How Flavio Malux has Helped Eucatex to Grow

Brazil is a country that values its economy. The government of this nation has done so much so that the private and public companies can grow, improving the status of the economy. The small investors have also been empowered in Brazil compared to any other countries of the world, and this explains why there are so many growing companies. Flavio Maluf is an investor who has played a key role in the economy of his beloved country. The businessman is the founder and chairman of a company he founded many years ago, known as Eucatex. The organization, which is currently the leader when it comes to the manufacture and distribution of partitions, floors, different types of panels, paints, wood fiber and varnishes in Brazil, is proud of the milestones it has hit in the recent years. As the chairman of the successful firm, Flavio Malux has numerous responsibilities, and he has been fulfilling them in time. After serving the Brazilians for a very long time, Eucatex is celebrating its history. In the sixty-seven years, the organization has served the market, it has chosen to invest heavily in social activities and sustainability. Read more on

Many modern companies, especially those in the private department, focus on making profits and improving their companies in the competitive market. Eucatex has been very unique in its operations, and this is what has set it apart from the tough competition. When the firm was established in the year 1951, it realized the benefits of investing in reforestation and land. This has been the primary reason the company has added value to the community and at the same time increased its profits. The environment has been a key concern in the organization. The leadership of the company is keen on environment friendly practices, and this has ensured that the company leaves a positive impact in the community, regardless of the time of the year. Flavio Maluf is an experienced leader who has been fortunate to work in different capacities in his lifetime. The success he has achieved is attributed to his love for the environment and communities around him. Website:

Shervin Pishevar: Tapping into Blockchain

The online world is changing. Artificial intelligence has been expected to make a profound impact for some time. During this time, blockchain has been flying under the radar. One of blockchain’s greatest advantages is its versatility. Shervin Pishevar alluded to this in discussing its economic potential.

Best Uses for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Basically, anywhere there is data, blockchain can be employed to make the system more efficient. Shervin Pishevar was especially concerned with centralized data in the economy. This is where blockchain battles for relevance. Cryptocurrencies are more specialized and are popular within fintech.

Cryptocurrencies: More than Money

It is doubtful that as many people would have heard about cryptocurrencies if the technology was merely being used to tokenize user information. Cryptocurrencies can be used as vouchers and coupons. They can represent tradeable data like gaming skins. Where blockchain is a permanent ledger, cryptocurrencies are transferable. Cryptos are already being personalized by users.

A Tokenized Future

Shervin Pishevar stressed the importance of small business innovation. What better way than for every user to have their own crypto token. Imagine making use of your data. Instead of Facebook marketing its user data to advertisers, imagine if every user could monetize their personal information. Large organizations would no longer be paying for marketing data or contact information. This information would take a new form; one guided by each user’s specifications and needs.


Finance is certainly one of the best use cases for both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But, you would be amiss if you thought that was all there was behind the ideas presented by people like Shervin Pishevar. In blockchain, the world has the ability to manipulate data in ways never before imagined. What was once the fantasy of data scientists is now a reality.

The potential exists to maximize the world’s resources on a personal level for individuals even in the most remote regions. Like the Internet was overlooked in its capacity to make information available and connect the world, so too are untapped decentralized blockchain applications.

Tim Ioannides and his Efforts to Transform Treasure Coast Dermatology

He is a reputable medical professional with many years of experience in the industry. He decided to establish own company after working for other organizations for some years. Tim Ioannides has served his clients at Treasure Coast for more than fifteen years now. The medical expert has become an authority for skin-related complications. Some of the things that have helped Tim to expand his venture is his focus to implement effective decision-making mechanisms and promoting unmatched customer service. Treasure Coast Dermatology currently operates five facilities in the country.

The customer base at the company has expanded significantly with time. He excelled in his university education which he acquired from the University of Miami. After completing his studies, he sought internship opportunities which he found at a reputable health organization known as the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Center. Tim later moved to other organizations where he perfected his skills. He discovered that he had a passion for providing professional dermatology services while working for a local physician.

Tim Ioannides engages in the treatment of conditions such as skin cancer, tumors, and different skin complications. According to him, the main aim of starting his firm was conducting dermatological procedures, providing innovative treatment options, and diagnosis for his clients. The medical professional has spent a significant amount of his time over the years in researching about his profession to improve service delivery to his patients.

Some of his associates in the past have referred to him as an exemplary medical expert for his high level of professionalism. Tim Ioannides has always strived to create personal relationships with all his clients, and that has earned him their trust. He starts his day at six in the morning where he engages in short workout exercises. According to him, the activities enable him to be energized throughout the day.

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Why Nina Vaca Inspires So Many People

Many people want to operate a successful company. However, few people have mentors to teach them the basics of running a business. Going to business school is expensive. As a result, few people feel comfortable starting a company.

Nina Vaca is a successful business owner and public speaker. She travels around the United States teaching people about the importance of entrepreneurship. She believes that business owners should spend time and money helping others. During her career, Vaca has received numerous awards for serving others.

Vaca produces a lot of online content about entrepreneurship and education. She thinks that the government should spend more money to assist business owners. Vaca grew up in a poor area of the United States. She saw how many people became stuck in a cycle of poverty. Vaca teaches people personal finance lessons to avoid living in poverty. Vaca writes blog posts about starting a business. Not only does she teach people the financial side of running a business, but she also writes about helping others through her work.

Despite her busy schedule, Vaca still takes time to volunteer in her community. She enjoys assisting charitable organizations that provide shelter to people without homes.

Matt Badiali Tells Us How to Reap from The Natural Resource Industry

Matt Badiali is an investment expert who studied earth sciences in University of Penn State. He then attended Florida Atlantic University where he got his Masters in Science in Geology. For five years, he studied for his Ph. D until he was introduced to finance in 2014, by a friend. The objective was to equip Badiali with ways through which he could invest for the American people. His resourceful knowledge and information on Natural Sciences meant that Matt could offer valuable investment advice to ordinary Americans. From then, he provided insight to investors on what investments to venture into in metals, energy and natural resources. Most of his loyal readers have gained double and triple-digit profits.

Recently, Matt Badiali released a video of him which went viral. The video was of him holding a big paycheck and assuring his viewers that they could earn as much pay-outs. Freedom checks are returns that are derived from the proceeds the energy industry investments. It had come to Matt Badiali’s realization that there were profitable gaps resulting from the growing demand for fuel and a tax-free relief existing for companies operating in the energy industry. Not being required to pay tax, would mean investors could gain more. Freedom Checks are ideal for both the experienced and novice investors. One can start investing in freedom checks with only $10 and still earn significant returns after some time.

To enjoy long-term rewards, put back their proceeds for another term. Experienced investors receive large amounts of profits. Matt Badiali is a natural resources’ expert. He founded the ‘Real Wealth Strategist,’ newsletter while at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He uses the newsletter to give recommendations on Stock to his loyal and eager readers. Matt Badiali does research and makes recommendations on investments to make in metals, agriculture and energy industry. On Facebook, Matt Badiali goes by his real name. His profile has 963 likes and a 1,312 people follow him. He advises his audience where some have earned from his insights. In, he shares his knowledge on natural resources. His topics being about Buying Gold, Making Huge Profit in Natural Resources, Silver as the metal to watch out for this new year, among others.

Isn’t Romantic Review

Anyone that looks at Rebel Wilson today may not know that she was once a young kid that was struggling with excessive shyness. When growing up with her siblings and parents, everyone always thought that there was something wrong with her.

It is because she could not gather the courage to voice her opinion, especially when there were many people around. It was something that affected her both at home and school, and therefore, her parents chose to find a way to help her it of it. However, it did not come easy.

The acting lessons

Rebel Wilson says that she remembers the day vividly when her mother decided to take her for an acting class. She could not gather the courage to do it, and therefore, it seemed like she was being forced. On arrival at the scene, she did not want to leave the car and was clinging on the doors as her mother tried to get her into the class.

However, she finally gave in, and that was the beginning of a new chapter that would see her become one of the most accomplished actresses in the world. Although she was not doing it the way her parents expected, they were glad that she could at least take part in a drama.

Her teachers were helpful

The fantastic film career of Rebel Wilson would not be were it not for her teachers. She says that more than often, her teachers were encouraging her to take on roles that she did not ant. She cannot forget her drama teacher because she was the one that took her through every step. Read more:  Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter  and Isn’t Romantic Review

After a lot of struggling, he eventually got out of her shell and decided to shape her future. At about fifteen years, she had already become an essential member of her drama club. She coupled it up with debating which gave her the courage to speak to crowds.

Rebel Wilson was born in Perth, Australia. She grew up with her parents who were beagle breeders. Her three siblings were there with them too. After going through elementary school, she was enrolled in an all-girls Christian high school, and that is here much of her talent sprouted.

After graduating from the university, she started a career in Australia before moving to America where she took Hollywood by storm. Since her debut, she has always been active on stage featuring on many movies and appearing at various functions.

Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Matthew Fleeger opens up about his corporate strategy and philosophy

Matthew Fleeger is a well-known name in business circles thanks to the number of notable achievements associated with it. Matthew is the current President, Director and CEO of Gulf Coast Western and also an oil and gas industry principal. He has been in the oil and gas industry in the United States for quite some time and has a lot of experience and expertise. Matthew is also a businessman with interest in medical waste management and tanning industry where he has found a lot of success. In a recent interview, this accomplished professional and businessman talked about his corporate strategy and philosophy that have led him to success.

A simple strategy and philosophy

In this interview, Matthew Fleeger mentioned that his success in the oil and gas industry and also his other businesses are a result of his simple strategy and philosophy. He pointed out that honesty, integrity, and creativity have always been his pillars in business. Matthew mentioned that through honesty, integrity, and creativity he has managed to rise the ranks to the top management position he holds now. Not only this, but this Gulf Coast Western CEO said that he had also managed to lead his company to success. On creativity, Matthew Fleeger pointed out it was very important for any business leader who could be looking to grow their company. He insisted that it is creativity that will help a company stand out from its competition in the market.

Learn from the best

The Gulf Coast Western CEO went on to say that learning from the best is also another success influencer for him. He stated that as a newbie in the oil and gas industry, he was very keen to learn from the professionals who were ahead of him. This acquired knowledge and expertise have been very crucial in his career progression.

Find out more about Matthew:

Different News Release Trends That Every Brand Should Attempt in 2018

In 2018, some press release trends in 2017 will undoubtedly continue to be a useful and effective means to drive sales and website traffic. Some brand-new tactics will indeed additionally be occurring in the method.

Choose the ones that serve your brand name. In this article, I’ll show to you the present patterns that every brand ought to attempt:

Individual Branding

Creating your brand as an ideal leader is one preferred press release fad that you can try. There are various means to do this, which generally include approaches that your brand name can do to gain the count on of your audience.

Posting email newsletters, short articles, blog sites and creating premium instructional video clips are effective ways to foster what you understand. When done consistently, it can develop your brand name as an idea leader, which might offer your brand name an edge over your competitors.

Branding is not merely publishing your logo in every material, yet showing your message and also values that you intend to convey. Personal branding is not only good for your picture; however, it additionally develops your credibility with journalism.

Influencer advertising and marketing.

Influencer marketing is among the best trends in a paid press release distribution service. By dealing with social media sites influencers, that can represent your brand; you can spread your message with their fans.

It will remain to be just one of the current fads in content advertising as an increasing number of brand names are buying this method. It is a cost-effective approach to advertising material since it offers adequate benefits to brands.

Firms need to create and also prepare their project effectively and also chose the ideal influencers. When done right, it can enhance sales, establish brand names as well as produce even more leads.

Paid promo strategies.

Official press releases are not most likely to be out-of-date. When combined with paid promotion methods, such as Google Adwords, Twitter promoted tweets; Facebook advertised posts and LinkedIn funded updates, your web content is sure to be a hit. Web content boosting is a huge trend in material marketing that can aid develop your brand, widen your reach as well as enhance your conversion.

Startups and small businesses can attempt this technique to create several benefits. There are also various online analytics devices where brands can track development.


Are you sharing vital stats with your target audience? Making use of infographics is one beneficial and efficient way to present information in a relaxed and clear means.

Infographics like graphs, tables as well as stats are an eye-catching method to present tales.

Using the approach likewise makes it shareable to social media sites, which helps in producing leads and conversion.

Not just you have the ability to draw in visitors; however, the press additionally likes infographics. This indicates more attention for you.

Right here are essential realities that you need to recognize why you ought to not miss on leveraging with infographics:

  • About 90 percent of the information transferred to the mind is visual.
  • Infographics are 30x a lot more reviewed by target markets than ordinary messages.
  • Infographics are visuals that enhance the visitor’s willingness to check out material by 80 percent.
  • Web content with significant photos has 94 percent views than those without.

Although there’s a declining fad in using this technique, it will undoubtedly continue to be one of the trends in content marketing. Infographics are three times a lot more liked and shared by people in social media than any various other kinds of content. They are also beneficial in lots of methods as they can be repurposed in multiple different types of web content.

Aesthetic Storytelling.

Press reporters, along with the audiences, like visuals. Seeing videos as well as images are extra reliable in advertising and also preserving your brand name message than just plain message. This is why integrating pictures, video clips and slides are among the fads that will continue in 2018.

Visuals are natural as well as a fast way to tell tales with fantastic impact as well as emotion. When visuals are done right, the effects are magnified.

In addition, when feelings are included, involvement with audiences is specific. Aesthetic narration is an advertising and marketing tactic that: aids brands to have a deeper connection with their audiences, assures that your message resonates with audiences, helps catch their attention.

Now, examine your existing news release marketing technique. Have you tried any of these techniques? If not, try to use them one at a time and see which one finest aids you in expanding your company.

Flavio Maluf Is Shaping Brazil’s Building And Construction industry

Eucatex was formed in 1951. The company is the first Brazilian manufacturing firm to implement safe environmental production practices using eucalyptus as the raw material. The products are used to manufacture ceilings, tiles, and wood fiber panels. Americana Sawmill Americana was the parent company of Eucatex. The initial mill, currently known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit, was launched in 1954. The company started to operate by producing soft boards. Thereafter, it delved into the manufacture of ceiling tiles. Panels were also produced. From 1956 to 1965, Eucatex opened its first office in Buenos Aires. It had a production capacity of approximately 100 tons daily. Read more about Flavio at

In 1980, Eucatex started a hardboard milling facility in Salto. It also increased its production capacity by opening representative offices in Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom. At the same time, the company established a production plant to coat its ceiling tiles. It also invested in reforestation to enhance self-sufficiency in the production of raw materials. Having inaugurated another facility in Salto, Eucatex developed its laboratories. The company started to manufacture paints and vanishes. It also expanded its presence in Botucatu. In 1996, the management began the production of MDP panels. In the same year, its products gained global prominence. It also became Brazil’s first company to be awarded the ISO certification. In 2010, under the guidance of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex Group started a new line that manufactured products to help in the installation of industrial facilities in Salto. It began to produce panels that incorporated high mechanical resistance. It also made materials to aid in the manufacture of doors and furniture segments.

Flavio Maluf is a business leader. He is also a skilled entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO of Eucatex and has been overseeing general operations for decades. Maluf was born into a wealthy family. But, he still invested in education and worked his way up the leadership ladder.


Jason Hope gives a detailed report of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur and futurist, He claims to have the capacity to foretell the technologies that will happen in the future. So far, he has predicted the coming of the internet of things correctly, something that has given him a stature of a futurist who can be relied on to guide others on what to expect in the future. The information he shares is valuable to business people who are interested in aligning their business activities with the future. Any business that can predict the coming of a new technology before it happens has the potential of performing better than the rest. Jason Hope is the best person to follow for advice related to the future of technology.

Internet of Things

For those who have never heard about the internet of Things, this is a new technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a network and communicate with other devices without the intervention of a human user. Devices can share information among themselves and carry out tasks that human beings have been doing. IoT is a technology that is coming to replace old technologies with new ones. IoT devices will have applicability in all facets of life. There is no aspect of life that will not be affected by this technology because it will be too huge to ignore. From our homes to industrial setups, IoT is the new idea that will drive the world.


Jason Hope believes that the internet of things will usher us into the era of smart technology fully. Going forward, people will no longer be doing some of the complex tasks that they have to do today. Technology will be used to make it easier for human beings. Machines will be everywhere doing what man has been doing. From preparing breakfast, switching on/off lights to complex industrial procedures, the internet of things will be doing all these tasks.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been commentating about this technology and is convinced that it has the potential of changing the way we know today. The holder of MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business believes that businesses that will be the first to adopt this technology will have an easier time over the rest.

For details: