company located in Colorado in the U.S. Senecal has been with the company since 2015 and has helped to push the company’s boundaries in the global market.

Lori Senecal attended the McGill University, where, she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance.

Her career in marketing began when she co-founded and took the roles of TAG Ideation at McCann Erickson in2003. She worked in this position for four years and later on becoming the President of McCann New York. She also worked at Global Chief Innovation Officer of the same company, from 2006 to 2007. She served as President for two years, and in 2009, she left and joined Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners as President and Chief Executive Officer. She served in this office for two years and in 2012, she became the Chairman and CEO of the same company, a position she held for two more years.

According to PR NewsWire, in 2014, she joined MDC Partners as President and Chief Executive Officer. She also served briefly for seven months as the Global Executive Chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners in 2014. Due to her experience in the advertising industry, she was made Global CEO of CP+B in 2015, a position she currently holds.

Throughout her career, she has managed to help the companies she has worked for, achieve great success in the market. Her understanding of the market and aggressive nature of business has helped all her companies develop competitive strategies that ensured not only their survival but also their success rate.

Being a co-founder of McCann Erickson, she led the agency from a small startup to a well-established marketing agency with an excellent command of the market.

According to Campaignlive, since she joined CP+B, Senecal has had a positive impact on the company’s business and culture by integrating modern business inventive strategies. She has been credited for giving potential talents a platform to build and thrive, which has continuously fueled the growth and development of CP+B globally.

Her achievements and ambitions have not gone unnoticed. She is a recipient of three prestigious awards in the world of advertising. In 2013, she received a Quantum Leap Award for her outstanding leadership skills from the AWNY Game Changer Awards. A year later, she was named in a list of “Women to Watch” by Advertising Age. In 2016, Advertising Age named her in a list of “Agency Executives to Watch.”

It’s pretty clear that she has no intentions of stopping or slowing down. There is a lot to be expected from an outstanding leader like Lori Senecal.


The Lung Institute Demonstrates That the Human Body Is a Powerful Medicine

The human body is capable of some remarkable things. Anyone who’s had a minor cut or scrape will be well aware of how rapidly it can heal. It’s easy to take for granted. But one might do well to remember that no medical technology can even approach the sheer versatility of people’s normal biological functions. The ability to simply grow new portions of the body is pretty amazing when one steps back to really consider it. According to PR Web, modern medicine simply isn’t able to match that sort of regenerative potential. It’s a bit of interesting trivia when one is looking at a superficial injury. But this fact takes on a more severe tone when considering larger problems such as lung disease. The lungs are very complex structures, and they don’t lend themselves very well to direct intervention. For a very long time this was a limiting factor for one’s treatment options. It’s not like skin, where doctors have an easy time helping natural processes along. But one institution has developed a method to apply that philosophy of healing to the lungs.

The Lung Institute’s main purpose is self evident from the name. They’re constantly working to find new ways to help patients fight off lung disease. One of the most effective new treatments is a way to help lung cells help themselves. One can best understand this by considering skin. Skin heals by essentially using healthy skin cells as a stepping stone to bridge over damaged areas. The lungs function in a similar way. Or, rather, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The lungs are more complex so there’ more room for things to go wrong. The Lung Institute has found a way to extract the basic tools that cells use to create those healing bridges.

The Lung Institute begins by taking a small sample from the patient. This is usually a small amount of blood or bone morrow. This sample is packed with something known as stem cells. These are the basic mechanism by which the body heals itself. The Lung Institute has found a way to take stem cells from a patient and then transplant them to damaged areas of the lung. From there, the special preparations made by the Lung Institute will ensure that the medicine begins to repair the lungs just as skin heals itself.

For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page.

Read more about the Lung Institute’s programs and services here:

Things You Didn’t Know About Todd Lubar

Many people will recognize Todd Lubar as the president of TDL Global Ventures, a Maryland Domestic LLC filed on the 13th of July, 2011. He is the kind of person you would want on your team because he is always passionate about what he does. With the kind of knowledge, experience, and mentality he has, no wonder he has excelled in many things. Nevertheless, there is more to Todd Lubar than his career achievements.

He is a Family Man

It is often said that charity begins at home and Todd Lubar is just about that. Todd is a well-respected family man. He has a wife and two lovely children whom he lives with in Bethesda Maryland. You might think a person of Todd’s stature is always all about his business ventures and all but he is contrary to this. Todd Lubar loves his family so much that he always finds as much time as possible to spend with them.

He Has Vast Business Interests

According to his aboutme page, Todd Lubar is well-known for his prowess as a professional in the mortgage banking sector, having been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the U.S for years. However, besides that, Todd has had many business interests in various industries, including real estate, demolition, recycling, and even in the nightclub industry.

He has been successful in all these ventures. Like for instance, in commercial demolition, he has been able to get some of the biggest general contracts. The success of his auto-motive scrap metal recycling venture led to it becoming a publicly traded company.

He is just an all-rounded person who proves one can succeed in just about anything they put their mind and effort into.

He Loves Travelling

Travelling may not be for all of us, but is surely is for Todd Lubar. He enjoys travelling and especially to a place where the temperature is milder than in Maryland where he resides. He previously stated that he loved travelling to Orange County, California.

He Attributes His Successes to Keeping a Positive Attitude

The main reason for all Todd’s successes and achievements can be traced backed to the positive attitude that he keeps. His objective has always been to be a better person today than he was the previous day; something which made him excel in all aspects of his life, whether professional, business, or personal. For more info about him, visit yelp.

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The Life of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has accomplished many amazing things in his life. These things did not happen by accident. They are all the product of hard work. Brad grew up in southern California. He was not sure what he wanted to do for a living.

He studied hard in school and got very good grades. He met with a career counselor while he was in high school. According to Crunchbase, the counselor suggested that Brad Reifler might do well to pursue a career in finance because he was very good with numbers. It turns out that this was very good advice. Brad went to Bowdoin College and enjoyed his time there.

Brad loved his college years and has many great memories of the experiences he had during that time in his life. Brad got the idea to go into business for himself. He felt like this was the most logical step. He believed that he had the leadership skills necessary to run his own money management firm.

Therefore, there was no need for him to seek employment at another company. He took out a loan in order to help get his new company off the ground. He bought some advertising on local TV and radio. The Reifler Trading Corporation had officially been born.

Derivative execution on a global scale was the primary specialty of the Reifler Trading Corporation. Brad Reifler eventually decided to sell the company he started when Refco made him an offer he could not refuse in 2000. However, that was not the only company that Brad would start. He also founded Reifler Capital Management.

This was yet another successful venture that helped to solidify Brad’s standing in the financial world. There was seemingly nothing he could not do. Many of the world’s top investors were seeking Brad out so they could do business with him.

Brad Reifler received the greatest amount of acclaim for the job he did as the CEO of two very big and powerful investment companies. Pali Capital and Forefront Capital were led by Brad. He guided them through very tough times and help them overcome down periods in the market.

Madison Street Capital and Its Successful Partnership with ARES Security Corporation

ARES Security Corporation is a security risk management company offering end to end security software services to their customers. ARES Security Corporation hired Madison Street Capital for obtaining financial service in 2016 that concluded in January 2017. The reputed international investment banking service provider was responsible for analyzing the debts and the equity investment for ARES clients and suggesting a partner restructure their capital structure.



Charles Botchway, the Chief Executive Officer, announced the deal between the two companies and for its successful competition. The Senior Managing Director of the Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh, was also responsible for the positive results that came out of this deal. It was him who made asserted that working with the President of the ARES Security was one of the best things that he has done over the years.



He had only good things to say about ARES for its world-class solutions that are essential for the security of the country’s assets. Ben Eazzetta, President of ARES Security Corporation was also not far behind in complimenting the executives at Madison Street Capital for their valuable service. He expressed his delight for Madison Street Capital to obtain such great results of this deal and how smoothly it went. The company helped them partner with Corbel Structured Equity Partners that helped them structure their investment for significant equity value. It also benefitted from its contacts in the industry and their different capital solution services. Madison Street Capital Reputation ranks high in the corporate sector.



Madison Street Capital is one of the top names in the banking sector offering financial advisory solutions. The company has been around for many years and are known for their excellent service. Apart from financial consulting, they provide some other services which include valuation services, merger, and acquisition expertise and more. The company adopts the latest methods to ensure that their clients can become successful in today’s complex global market. Madison is not just another consulting company in the United States. It builds strong working relationship with its clients to be able to make a different to them and the community as a whole. The company aims to meet the needs of their customers to help them achieve their goals to excellence.



When Madison Street Capital takes on a client, their objectives become aligned, and they work together to find solutions that are profitable in the long term. The company has gained the trust of their customers through their dedication to the world-class professional standards.


For updates, follow Madison Street Capital on Facebook.


Girls Have An Easier Time With Whiney Wolfe’s Bumble

Whitney Wolfe has made something that is very successful with Bumble. One of the reasons that Bumble has turned out to be a major success is that she has designed it to be beneficial to women.

Whitney Wolfe has had plenty of experiences in the dating world that has inspired her to look for ways that she can make it easier for girls to find the type of date and romance that they want. Girls and guys are able to enjoy the advantages that they get from her app. Therefore, more people are succeeding in finding a relationship with this app than before.

Read more on Crunchbase.

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to the dating app arena. She has worked with Tinder before. She has taken the swipe feature that Tinder is known for and has used it for her new app called Bumble. One thing that could be said for Bumble is that it takes a new approach that is not taken with other dating apps. The new approach is that it allows only certain people to initiate conversation. The men are only allowed to respond. Women are encouraged to initiate and they are expected to initiate right away so that they will be able to contact the match.

Whitney Wolfe has put so much thought into Bumble and it shows in the type of features that it has that makes it easier on both women and men. One of the things that inspired Bumble is that she has tried dating and thought about how reluctant she was to text first. One of the issues is that this is often considered a sin when it comes to dating and flirting. However, there has been a lot of talk about who should text first or initiate in other ways and why. Whitney Wolfe has sought to challenge this.


Creepy Curiosity


People are curious creatures in general; they like to learn, to know and explore. The internet contains lots of information to satisfy any appetite for knowledge from the light hearted and simple to the dark and complex. Sometimes, people’s minds are fixed on the macabre as they ask themselves certain questions. A couple of these issues include those such as what happens to your body when you freeze to death and scary texts from crazy ex girlfriends.


What Happens to Your Body When You Freeze to Death? This question about death by freezing is a scientific and scary one. It does involve a slow, horrible death that no living being should have to go through. The body, as hard as it tries, attempts to protect itself from the cold. However, exposure to cold temperatures for too long, a person will eventually meet their demise. Freezing to death has 15 stages. 1. Blood flow in the capillaries constrict. 2. Heart and respiratory rates accelerate. 3. Shivering starts. 4. Lost color in the complexion 5. Due to increased blood flow, the body produces more urine. 6. The cold get to the muscles making it difficult to move. 7. Due to the drop of body temperature certain enzymes in the brain become inefficient therefore causing confusion. 8. Due to frostbite, extremities, such as toes and fingers, turn blue or black. 9. Heart and respiratory rate slow down. 10. The heart pumps less and that leads to less oxygen to the brain and therefore, leads to hallucinations.11. The victim gets amnesia from the cold weather. 12. They may undress 13. Survival instinct sets in and may cause burrowing in the victim. 14. The victim loses consciousness. The last stage to freezing to death is number 15. The organs shut down.

The same icy feeling you might describe after getting crazy text messages from somebody you know.

Break ups are never easy and making someone infuriated at you during a break up makes things even more challenging. Even though a lot of these kinds of texts are not scary at all, one may never know when the ex girlfriend or boyfriend gets somehow pushed over the edge. Some of these texts may include the following.

“You can block me.”

“I won’t stop texting you.”

“And I will keep going unless you block me, don’t worry, I have no shame.”

“At least dad loves me.”

“I’ll kill you.”


Organo Gold: Changing The Image Of Coffee

Many people love coffee. However, some people believe coffee is unhealthy and therefore stay away from it. Fortunately, coffee does not have to be synonymous with unhealthy. There is in fact a new brand of coffee that not only keeps the consumer alert, but also improves his health. This brand is called Organo Gold.

This is the type of coffee that offers the best of many worlds. It offers great taste and alertness as well as the boost in health thanks to ganoderma, a type of herb that is grown throughout Asia. As Ganoderma has been used throughout history to treat many health problems.

One of the businessmen responsible for bringing forth Organo Gold and spreading awareness and usage of ganoderma is Bernardo Chua.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo has a passion for helping people become healthier. He is working towards bringing ganoderma to people throughout the globe. He also wants to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle.

This is one of the reasons that he is working hard to bring forth a lot of products that are made with this ingredient. For one thing, he wants to make sure that people are not only experiencing the great taste of Organo Gold, but to also experience the renewed energy as well as a greater sense of health that comes from it.

Organo Gold’s products as well as business model has earned plenty of awards. This is good news for the company because it makes it easier to reach people and get them to buy the product. This also makes it a lot easier for Organo gold to spread into other territories. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

For one thing, people like to have trusted brands with great reputations. A good reputation makes a brand or a company very trustworthy. Organo Gold will continue to bring greater health to customers and win a lot of awards.

The Importance Of Reaching Out Globally

Even though it is called the World Wide Web for a reason, there are people that localize their business on the internet. For one thing, a lot of SEO actually depends on the localization of keywords. This is likely because a lot of the regular keywords have been already used to the point that it is ranking highly. That said, the internet audience is global. In other words, people have access to the internet throughout the world. There are many aspects of a global reach when it comes to online businesses. Therefore, it is important for the user to master these different areas of global reach.

One of the aspects of online reach as explained by Reviews is in the ability to adapt the message as it relates to the region. People interpret messages online according to the region. This is why it is important for one to make sure that he is able to avoid leaving anyone out. One thing that the business owner can do is come up with content that local people could relate. At the same time, he can make sure that they are aware of the larger picture. For one thing, this is globalization at its core. Looking at a local area while paying attention to the world is one way to gain approval for the company.

Reaching out globally is one of the most effective ways to run a business. For one thing, there is a larger audience throughout the world than in the local area. This is why making it global is going to increase the sales. Since the online website can be reached by anyone in the world, there is no reason to limit to a localized performance. However, one thing that the online marketer can do is start small and then expand the reach of his business.


Fabletics is an Online Fashion Force

Kate Hudson is a radiant Hollywood star who is known for her work in seemingly countless hit movies. Most people know that. Many people don’t know, however, that the blonde actress is also an extremely successful businesswoman. She’s the founder of Fabletics, an Internet subscription shop that focuses on high-quality accessories and sportswear. is a powerhouse in the Internet shopping world. It’s not exactly easy to rival the massive United States-based electronic commerce firm. Fabletics, however, has actually managed to do so against all odds. is in charge of approximately 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce realm. That’s why it’s so difficult for most other companies out there to hold their own. Fabletics has been wowing the fashion world with its meteoric rise for about three years now. It’s become a $250 million operation that’s getting stronger and stronger by the day. It’s a popular activewear brand that employs a subscription format to cater to its large customer base. The concept is basic and straightforward. Shoppers appreciate fashion companies that have positive messages. They like fashion companies that encourage them to reach for the stars, too. That encourages them to sign up for convenient memberships that enable them to easily purchase clothing on the Internet. Fabletics has a lot in common with both Warby Parker and Apple. The brand is becoming harder and harder to avoid lately. It has six physical branches coming in 2017. It already has 16 in business. These stores are in diverse locations all across the United States such as California, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois.


Fabletics is a prominent activewear apparel brand that’s been making big waves in the fashion world since launching back in 2013. People who sign up as VIP members receive initial outfits for merely $25.00. They receive more than inexpensive prices on their first purchases, too. They also get access to bargain prices for certain pieces. Fabletics can be beneficial for shoppers who could use a little outside assistance. If you want a fashion expert to carefully select clothing that’s suitable for your preferences and overall lifestyle, you’re probably someone who is a great candidate for a Fabletics membership. Fabletics is also a company that gives subscribers ample freedom and convenience. If you don’t need the subscription for a month, you can freeze it. You won’t have to pay anything that month, either.


Signing up for Fabletics is always easy as pie. People who sign up have to submit brief surveys. These surveys pose questions that pertain to outfit preferences, physical activity and beyond. Fabletics members can always start brand new months off on great notes. That’s because they receive helpful exercise outfit suggestions right after new months start. Fabletics memberships can come in handy for an abundance of strong reasons. They can be excellent for shoppers who appreciate solid attire quality. They can be terrific for people who appreciate plentiful style options. They also can be wonderful for people who are fans of easy and user-friendly online shopping experiences.